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افتاء كے فضائل قرآن و حدیث كی روشنی میں - Religion

افتاء كے فضائل قرآن و حدیث كی روشنی میں

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مجلہ الایضاح
عنوان افتاء كے فضائل قرآن و حدیث كی روشنی میں
انگریزی عنوان
Virtues of Ifta in the Light of the Quran and Hadith
مصنف الازہری، محمد ریاض خان، سلیم الرحمن
جلد 25
شمارہ 2
سال 2012
صفحات 70-91
مکمل مقالہ Crystal Clear mimetype pdf.png
یو آر آیل
شکاگو 16 الازہری، محمد ریاض خان، سلیم الرحمن۔ "افتاء كے فضائل قرآن و حدیث كی روشنی میں۔" الایضاح 25, شمارہ۔ 2 (2012)۔


ABSTRACT To derive and discover the hidden solution to problems regarding every walk of life, according to the teachings ofIslam is called Ijtihad and to convey this solution (answer) to the people concerned is called Ifta. Answers to some queries have been directly given by ALLAH ALMIGHTY Himself Then Allah gave the responsibility to his beloved Prophet Muhammad (SA W) to explain & enlighten the people according to the will ofALMIGHTY ALLAH as Quran And then the same responsibility transfers to the eminent religious scholars (Muftis) who are the true inheritors of the Holy Prophet (SAW) Mufti acts as the deputy of the Holy Prophet (SA W) and holds a very high, important & sensitive position ofguiding the people towards Islamic teachings. That is why it needs high care, piety & skill. In the given article the reality, importance and virtues ofthis highly importantposition have been enlightened

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