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Epistemology Title.jpg
English title of the first issue of Epistemology.
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Double blind
LanguageEnglish, Urdu
Edited byUsman Ahmad
Publication details
Probe & Find Forum Lahore (Pakistan)
Frequency1 issue per year
Open Access
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. CC BY
ISO 4Find out here
ISSN2519-6480 (print)
2663-5828 (web)
6 Weeks

The Journal of Islamic studies (Epistemology) is a double blind peer reviewed, open access journal published annually by Probe & Find Forum Lahore, Pakistan since2014. The significance of Islamic education has increased to great extent in the modern day world. Many religious and spiritual issues have become complex for a common man. Answers to these and many other such issues can only be sought in pure and practical research in Islamic education. With these vital goals and sacred objectives probe & Find forum has launched its research journal named, ‘EPISTEMOLOGY-Journal of Islamic Studies’. Epistemology is meant to facilitate its research scholars in creating a comprehensive and global understanding of Islam. Journal aims to address the modern day issues in the light of the true teachings of Islam. Epistemology aims to promote scholarly research on contemporary issues and complexities of modern day world in addition to the orthodox approach of research. One of the basic aims of the Journal is to develop a close linkage between the intellectuals and a common man of the society with the help of scholarly research.

pISSN: 2519-6480

eISSN: 2663-5828

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Epistemology aims to promote scholarly research on contemporary issues and complexities of modern day world in addition to the orthodox approach of research. journal welcomes academic researchers to get their writings published on a vast range of topics of Islamic & Religious Studies i.e. Qurᾱn and the Sciences of Qurᾱn, Ḥadῑth and Sciences of Ḥadῑth, Islamic Theology, the Islamic Jurisprudence, the Islamic Economy, and Islamic Education, the contemporary Muslim world, Islam and the West, Comparative Religions etc. Epistemology also provides analytical reviews on contemporary books, legitimacy of Islamic verdict and commentaries on various scientific issues. Journal believe in diversity, tolerance and fruitful scholarly discussions and researches. Epistemology welcomes faculty members from various universities nationally & internationally, as well as freelancer researchers to publish their manuscripts and research works related to Islamic and Religious studies, without any racial or religious discrimination. Journal publishes manuscripts and articles after double blind peer review process, which is adhered to the magazine, and carried out by leading scientists and specialists in Islamic & Religious Studies in order to enhance the Islamic scientific research which has close linkages with the society.

Contact Info

Editor: Dr Usman Ahmad

Email: epistemology.journal@gmail.com

Managing Editor: Anwaar Hussain

Email: anwaar720@gmail.com

Phone: +92300-7425148