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Urdu title page of volume 7 issue 2 of Al-Basirah.
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عہد نبوی میں نوجوان صحابہ کرام کا بطور معلم تقرر اور اصلاح معاشرہ میں ان کا کردار

مصنف/مصنفین: Gafar، Abdul

It is above-board that teachers play an important role in forming, formulating, molding and developing the society as individuals and as a whole. The youth has ever been an icon to lead the community in every sphere of life. The young stuff has played the pivotal role in preaching, scribing, teaching, political, economic and even diplomatic fields. The present research article explores the role of various companions of Holy Prophet (r) in these fields. Firstly, the Holy Prophet (r) groomed his companions, stormed their brains and paved them on the Divine way, then sent them to the said fields to work. Among those companions, Ḥaḍrat Muṣ‘ab bin ‘Umayr, Mu‘ādh bin Jabal, ‘Abdullāh ibn e Maktūm, Rāfi‘ bin Mālik, ‘Abdullāh ibn e Mas‘ūd, ‘Abdullāh ibn e ‘Abbās, Abū Sa‘īd Khudrī (y) as well as from females Ḥaḍrat ‘Āyshah, Ḥaḍrat Ḥafṣah, Shifā bint-e-‘Abdullah etc. were appointed as preachers. Their task was not only to teach and educate the community rather to present themselves before them as paragon for their particular fields. The research concludes that the Prophet (r) laid down a criteria for selection of the teachers of Muslim Ummah. The selection criteria of the Prophet (r) was based not only on contingent variables but also on some special characteristics like teaching and training, potential empathy for the learners and a passion for social reformation. As a result, these preachers, after practicing their ideal and best performance, produced numerous educations, merchants, facilitators and reformers in the society. The present research paper will explore the companions’ efforts for the reformation of the society.

اصلاح معاشرہ اور نسل نو کی ذمہ داری سیرت طیبہ کی روشنی میں

مصنف/مصنفین: Tabbsum، Mamoona، Abdul Rauf Zafar

Despite the greenness of youth, it is a moment in a Muslim's life when his belief is likely to be hardened frequently by enticements and temptations. It is the responsibility of young Muslims to triumph over these enticements and protect their Islamic way of life, obey the teachings of Prophet, share Islam with others and study the teachings of the Holy Qur’ān. After the fulfillment of these essential obligations, young Muslims are predictable above all to play a significant role in reformation of society. Within the Muslim circle, it is supposed that youth is the most imperative period of life. Youth as bone of nation plays a vital role. They have the capacity to build nation of towards success in all the fields of life by utilizing the abilities. This is the time in which opinions, habits and beliefs are formed, and it is vital for the time to be spent in individual development. For instance, Muslim youth should dedicate themselves into making and spreading the glimpses of Sīrah in society; by avoiding the temptations of time in loneliners and solitude andwith the opposite sex and of seeking knowledge by following the preaching’s of Prophet Muhammad (r) . In this way, Muslim youth will be a spiritually strong enough to serve as a role model for other young people and society as whole. The article manifests the same components in the light of teachings of Holy prophet (r) . Consolidating with Qur'anic verses, imminent exegetical literature and sayings of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (r) , youth can play an active and positive role in reformation and development of society.

پاکستانی نوجوان’’ فکری انحراف، اسباب اور سدباب‘‘ اسوہ حسنہ کی روشنی میں

مصنف/مصنفین: Madani، Abdul Hai al

The Pakistani youth are engaged day and night in a struggle for attainment of education, technology, and status. But what is deplorable is that they have forgotten their cultural values, ethics, code of life, and religious identity in order to unite with external powers in becoming part of the drive for development and they have become ignorant of their fundamental responsibilities as a member of the Muslim Ummah. What are the priorities and issues facing Muslims on the local, national, and international levels? Especially in Europe and America the Muslim youth are standing at the crossroads. They are undergoing a religious, ideological, and moral decline. History is eye witness to how the Muslim youth made valuable sacrifices in all walks of life and persevered in making incredible achievements. Moreover, it is the three-fold ideological, cultural, and emotional invasion of the anti-Islamic forces which has been the cause of a weakening of faith in the Muslim Ummah in general and the young generation in particular, since ideology is of primary significance for any nation, religion, movement, or group. It is true that nations are formed and sustained on the basis of ideology. The moment the ideological base is weakened, decline and dissolution become the fate of nations. They are unaware of how it is our foremost national duty and an urgent need to develop scholars who would propagate the Islamic agenda. Contrastively, the anti-Islamic forces are engaged in engendering their representatives. Hence, in order to safeguard our youth from ideological and religious dissolution it is necessary that educational and cultural steps are taken in society in advance so that our youth are provided with a wholesome environment free of ideological dissolution. An outline of the article is given below: The importance and significance of the prime of youth, The ideological propensities of the youth, The causes of dissension in youth, The remedy of dissension, are discussed in detail in this article.

