The Life and Works of Ahmad Deedat: A Muslim Scholar of Christian Bible

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Journal Al-Idah
Title The Life and Works of Ahmad Deedat: A Muslim Scholar of Christian Bible
Author(s) Ahmad, Rafiq, Haroon Idrees
Volume 31
Issue 2
Year 2015
Pages 159-179
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خواتین کے ساتھ مروجہ معاشرتی رویوں کا اسلامی تعلیمات کے تناظر میں جائزہ
دال و مدلول کا باہمی ربط و تعلق: عصری رجحانات، قرآن و سنت پر اس کے اثرات
اسلام اور دوسرے مذاہب میں خدا کے تصور کا تحقیقی و تقابلی جائزہ
پشتو زبان میں سیرت النبیﷺ پر اولین کتاب قلب السیر کا تحقیقی جائزہ
دینی مدارس اور مفکرین کی آراء
تدوین و مشتملات ارتھ شاستر
سرکاری مناصب و ذرائع کا ذمہ دارانہ استعمال: تعلیمات نبویﷺ کی روشنی میں
بنیادی انسانی حقوق کا اسلام اور اقوام متحدہ کے عالمی منشور کی روشنی میں تقابلی جائزہ
مردہ خوری کے حوالے سے فقہاء کے آراء کا تقابلی مطالعہ
اسلامی حکومت میں غیر مسلم اقلیتوں کے حقوق کا جائزہ: معاہدات نبوی کی روشنی میں
مسیحى دینیات اور بىن المذاہب تعلقات
التوضيح المفيد لما وصف به الرسم القرآني من التجريد
تأثير الفقر على حياة الشاعر الجاهلي: دراسة تحليلية
البعد الأخلاقي في سياسة الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم
الحديث الضعيف وما يتعلق به من الأحكام
مزیل الأوهام فیما یتعلق بالاحکام عن المخنث والخنثی
المقال الدينى عند محمود تيمور
Islam and Society: Role of the Departments of Islamic Studies, an Analytical Study
Doctrine of Peace: An Islamic Perspective, an Analysis of the Hindrances in Peace Making Process
Conceptualizing Poverty in Capitalism and Islam
Portrayal of Positive Psychological Capital in Quran
Authoritative Position of Investor and Scope of Liability in Modarabah Contract: Classical and Contemporary Jurists Perspective
Determinants of Employee Health and Happiness: A Wellness Perceptive from Islamic and General Point of View at Public Sector Organizations in Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Role of Male Teachers in Islamic-Ethics Based Sociability Skills Promotion Among Learners in Government Primary Schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Insecurity in a New Silk Road
Islamic Concept of Crime and Punishment: A Critical Appraisal of Robert Spencer’s Views
The Circumstances Where the Quantum of Punishment Prescribed by Islam for Certain Crimes Can Be Reduced or Enhanced
Which of Abrahim’s Son Was Sacrificed?
The Life and Works of Ahmad Deedat: A Muslim Scholar of Christian Bible
Exploring the Role of “Jihad” in the Establishment of Universal Peace
Murabaha Financing in Pakistan: A Practical Islamic Banking Aspect


Deedat. He debated with Christian scholars on very sensitive topics (from the point of view of Christianity) like ‘Is the Bible God’s Word?’ ‘Was Christ crucified?’ ‘The Quran or the Bible, which is God’s word?’ ‘Is Jesus God?’ and so on and proved almost all the basic doctrines of their faith from their own scriptures to be baseless. Throughout his life, deedat, faced a lot of criticism from non-Muslim scholars as well as from many Muslim scholars but he remained steadfast in his mission, and continuously struggled for preaching Islam through arguments and debates. He is best known as Muslim preacher who remained engaged in numerous intellectual inter-religious open debates with evangelical Christians, as well as video lectures, most of which relates to Islam, Christianity, Judaism & the Bible.


The purpose of this paper is to highlight the works of Ahmad Deedat and create an urge in the readers to intellectually equip themselves and start preaching of Islam to the people of other faiths.


The paper is a narrative study of the video debates and lectures of Ahmad Deedat. It does not fully cover them, and just gives an overview to highlight the main themes of these debates and lectures.


