خصائص قرآنی - تفسیری تناظر میں

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مجلہ الایضاح
عنوان خصائص قرآنی - تفسیری تناظر میں
انگریزی عنوان
Features Ofthe Qur’an in Light of its Commentaries
مصنف بشارت، طاہرہ، حافظ محمد عبد اللہ
جلد 22
شمارہ 1
سال 2011
صفحات 01-20
مکمل مقالہ Crystal Clear mimetype pdf.png
یو آر آیل
شکاگو 16 بشارت، طاہرہ، حافظ محمد عبد اللہ۔ "خصائص قرآنی - تفسیری تناظر میں۔" الایضاح 22, شمارہ۔ 1 (2011)۔


The Qur'an has innumerable features. Its teachings serve as blessing and guidancefor the whole mankind. It provides complete code oflifefor man. It catersfor both life in the present world and that in the hereafter. The Qur'an is regarded as inimitable due to the accuracy ofscientific information presented 1400 years ago and only recently proven or discovered, as well as for its unprecedented Arabic literary style of highest standard. This article discusses extraordinary features of the Qur'an as explained and highlighted by majority of commentators of the Qur’an in their commentaries of the Qur'an.

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