متوازن شخصیت: تعلیم و تربیت کا نبوی اصول

مصنف/مصنفین: القیوم، حافظ محمد عبد

A child born with a soul of being, but has lack of personality. Actually personality comes with the effect of good education, guidance, squatter and environment in which a child lives. But literally due to the teachings of Hinduism or Buddhism or Christianity a human existence proves oneself with a personality. Even western civilization has an ideal concept of personality, but human personality has its very strong roots in Islamic teachings as Holy Qur’ān gives us a first-hand description about an “Ideal Personality”. According to the “Sunnah” of Prophet Muhammad (r) man has some qualities of “moderation” which can be the dominant in excess of his existence. So, man should establish equilibrium regards his personality. But there is need to create stability in education, society and politics on the basis of “moderation”. Islam lays a great emphasis on character building. Balanced personality is based on all the best qualities of head and heart. Our Holly Prophet’s (r) personality is an excellent example of balanced personality. In Islamic perspective just to accept the characteristics and Sunnah of Muhammad (r) can be equal to the modern word of personality. But have we absorbed the ultimate concept of personality? Which personality can we call an ideal personality? These two questions are very significant to wonder about on the concept of ideal personality. Every religion and civilization has its own true meaning of ideal personality, but besides all this according to Quran the ideal personality is concealed in a word “Sunnah”. The article highlights on basic characteristics of ideal personality in the light of teachings of Holly Prophet (r) . Balanced and Moderate personality is the basic principle of Prophets Teachings

افراد سازی میں خصوصی دلچسپیوں اور رجحانات کی رعایت سیرت طیبہ کی روشنی میں

مصنف/مصنفین: طارق، علی

One of the aspects of the teaching and grooming of people by the the of tendencies and interest special the considering was (صلى الله عليه وسلم) Prophet companions and preparing, guiding, grooming and appreciating them in their respective fields of special interests and tendencies. This consideration of their special interests and tendencies and grooming and guiding them in this respect enabled them to exercise their abilities and serve the society in the academic, preaching, political, economic, social, judicial, diplomatic and other aspects. Until and unless the interest and tendencies of youth are not kept in mind, abilities of youth can never be utilized. Our Holy Prophet (ﷺ) took great care of youth’s interests before their training for specific field. The present paper intends to analyze the life of five companions and their excellence in field of education which was result of the Prophet’s consistent guidance and grooming according to their special interests and tendencies which resulted in their extra ordinary status in their respective fields and constructive contribution in the establishment and strengthening the structural foundations of society. The present Muslim world is in the need of seeking the guidance from the life of the Prophet in this respect and considering the special tendencies and interests of the youth and grooming, guiding and upbringing them in their respective fields so that they could contribute to the positive and constructive upbringing of the humanity in general and Muslim society in specific.