Ahmad Deedat, hearing the name suddenly brings to mind picture of a smiling white-bearded man wearing black coat and white cap talking about Islam in fluently spoken English waving his hands in the air[1]. We find him either debating with giants like Jimmy Swaggart or challenging the Christian missionaries or accepting challenge of Doctor like Anis Shorosh, or giving responses to the harsh toned questions and arguments of the Christian missionaries. According to Larkin “his English, debating skills, and mastery of other scriptures made him appealing to the millions who watched his videos or read his works”[2]

He was born in India on July 1, 1918 in Surat to Hossain Deedat[3]. His family was very poor and to earn a good living for the family his father shortly after the birth of Ahmad Deedat, migrated to South Africa. In 1927 Ahmad Deedat also migrated to South Africa through a one month journey to join his father. He was admitted in Madressa Anjuman School in standard four and for the first time was introduced with abcd. Every day he walked to school and back to home because his father could not afford the bus fare. He studied only till standard six in this school. He later on moved to Sastrich College but due to financial constraints his father pulled him out after only three days. He started working when he was only sixteen[4]. Ahmad Deedat started his career as a store keeper outside Durbin in the ON Muhammad shop near Adams mission complex (an institute where young missionaries learnt how to convert others to Christianity). Muslim workers of the ON Muhammad Shop became a home work for the missionary students as these workers knew nothing about Islam except “La Ilaha Illallaah Muhammad Ur Rasoolullah”. Deedat says that the students used to come to our shop for buying sugar, rice, flour etc. and then they would start throwing statements like “you know Muhammad had so many wives”, “you know Muhammad spread his religion by the point of sword”, “you know Muhammad copied his book from the Jews and Christians”[5]. As a young person Deedat felt angered by such harassment and felt an urge and desire to respond but he was not equipped with the knowledge to respond to such questions and was helpless to counter these constant attacks.

From a Store Keeper to Scholar:

Ahmad Deedat had a strong urge for reading. One day he was rummaging through a pile of old newspapers in his boss’ go down searching for some material to read. There he found an old worm eaten book with the name “Izhar ul Haq” (the truth revealed) written in 1864 by Rahmatullah Kairanvi for the Indian Muslims in salvaging their faith against the Christian missionaries who during the British rule ran like frogs in the rainy season for converting Indian muslims to Christianity.

This book (Izhar ul Haq) changed thee life of Ahmad Deedat enabling him how to learn the bible and use it against the harassments posed by Christian missionaries. Deedat says “this book actually changed my life, had it not been that I came across this book I would not have been doing what I am doing today”. Deedat read bible again and again with critical eye which made him a scholar of bible from the Muslim view point. This continuous study of the Bible made Deedat able to debate with the giants of Christianity. After having acquired an in-depth and extensive knowledge of the Bible and Quran through self-education without going through a formal education from a college or university, he delivered his first public lectures in 1940 at Durban’s Avalon Cinema to a congregation of fifteen people on “Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wassallam: Messenger of Peace”[6]. After short period, the venue became Durban’s City Hall, and audience 2000. The most amazing thing about his lectures was that in every lecture and debate he quoted verses from the Bible to establish Islamic point of view and every lecture ended with question answer session. These sessions enabled Christians to line up with their Bibles, trying to disprove him. But throughout his career of lecturing and debating he found no question difficult enough, and he usually made them speechless by quoting verses from their own Bible from his memory. Deedat came to know the bible even more then Christian scholars knew. Around 1950s a revert to Islam by the name Fairfax delivered lectures to enable the Muslims to use bible in preaching Islam. Later Fairfax stopped coming for lectures which made the congregation disappointed. Seeing this Deedat suggested them that he can continue the lectures from where Fairfax stopped if they wished. He also suggested them that if they liked his lecture they should stay otherwise just yawn and he will stop. He started lecturing, no one yawned and the lectures continued for three years. This opened the journeys of debating and lecturing on comparative religions for Deedat. Much of his efforts were directed at saving Muslims from Christian evangelism through arming Muslims with Bible to counter Christian attacks. He became the Muslim response to a massive rise of the evangelical Christianity and a media presence to rival Christian preachers. These talks enabled him to debate on extremely sensitive topics like “Is Jesus God?” “Is the Bible God word?” “Was Christ Crucified?” etc. with the giants of Christianity. The journey of Ahmad Deedat from working as a store keeper to debating with the giants of Christianity like Jimmy Swaggart, Stainly Sjoberg, Dr. Anis Shorrosh, Dr Robert Douglas, Erik Bock, Floyd and Wakefeild truly remains an amazing but real story.


In 1958 after delivering a lecture Deedat was offered a land of 70 acres for the sake of Islamic propagation by a person named Haji Qadwa. This made Deedat able to fulfill his dream of establishing an Islamic school to prepare propagators. He immediately started the establishment of this institution and worked as plumber, carpenter, water carrier to structure the building. Later he left As-Salam and again got involved in video lectures and debates.

