الله وصفاته في سفر التكوين من التوراة

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مجلہ الایضاح
عنوان الله وصفاته في سفر التكوين من التوراة
انگریزی عنوان
The Concept Of Allah and His Attributes in the Book of Genesis, a Critical Overview
مصنف بخش، خادم حسین الہی
جلد 25
شمارہ 2
سال 2012
صفحات 121-169
مکمل مقالہ Crystal Clear mimetype pdf.png
یو آر آیل
شکاگو 16 بخش، خادم حسین الہی۔ "الله وصفاته في سفر التكوين من التوراة۔" الایضاح 25, شمارہ۔ 2 (2012)۔


ABSTRACT The book of Genesis has comprehensive details about Prophets like Noah, Abraham, Jecob and Joseph. A greater portion of Genesis deals with Jacob and his sons like Joseph(A. S) . It narrates and explicates how Almighty Allah-the supreme creator - is different from his creations including the Mighty Prophets. Hereby a selection ofappropriate textual references are streamlined from Genesis in an effort to Show that Almighty Allah transcends all-being a Mighty Creator- and how it negate the concept oftrinity in itself

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