نوجوان صحابہ کرام کا صبر و استقامت عصر حاضر کے نوجوانوں کے لیے مشعل راہ

مصنف/مصنفین: Khan، Noor Hayat، احمد حسن

The patience is the noblest virtue and lays great stress on being patient. Islamic History is full of the examples from the lives of Ṣaḥabah who sacrificed a lot. Islam delineates all the divers and broader aspects of patience in all its form. The need is to follow all these noble personalities called Ṣaḥabah in our lives in this era in order to show tolerance and give respect to others. The Prophetic era is considered as the golden period wherein great students were trained to teach humanity, courage and determination. Although, having low status in society they taught the world how to lead a purposeful life with good morals and distinctive principles. They were the men rightly guided with high and far-seeing vision of the Prophet (r) . They were the oceans of knowledge, instilled with spirit of service, thus stood as the exemplary icons of practical life. They chose indigent and destitute life but never extended their hands for help for their highly esteemed self-reliance. Those were men of field who never got afraid of anything in their life. They faced all the challenges with faith and patience, and with the spirit of Jihad, they crushed the infidels and uprooted infidelity from Arabian Peninsula. Owing to their strong faith, they passed through many wild, menacing and brutal stages but never tilted towards the worldly things or people, nor did they compromised on their firm belief and clear stance cultivated by the Holly Prophet (r) . This was the reason they got the title weak those about is article This. Allah Almighty from (رضي الله عنهم) of companions of the Prophet (r) who were icons of Patience and determination. Their patience is un-exemplary. They were gifted with excellent qualities of forbearance.

نوجوان کی تربیت اور منہج نبوی

مصنف/مصنفین: Ali، Hafiz Rao Farhan

Undoubtedly, Youth play cardinal role in the development and reformation of any society. Their activities produce an immense influence in the social development and progress. This article aimed at highlighting the important role of youth in social reforms by keeping in view the Islamic personalities like great companions of Holy Prophet (r) . Descriptive and qualitative research approach was employed for the collection and analysis of data. The systematic review of scholarly literature on Islamic history revealed that the Prophet Muhammad (r) gave particular emphasize to nourish young generation in order to mold their lives into an ideal and balanced personality. He by developing intellectual, spiritual, and emotional skills produced such great men who led the mankind and became heroes of history. At the same time they appeared as ideal traders, peaceful citizens, just rulers, true followers of Holy Prophet (r) and loyal worshiper of Allah Almighty. The research by observing present condition of youth found that unfortunately our youth was found in illicit, unethical, useless, and peace demoting activities which promoted social evils and criminal activities. They got involved in unlawful activities including terrorism, killing, robbery, and kidnapping etc. By keeping view the above findings the research strongly recommends to nurture our youth on the footsteps of companions of Holy Prophet (r) in order to bring peace and prosperity in the country. Moreover they should be given awareness about the lives of heroes of Islam who appeared with great titles on the horizon.

عہد نبوی میں ذرائع کے اسالیب عصر حاضر کے نوجوانوں کے لیے مشعل راہ

مصنف/مصنفین: Bukhari، Syed Abdul Ghaffar، Muhammad Ismail

Since from the beginning of humanity means of communication have always been an essential need for mankind. To convey the message and to find means to communicate and express one’s thought one needs a mean to transmit the information to others. That is called communication. With the passage of time and advancement communication means also took modern shape and became advance. Islam as a complete code of life, guides humanity in the all fields of sociology, economic, politics, including mass communication. Allah the Almighty sent messengers and Prophets for the guidance of people. So they served the humanity in different periods of time in different areas. Ḥaẓrat Muḥammad (ﷺ) the last prophet of Allah used these means of communication for the prevalence and preaching of Islam, and left behind a remarkable legacy in the field of mass communication for the guidance till dooms day. Where there have been great changes in other fields and professions of life in the advanced world of contemporary era there had become a revolutionary change in the field of media. News all over the world spread in seconds. Media which is the strongest tool to approach people, but sorry to say that it is detracted badly by prevailing wrong values, vulgarity, jealousy and selfishness. There is a dire need to change the direction of noble that so (صلى الله عليه وسلم) Muhammad Prophet of methodology the towards media values like piousness, self-sacrifices, brotherhood and cooperation should be developed in people and for this purpose youth can play a pivotal and effective role in the field of mass communication. Eyes are looking towards youth of contemporary era to step forward by following our Holy contemporary the how that attempt humble a is article This. (صلى الله عليه وسلم) Prophet youth can play its role by using means of communication by taking guidance from Prophetic Era to lead media towards right direction.

