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Title Page of Al-ʿilm Volume 1 Issue 1
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Double Blind Peer Review
LanguageUrdu, Arabic, English
Edited bySyeda Sadia
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History2017-to present
Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Govt.College Women University, Sialkot (Pakistan)
Frequency2 issues per year
LicenseNot menteioned
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ISSN2618-1134 (print)
2618-1142 (web)
26 weeks
ادارہ عربی و علوم اسلامیہ، گورنمنٹ کالج ویمن یونیورسٹی، سیالکوٹ کے زیر اہتمام تحقیقی مجلے " العلم " کے دو شمارے شائع ہو چکے ہیں ۔ اب تیسرا مجلہ الحمد للہ شائع ہو رہا ہے ۔ قارئین کی دلچسپی" العلم "میں بڑھ رہی ہے اور بہت سے اہل علم مجلے کے لیے اپنے تحقیقی مقالہ جات ارسال کر رہے ہیں ۔

اس مجلے میں بہت سے تحقیقی موضوعات جیسے سماجی رویوں کی تشکیل کا نبوی منہج، ذرائع ابلاغ کا کردار اور اس کے انفرادی و معاشرتی اثرات، معاصر خاندانی مسائل اور سیرت طیبہ کی روشنی میں ان کا حل، غریبوں کی معاشی کفالت میں صحابیات ؓ کا کردار، سماجی روابط کی ویب سائٹس، انسان کی معاشرتی زندگی میں صفات الٰہیہ کے اثرات، المیول الی التطرف الدینی العصری فی الدول الاسلامیة والغربیة، Women and Feminism, The Challenge of atheism and its solution in the light of Islamic teaching.

پر وقیع مقالہ جات ہیں جو کہ قارئین کی علمی تشنگی کی سیرابی کا سامان بنیں گے ۔ آئندہ " العلم " کا چوتھا مجلہ سیرت نمبر ہو گا ۔ اور تمام مقالہ جات سیرت طیبہ پر ہی ہوں گے۔ مجلہ "العلم" کا ہر شمارہ یونیورسٹی کی ویب سائٹ/ research journals www. gcwus. edu. pk / al-ailm اور www. gcwus. edu. pk پر بھی موجود ہے۔

سماجی رویوں کی تشکیل کا نبوی منہج اخلاق

مصنف/مصنفین: احمد، عقیل

Morality is the essence of humanity and is a basic need of every society for the development, prosperity, sincerity and brotherhood. Nobody can present good character without morality. Our beloved and last Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) settled clear rules in this regards in every dimension of life.

In this paper an attempt was made to discussed the Prophetic code of ethics regarding to three basic dimensions of life, political ethics, teaching and preaching ethics and ethics in family life.

ذرائع ابلاغ کا کردار اور اس کے انفرادی و معاشرتی اثرات: سیرت طیبہﷺ کی روشنی میں تحدیدات

مصنف/مصنفین: سلمی، ام

Media is a major tool of communication now a days and it plays major role to communicate the information within seconds and to mind setting for any issue. This research paper defines the term media, elaborates its kinds and modern communication means. It also elaborates the Islamic concept of media, communication and Islamic role and objective of media in an Islamic state. Some Islamic bindings, Islamic limitations and individual and social impact of media has also been discussed in detail. Both the positive and negative aspects of the individual and social impact of media is the main theme of the paper which can be religious, political, ethical and intellectual etc. All the above mentioned topics have been discussed in the light of Seerah of Holy Prophet ﷺ. Some suggestions and recommendations have been discussed at the end of the paper to make reforms in media department through which it may be made more beneficial for the human services.

معاصر خاندانی مسائل اور سیرت طیبہ کی روشنی میں ان کا حل

مصنف/مصنفین: تحسین، فاخرہ

Family is a blessing of Allah Almighty. Family is the first institute of a society which plays pivotal role in the moral, ethical and social development of an individual .But in social issues there are many problems which are arising in our family system.Our contemporary family system is going to lose its impact on individual and society as well.Positive role of family is abolish rapidly .Islam provides us clear guideline regarding every aspect of life.So in this article I will highlight the issue regarding family life along with their solutions in the light of Holy Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) .

غریبوں کی معاشی کفالت میں صحابیات رضی اﷲ عنھن کا کردار

مصنف/مصنفین: خان، فریحہ، ظہور اللہ الازھری

Islamic cardinal precepts include seeking benefaction and patronage of other Muslims. Generally, Islamic history is replete with such munificent and generous personages as were ever geared up to serving humanity, yet the golden era of Islamic history excelled in profusion of such noble persons. When we review the aspect of serving mankind in the life history of the reverend Sahaba (the holy prophet’s disciples), we come to know that they had highly remarkable passions for helping, beneficing, supporting and sustaining their relatives, friends as well as the common run. The level of their charity was so great that they felt felicity and prostrated to Allah in gratitude even after giving away their all possessions and belongings for Allah’s sake only. In fact, the motivation behind this generosity was the attainment of pleasing Allah and the obedience and submission to the holy prophet. They had no iota of worldly voracity or avarice. Therefore, they were ever elated over giving away their assets.

