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Al-Iʿjaz Research Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities 
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Title of Al-Iʿjaz Research Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Performing Arts
Religious Studies
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Edited byAijaz Ali Khoso
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Al-Khadim Foundation, Matiari, Sindh (Pakistan)
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عصر حاضر میں قرض بیچنے کی اقسام اور اس کی شرعی حیثیت

مصنف/مصنفین: کھوسو، امتیاز احمد

In this article, the definition of current loans and its kinds, debt issued by the banks and financial institutions in the light of Qurʾān and Sunnah, Ijmāʿ-e-Ummah and Islamic jurists and legal scholars has been extensively studied and analyzed to reach their Islamic legal status. This will help understand transactions of these financial matters.

فقہی احکام میں تخفیف وسہولت اسلامی تعلیمات کی روشنی میں

مصنف/مصنفین: ہالو، امجد علی

According to Islam, all the rules of ḥalāl and ḥarām are made easy and appropriate to the nature, because the maker of these rules knows each and every thing of human needs. Therefore, acting upon the teaching of Islam is so easy and simple for man. It is not work of everybody but it is responsibility of scholars and jurists to make and work on the rules, their limits prescribed in Islam.

قرآن مجید اور سائنس کے تعلق کی نوعیت، اہمیت و ضرورت

مصنف/مصنفین: تیونو، غلام حیدر

Two things human beings to reflect and the reconciliation between these statements and the lines can extract with ease. That man did not know about any of those things and goods through the universe, the Qurʾān said. Secondly, it has been in the material world of the universe, it can be concluded that so far, just being by God and is not without any reason that, in other words, each vowel (cause) and effect (effect) the highest (Purpose) is necessarily driven, and every step of every object in the universe and is the result of the three-member process.

دور جاہلیت میں عرب کے معاشی حالات کا ایک جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: میمن، خیر محمد آصف

It would be essential to know the pre Islamic economic conditions first, then it would be better to know that what are the Islamic principles regarding trade and economics. This would make us understand the Islamic principles fully; also it would help us to comprehend the nature of Arabs who were the same people who after coming into the fold of Islam agreed to lay down their lives for the Islamic cause. Keeping this in view, we can precise how much Islam advocates the truth and dignity for individual and business. Pre Islamic era was a dark period. Arabs had limited sources of Income and they relied upon the piracy and loot and plunder. In Dark era poets boasted Arabs loot and glorified it in their poetries. No one can deny that Arabs had bravery in their blood, and they conceive courage from their mother's womb. They used to loot money from affluent in the day time and gave away to the needy who used to boast them in their poetries. This Article discusses the Arab’s economic conditions in pre-Islamic Era.

شیرمادر بینک (Mother’s Milk Bank) کا شرعی حکم

مصنف/مصنفین: بروہی، محمد اسحاق

The emergence of human milk banks for premature and underweight babies in the early twentieth century raised many questions about the proscription of breastfeeding kinship as are in Islamic jurisprudence. Many Islamic scholars tries to find its solution in the light of Quran, Sunnah and the sayings of early Imams of Fiqh, but their opinion about this matter was different like the differences of sayings of some Imams, until Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences based in Kuwait and Islamic fiqh Academy Jeddah, called Summits on this issue and decided against the establishment of such banks in Islamic world. The issue seemed to be almost solved until European Council for Fatwa and Research launched an appeal in 2003 against their solution and demanded to legitimate the use of Human Milk from these banks for the children of Muslim families in Europe and USA using the public scourge canon (Umum al Balwa) of fiqh. This appeal once again opened the door of discussion on this matter .This article is an overview of the sayings of early and modern jurisprudents and pros and cons of human milk banks in the quest of solution of this modern problem in the light of Islamic shariah, so that a just and balanced opinion may be adopted in this matter as it is motto of Islamic Law. This discussion will also affect many new problems faced by Muslim communities in European countries as well as Islamic countries in modern era.

تقسيم العقوبات المادية بين الشريعة الإسلامية والقانون الوضعي

مصنف/مصنفین: فیضی، تبسم کلثوم

Allah (S.W.T) has given solutions to all worldly problems in Islamic Sharīʿah; this is why many crimes are punished through monetary laws. Whatever money is collected through these monetary punishments is deposited in the government’s treasury. This monetary punishment is called gharāmah. According to Islamic jurisprudence penalty plus punishment might be reduced if the accused is a juvenile or mentally unstable or drunk or has committed the crime by mistake, or was asleep or not fully awake or not in his full senses. Furthermore, some criminals are acquitted just after acceptance and repentance. This paper attempts to study this topic.

Status and Necessity of Second Marriage in Islam

Author: Sialvi, Abdur Razzaq Shehzad
The Arabic word "عائلہ" ʿĀʾilah is customary to refer to wife and home. In Urdu language, the appropriate substitutes for this word are clan and family whereas a "family" usually comprises husband, wife and kids. Family life is also known as domestic life which is not merely a pillar of a society but also is its foundation. A home is the basic unit of domestic life and society. Contentment, peace and stability of a home depend on good and pleasant relations between husband and wife. In case the understanding between husband and wife are deficient, their relations suffer largely and become weak. Islam assigns increased significance to a firm family system in the human society. It is the family environment which is the beginning of human life. A family is the basic natural institution of human society which sustains since the time of Adam (A.S.), and as long as human societies exist, the status of family will also survive and prevail. Each human child coming into this world takes birth in a family where it is brought up to flourishes in family environment. The present-day secular environment, secular education and a society lacking the teachings of Allāh and Messenger Muḥammad (S.A.W.) has deviated the Muslims from their real objective of life and the thought about the life hereafter. Today’s Muslim carries the tendency of leading his life according to his own free will and desires instead of leading his life according to the teachings of the holy Qurʾān and the tradition of the Messenger Muḥammad (S.A.W.). He feel highly uncomfortable to pass his life as per instructions contained in the holy Qurʾān and the tradition of Muḥammad (S.A.W.). Various institutions and so-called NGOs in the name of women’s rights and enlightenment are causing increased complexities for women. Today, woman is getting far and farther from her home and households. On the plea of enlightenment and freedom she is getting away from the religious teachings, her husband and also from her children. The state under influence of these organizations has, without appropriate consideration and detailed thought, framed laws against a second marriage. This legislation has affected the society and opened way for more perversion, distance from the faith and several other social complexities which instead of finding some solution are becoming more and more intricate.

Taṣawwuf in Islam

Author: Sodhar, Aijaz Ali, Aijaz Ali Khoso
Sufism is an important branch of Islam. Sufism is nothing other than Islamic teachings. Because of Sufism, human beings can correct their outward actions as well as inward actions. This requires a spiritual guide to achieve this goal. Without a spiritual guide, common man cannot reach this point. Therefore, the common man should have allegiance to a spiritual guide. Pledge is a Sunnah process. Some psychic and greedy people have joined the ranks of Sufism and have dropped the value ​​of Sufism and Taṣawwuf in the eyes of the people and have incorporated innovations within Sufism. The public became abhorrent from Sufism. That is why, Sufism itself was declared wrong. The fact is that there are some bad people in the Sufism. Those people are wrong but Sufism cannot be blamed for this. Sufism is present in other religions besides Islam. In order to understand Sufism, it is necessary to read the terms and conditions of this knowledge so that the reality of Sufism is revealed.