مفهوم الشباب في الكتاب والسنة نظرات في الواقع واستشراف للمستقبل

مصنف/مصنفین: Qurashi، Fat’h ur Rehman

Youth play an important and key role in the development of a nation. They bring change and progress in society. Youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow but also the partners of today. Revolutionary thoughts only come in youth. Youth of any nation play a pivotal role in all the activities in all the fields of life. All the progress in the field of economics, engineering, medical, arts, politics are the fruits of the passions, dreams and hope of youth. So keeping in view the importance of youth in this article, definition and true meaning of youth have be explained. What period is called a youth period? It is also been discussed in the light of the opinion of different thinkers and scholars. What should be the targets to train the youth. How can a young person be molded and trained into a pious, noble and honest person. This article answers all the questions. It is also suggested that Prophetic method to train the youth in order to fully utilize their capabilities, potentialities and abilities should be adopted. To give them respect, to educate and train them, to make them involve in constructive activities, to engage them in Halal earning and to develop confidence in them are the major action that should be taken to meet the challenges of the future and live a successful life in present. Today’s youth should dedicate their lives for Islam by contributing their time, energies and money, youth as the phase of life when an individual can grasp knowledge of Islam and follow it by utilizing his time and talent in the service of humanity by following prophet Muhammad as a role model. All these points are discussed in detail in this article

من مشاكل الشباب اليوم فقدان العلم والتربية وكيفية معالجتها

مصنف/مصنفین: حیات، امجد

Youth is asset of a nation and it’s our luck that Muslim Ummah and specially Pakistan consists of 60% youngsters. Therefore, we thank to Almighty Allah but with great the passage of time due to our lack of intrest this asset is going to deteacked, which is a great loss of Muslim Ummah. . This article is an effort to determine the difficulties and issues of Muslim youngsters and then their solution in the light of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet (r) . As well as this study also points out the solutions of the current issues of youngsters. If we try to know the reasons of the difficulties of youngsters bared on ignorance and illiteracy and we should give them prior importerne. We cannot ignore the significance of the role of youngsters in the development of Islamic society. This paper tells the Islamic knowledge, Islamic education and love to Allah and his kind prophet (r) as role model and ethical grooming on the basis of faith, Islamic worships and morality are necessary tools for that grooming and reformation. Side by side we cannot forget the role of family system, mosques and madrasas, friends and the society in character building of youngsters and specially the role of mosques to educate the society, especially youngsters.

دور الشباب في رقي الأمم وازدهارها الحضاري على أساس الدين والعلم والأخلاق من منظور السيرة النبوية

مصنف/مصنفین: الدرفيلي، اشرف عبد الرافع

Islam took great care of youth, because youth in Islamic nation are the shining stars, they are the backbone of nation and source of its survival and the pillars of advancement in the peace, and the soldier of victory in the war, and the hope of nation's present and future. Nations achieve greatness on the shoulders of their faithful and committed youth those who want progress, innovation and scientific competition in all sphere of the life, and serve great in uplifting of their Islamic nation. This article is an attempt to answer some questions, such as: possibility of the renewal of ideas of youth and concepts of the religious texts to work on drafting a practical approach for the advancement and prosperity based on the teachings of the religion that urges to wisdom with knowledge and ethics? This article deals with the Importance of youth’s role in progress of the nations and development of their civilizations in light of Holy Qur’an, Writing the idiomatic concept of the word "civilization, the impact of religion, science and ethics in advancement and property of nations, the causes and factors that led to the decline of the Islamic civilization, the foundations and pillars of western civilization, and the most important foundations on of the youth for advancement and prosperity of the nation. All these points are discussed in the article with a special reference an as taken is (صلى الله عليه وسلم) Prophet Holy of life the and Sunnah and Quran of excellent example for the development of nation with special reference to its youth.

تحدت للعالم الإسلامي ودور الشباب في مواجهتها

مصنف/مصنفین: فاروق، حافظ محمد

Youth are the real asset of a nation, nation make progress by channelizing, the energy and effects of youth in the right direction. If youth of a nation go astray, the nation will be bound to fail. This short paper intends to look at the challenges faced by our youth for example, the political, religious and philosophical influence of anti-Islam powers, the use of all resources to attract youth to Islam, the attraction of Muslim youth to philosophy, to look into the influence of west through education which is leading the nation to financial and social way wardenss Indecency, Arabic language is replaced with other language for teaching and understanding of the Qur’ān and Unemployment, poverty and a sense of uselessness of youth is a huge challenge. This factor is leading the youth to stealing, robbery and other moral weaknesses. This short article will try to throw light on the challenges and responsibilities of youth. The history of mankind tells us that it is only the young people, who took the revolutionary measures to change the societies. Youth is the prime time of ones life. it is the time when all energies are at their peak. So one should get advantage of youth before getting old and helth before falling sick. As they say “new broom sweap clean”. Young people can bring great changes in cleaning socieities from evils. Muslim youth has great resficial to whole humanity. Today, youth is facing many challenges in their life. These challenges are in social, moral, educational, intellectual and political fields. To cope with them youth must have the knowledge and awareness. This short article tends to throw light on these challenges and gives ways and remedies to face them successfully.