It is an undeniable fact that the Sahabiyat also sacrificed to great extent uniformly with men. They also endeavored practically for the alleviation of poverty with their affluence. This paper presents the practical manifestations of the economic sustainment of the poor by Sahabiyat.

سماجی روابط کی ویب سائٹس اور اسلامی تعلیمات

مصنف/مصنفین: خالد، اقراء

Social website is a platform that allows people to create and share different ideas, information and pictures/videos. Social websites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube etc, allow users to intract with large number of people. In every field of life, these websites have postive and negative effects. The use of social websites make them good or bad. In this paper, we present an evolution of social websites in the teachings of Islam. Islam doesn’t against the social websites, it only condemns its negative impact or negative use.

انسان کی معاشرتی زندگی پر صفات الہیہ کے اثرات

مصنف/مصنفین: ارشد، بشری

There are a lot of profound effects of attributes of Allah on the human’s social life. When the person recognizes the attributes of Allah, he starts efforts to adopt those attributes through which he could succeed in his practical life .In fact the knowledge of Allah’s attributes is the base of all kinds of knowledge and beleives.

This paper is a study to develop the moral narms, human behavior and impact of attributes of Allah Almighty on the human society in this life and in the life hereinafter, so that is may be practiced to strengthen the moral attitudes and beleieves of the Muslim society as well as the human behavior in their life.

المیول الی التطرف الدینی العصری فی الدول الاسلامیة والغربیة: الاسباب و معالجتها فی ضوء السیرۃ

مصنف/مصنفین: الحسنى، اسماء

That is the discussion about “The attitudes (inclinations) towards modern religious extremism in Islamic and western countries: causes and it’s treatment” is not a new topic for us, when we look into the history, there are lot of discussions and debates and the other things are carried out in all over the world and there are lot of solutions which have been solved through the discussions and certain rules have been found after their discussions.

This article overviews Islamic, religious, historical, social aspects and also has about the attitudes (inclinations) towards modern religious extremism in Islamic and western countries: causes and its treatment”, this article grapes the reality in the light of Quran and Sunnah (SAW). The religious extremism is the dark darkness that pervades the world today in its blackness, in the world, and religious extremism exists in all religions, but especially in the heavenly religions. Where religious extremism means the extremism of a person or group of a certain faiths or even of a particular dogma...Religious extremism is almost the most important concern for the people at present. The phenomenon threatens peace and security within societies and sometimes leads to violence of various kinds, intellectual, verbal and even physical, which destroys property and reaps many lives. It is logical and even necessary for people to be preoccupied with studying the phenomenon and looking for ideas and solutions to reduce them. Extremism is often meant to go beyond what people used to think, behavior and conditions. Extremism is not confined to the religious sphere, but can affect all areas, political, economic, social and even sports. In the religious sphere, extremism is not confined to a certain religion, but there are extremists of all religions and positions, and followers of all ideologies. There are Jewish extremists, Christian extremists, Hindu extremists, secular extremists, atheists, atheists and Muslim extremists.

Women and Feminism: A Discourse Analysis of Contemporary Theories and Islamic Teachings

Author: Nisar, Farhat, Aasia Rashid
Modern social activists through media present Islam’s view about women as an oppressed figure linked to her sexuality through so-called liberalism; her oppression is particularly symbolized by obsessive concern with sex, women’s bodies, the veil, and female isolation. While on factual grounds such mind set and groups have oppressed women by judging their worth as persons based on physical attractiveness. Such modern trends and feministic approaches have turned the image of woman as tool of entertainment or attraction. Those who are convinced by such modern values regard woman‘s status in Islam as inferior on the basis of several issues including; guardianship in marriage, polygamy, divorce right. Unfortunately this horrible disease has crept into Muslim societies in the name of cultural interrelation which is in total disregard for our purity and distinguishing values. The magnitude of women rights in Islam with comparison to feminism has been covered in this brief paper. The first part of the paper gives image of women in western society and bases for initiatives taken for feminism movement in west. Second part of the paper gives a comparison between Islamic approach of women rights and feminism. Third part of the paper describes the view of women liberation and modernity in western society. In fourth part of the paper discussion about women oppression has been presented .In fifth part Islamic view of women rights has been given through Quranic verses and references which is followed by findings and conclusion of the whole discussion. Every person of the society has certain duties and functions to perform in accordance with his or her nature۔ Therefore Islam acknowledges, preserves and protects the rights and roles of both men and women for a peaceful family environment and productive, progressive and conflict free society.

The Challenge of Atheism and Its Solution in the Light of Islamic Teachings

Author: Ghani, Hafiz Abdul
This study critically examines the scientific, logical and civilizational aspects of the challenge of atheism and proposes how to combat this problem in the light of Islamic teachings. Twentieth century is peculiar in promoting atheism, agnosticism and skepticism. Contemporary modern scientific approach has also contributed towards the negation of the existence of God. Although our universe provokes our thoughts for the exploration of the ultimate reality yet most of us take it for granted and do not stare and care. Atheism is rapidly expanding trend in universities. Pakistani universities are not exception to it. This paper explains the scientific, logical, psychological, intuitive and spiritual arguments for the existence of God in the light of Islamic teachings.