توجيهات نبوية لتعزيز المسؤولية الاجتماعية لدى الشباب

مصنف/مصنفین: ہمدانی، حامد اشرف

The role of youth in development of any society is vital. They are the vanguard of any nation. The youth cannot play their role properly and positively unless they understand their responsibilities fully. Creating sense of responsibility in individual of a society especially in its youth is inevitable for the collective and dynamic development of a society. The life of the holy Prophet (r) is a complete guide for all spheres of our life. It is evident from the teachings of the holy Prophet (r) and the general commandments of Islam that the youth play a very important role in socio economic and politico educational development. The holy Prophet (r) showed complete confidence in youth. He delegated them with different responsibilities, provided complete guidance and encouraged them for discharging their duties properly. The companions of the holy Prophet (r) who embraced Islam as a result of his first invitation were young between the ages of 20 to 30. The worst enemy of Islam- Abu Jahal was got killed by two young brothers. Likewise a young man Muṣ‘ab bin ‘Umayr (Ï) was sent to Madina, and Mu‘āz bin Jabal (Ï) and Abu Mūsá Ash‘arī (Ï) were sent to Yemen. Zayd bin Thābit (Ï) was directed to learn other languages. He also compiled the holy Qur’ān in Caliphate of Abū Bakar (Ï) . The holy Prophet appointed Ḥuzayfa (Ï) to take census. For creating leadership characteristics, Usāmah bin Zayd was sent to different war expeditions. These are ample proofs of holy Prophet’s confidence he had in the youth.

تحديات العولمة للشباب ومواجهتها في ضوء السيرة النبوية

مصنف/مصنفین: Kharob، Abdul Hamid Abdul Qadir

Challenges are part of the ways of life, and the Islamic world is suffering of the rupture and differentiates internal conflicts, and the chaos of thought and delayed civilization. The most prominent of these challenges, which the Islamic world is facing, is the phenomenon of globalization. Which included the three worlds, and sought to dominate them, and melt the people’s properties and this is what precipitated the emergence of numerous drawbacks, and the researcher specially mentioned, negative aspects of identity, ethics and the environment. Young people who are the hope and asset of this nation are able to turn dreams into realities, and hopes to practical projects, and ambitions to the visible achievements. They are worthwhile, and the most capable and powerful to meet these challenges. If they grasp the necessary requirements that qualify and stables them to face it and take advantage of its goodness, and avoid disadvantage. But if they stationed, and failed to do their duty, they offered loss and destruction to themselves and nation. Curriculum should be prepared in accordance with the system of Islamic values, which are the individual configuration integrated, in belief, thought, and behavior, and attention to the development of the curriculum, and make it combines tradition and modernity, and the distinction between fixed and variable, and have superior mental abilities. All these issues are addressed in this research the negative impact of globalization on the environment, ethics and then showed the importance of taking care of the human development of young people, through various training programs that earn young people skills, science, and sophisticated learning methodical thinking, proper planning, and positive participation in society, and carry responsibility, and foster in them the ability to dialogue and to develop in them the spirit of creativity and scientific research and rational dealing with crises, and tribulations, and the ability to solve problems and meet the challenges of globalizatio

تربية الشباب عند العلماء والمفكرين الإمام محمد البشير الإبراهيمي نموذجا

مصنف/مصنفین: زواى، نورة محمد

The nation's youth are the source of its strength, and the makers of glory, they are men of the future, and to them belongs the leadership of the nation in all its affairs, because youth time is the stage at which human enjoys the full strength, of mind and heart. Young people are contributing an active role in shaping the present and foreseeing future prospects. Care and upbringing of young people, reformation through of reform of the educational curriculum in line with current developments and requirements, with emphasis on the fundamentals of the Islamic nation, and not merging with others is very importants. That’s why reformers are interested in youth, directing and upbringing them with sound education, correcting their distractions and the protection of their morals, in the development of sense of responsibility in serving their communities, and this is the most important duties of scientists and thinkers, the first defense of the nation Fort is beliefs and religion. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us in this day and era to be aware of our intellectuals, spreading their virtues and perpetuate the memory of them. To highlight this issue the researchwr has choosen Skaykh Muhammad Ibrāhīmī a reknown scientist and scholar of Algeria by highlighting his efforts in the field. This research paper is about the importance of youth in the advancement of society, and the negative impact of external factors on them; define responsibilities for deviating, and ways to reform, and the means to achieve it, through the efforts of Shaykh Al Ibrāhīmī, and his vision to reform and train youth keeping in view all the causes and factors involved in the proper training of youth.

Impact of Holy Quran Recitation on Psychological Wellbeing Among Muslim Youth

Author: Wasif, Samia
The present study is aimed to examine the relation of Holy Qur’ān recitation and psychological wellbeing among the Muslim Youth. People find no time for offering prayers and reciting Holy Qur’ān because they are very busy in their daily routines and if they do so, they do it for short period of time when they are in some trouble. The objectives include firstly the exploration of the relationship of Holy Qur’ān recitation and psychological wellbeing. Second objective of the study is to explore the correlation of the Holy Qur’ān recitation with depression, anxiety and stress among young Muslims. Study sample comprises of 100 young Muslims (43 males and 57 females) falling between 17 and 25 years from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Instruments used for data collection include psychological wellbeing scale by Kamman and Flett (1983) and DASS (depression anxiety stress scale) by Lovibond and Lovibond (1995) and a demographic sheet. Results of the study showed that significant positive relationship exists between Holy Qur’ān recitation and psychological wellbeing among young Muslims and Holy Qur’ān recitation negatively relates with depression, anxiety and stress. The present study findings support that those young Muslims who had more rate of Holy Qur’ān recitation were psychologically more stable as compared to non-frequent reciters. In the light of findings of current study, it can be declared as a quintessence that Holy Qur’ān Recitation can serve as an influential element in ensuring the positive mental health of youth. Educators and Policy makers can play a crucial role in promotion of Holy Qur’ān familiarity which will make certain the psychological and mental health of youth and of the society at large.

Youth Empowerment for the Development and Defense of Madina State

Author: Qasim, Hafiz Masood
Youth Empowerment has always been an icon of progressive process where young people are encouraged to peep into their future. It is not limited to develop individuals rather to formulate a great community change which rely on the development of individual capacity. Having dazzling achievements on its dimensions, the evolution of Islam flourished due to the youth’s inspiring role for the cognitive development in every sphere of life. The Holy Prophet (ﷺ) explored his young companions’ access to their resources, then transformed their consciousness, intellect and ensured their empowerment to promote traditional, moral and theological values. Its aim has always been to improve one’s quality of life in social, economic, socio-political and even war fares as well. enhance to companions young his empowered (صلى الله عليه وسلم) Prophet Holy The their belief in self-efficacy in various territories. They battled against their contemporary challenges to meet positive sense of self-control, decision making skills, moral system of beliefs and pro-social connectedness. All these have numerous instances for their substantiations. The present research paper will substantiate the young companions’ pivotal efforts in the early age of Madīnah city to promote Islamic norms, their key role in battles, compilation of Qur’ān and Ḥadīth and various other significant defensive roles performed by the youth of that era after given powers by that highlight also will paper research present The. (صلى الله عليه وسلم) Prophet Holy the how the youth of today can empower itself to utilize their perceptive. (صلى الله عليه وسلم) Prophet Holy of companions young by archives set the from app

The Role and Responsibilities of Youth in Islam

Author: Nisar, Farhat
Youth is considered to be the backbone of any nation. The level of moral development, civilization and consolidation of authority and potency depends on the morality of its youth. It can be said that nations survive till their ethics live. The question of youth and Islam at present stems from the overwhelming demographic weight of youth and their relatively recent invasion into the public domain, as well as a wave of Islamic revivalism throughout the world. For any society and its future the youth plays vital and integral role both for progress and decline. The reason is that youth can make the future dark or bright through their role as individuals and as active members of society. This paper draws on lively focus group narratives of young Muslims to explore the interactive presentation of Islamic selves. By bringing together young people who practice Islam in different ways, this paper offers a deeper insight into how claims to a universal identity are actively constructed and contested through particular social relationships and interactions in specific structural contexts. The first part of the paper presents introduction of the whole study. Second part gives description about the categories of youth including; pious, deviated and confused. In third part importance of youth in Islam has been highlighted. Fourth part presents social, moral, political situation of Muslim societies in contemporary time. Fifth part gives description of impact of moral, social, and political situation on the minds of young people. Discussion concludes with the responsibilities of youth which is followed by findings and conclusion of the whole discussion. In so doing, the paper takes up recent calls for more research on the personal meaning of Islam as religion for Muslim youth

Delaying and Ignoring Trends in Marriages:A Critical Study in Hadith Context

Author: Aalam, Aftab
Marriage is a preamble of human life. The human society builds its façade on the characteristics of this unit. Humanity has been granted with divine rules for a successful life. The latest version of divine rules are conveyed through Islam and presented by the Holy Prophet Muhammad of benefits everlasting and grand the declared Islam of history Early. (صلى الله عليه وسلم) these rules in all nooks and corners of life; as Qur’ān and Ḥadīth prominences the trend of in-time marriages to ensure the tangible merits of life. Qur’ān declares marriage as ‘God given relationship’, ‘order from God’, ‘A lawful manner’, ‘Firm covenant’, ‘Love and compassion’, ‘Chastity of life’, ‘Right of women and Sign of safety’ and along with it, as marriage emphasizes (صلى الله عليه وسلم) Muhammad Prophet the of traditions the depicting it a ‘Half of religion’, ‘Protection of eyes’, ‘Prevention of character from corruption’, ‘source of Devil’s desperation’ etc. Owing to this stress of in-time marriages, a Muslim society is not supposed to delay or ignore in time marriages. But in present era, the trend of delaying in making marriages or ignoring the importance of in-time marriages is observing everywhere. This delay in making in-time marriages of young generation shows the weaknesses of faith and confidence in life. It is also the cause of many physical diseases and mental disorders. It destroys the best capabilities and abilities of young force. This paper highlights the importance of timely marriages, strength of married-couple life and damages of late marriage so that the requisite of Islam to form the society on the desired shape may be fulfilled. Lastly, this article emphasizes the need to review/change the social behavior regarding late marriages it also emphasizes the need to review/change the social behavior regarding late marriages and a herald to initiate some sorts of laws for making in-time marriages in society so that prevailing damages due to late marriages can be curtailed.

Empowering Muslim Youth Through Developing Argumentation Skills

Author: Faize, Fayyaz Ahmad
The progress of nations lies in the hands of educated youth. Presently, our Muslims youth are facing numerous challenges. This include western propaganda against Islam as a threat to peace, moral degradation, lacking spirit of inquiry, internet addiction, blind following of western norms and cultures and various kinds of social problems such as violence, gambling and pornography. Our Muslim youth is wandering in identity crises and have forgotten the true spirit of Islam and the achievements of our forefathers. Majority of youth are copying and adopting the western style of life and cultural involvement. One reason for this may be the education system that we have inherited from the colonial masters. This is also replicated by electronic media and the Western propaganda against Islam that we don’t take pride to be staunch Muslims otherwise; we will be blamed as extremists. Our education system has also failed in instilling the spirit of inquiry, critical thinking and moral judgment in our youth. In order to develop the potential of our youth to reform our society and not to be led by baseless beliefs, the role of teaching is very important. With this goal in mind, the students should be empowered through argumentation skills. This requires teaching students through argumentation method by involving/guiding students to make a claim then write justification for their claim and finally counter argument to support their claim. The essence of argumentation is not new as the Holy Qur’ān repeatedly stressed the believers to use their intellect, to critically observe their surroundings and avoid baseless information. Practice with argumentation will help in developing critical skills in our youth and in making informed decisions. They would not blindly follow western norms and would be able to answer western propaganda through solid arguments and valid justifications.