Islamic Propagation Center International (IPCI):

In 1957 Deedat founded the Islamic Propagation Center which was later renamed as Islamic Propagation Center International. The center is aimed to establish bridges across different faiths for greater understanding, present Islam in its right and exact form to the people of other faiths, and inter faith dialogues etc.

King Faisal Award:

In 1986, Deedat was awarded with the King Faisal International Prize for SERVICE TO ISLAM.

Books/Booklets authored by Ahmad Deedat:

Deedat wrote a number of books/booklets about various topics majority of which concerns with enlightening the true Islamic ideology to non-Muslim through the Christian and Jewish scriptures. He was a creative author. His writings includes the following concise and comprehensive palm-sized books that were printed and distributed to millions of people around the world:

Al-Quran The Miracle of Miracles

Arabs And Israel Conflict Or Conciliation

Can You Stomach The Best Of Rushdie?

Christ in Islam

Combat Kit Against Bible Thumpers

Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction?

Is the Bible God’s Word?

Muhammad PBUH The Natural Successor to Christ

Muhammad PBUH The Greatest

Resurrection Or Resuscitation?

The Muslim At Prayer

The God That Never Was

Was Jesus Crucified?

What Is His Name?

What The Bible Says About Muhammad PBUH?

what was the sign of Jonah?

Who Moved The Stone?


Deedat remained engaged in a number of debates with scholars of Christian scriptures: the Bible. During these debates he presented the Islamic view point in a dogmatic and aggressive manner with a smiling face having no apology at any time on any matter: answering the harsh toned questions and remarks posed by opponents, quoting from their own scripture (the Bible) in fluent English having firm belief that Islam is to master, overcome and supersede every other faith. During these debates Deedat highlighted the weaknesses of the doctrines of other religions boasting the moral of Muslims to be Muslims.

It is very difficult to highlight the debates of Ahmad Deedat in a single paper, almost every debate requires a separate paper to be presented precisely but we are trying to give a brief overview of these debates to create an urge in the readers to watch them by themselves.

Is the Bible God’s Word? Deedat vs Rev. Jimmy Swaggart:

This debate took place at the University of Louisiana, USA with the efforts of the Islamic Students Association of Louisiana between Ahmad Deedat and Rev. Jimmy Swaggart at the time when Swaggart was one of the prominent faces of Evangelical Christianity. This is often referred to as the greatest debate of the century. About 8,000 people attended this debate. During the debate Swaggart tries to prove that the Bible is God’s word and Deedat tries to prove that the Bible is not the word of God. Swaggart tries to mesmerize the audience through his speech but contrary to this Deedat places his arguments in simple straight forward manner, fully backed up with references from the Bible, explaining that the Bible is not the word of God. During the debate Deedat explains the discrepancies and contradictions that exist in the Bible. He also points out to the illicit sexual affairs discussed in the Bible which they claim to have been revealed by God. Further Deedat also clarifies that the Bible has gone through numerous revisions then how can it be declared as the word of God. In nutshell the whole argument of Deedat is based on the Quranic verse:

“Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say: "This is from Allah," to traffic with it for miserable price!- Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby.”[7]

After debate there was a question answer session where the audience had the chance to pose their questions to the speakers. The question answer session is full of amazing and interesting points raised by audience. The debate is a real victory of Deedat and is worth watching and listening.

Is Jesus God? Deedat vs Anis Shorosh:

At the end of a lecture in the city hall of Birmingham during question time (which was one of the regular features of every lecture of Ahmad Deedat) a Palestinian Arab with the name of Anish Shorrosh comes forward and poses a challenge to Ahmad Deedat to debate with him on any topic and beat him. In response Deedat comes to dais and says “brother Anis I accept your challenge and I am giving you a blank cheque to book the Royal Albert Hall, I give you the subjects from which you can choose for debate like: Is Jesus God? Or Is the Bible God’s Word? Or The Truth About Trinity Or Jesus, Man, Myth or God?” after few months of correspondence between them the topic “Is Jesus God?” was agreed upon by both.

The debate took place in 1985 in the Royal Albert Hall. In this debate the divinity of Christ was discussed between the two. Anish Shorrosh speaks first, then Deedat comes to the dais and thereafter Shorrosh comes for a rebuttal. At the end of debate there was a question answer session where the audience had the chance to pose questions. The debate is very much interesting and seems to be a commentary of the Quranic verses 3:59 and 4:171.

Quran or the Bible which is God’s word? Deedat vs Anis Shorosh:

This was the second debate between Deedat and Dr. Shorrosh that took place in 1988. Deedat starts his speech by asking Dr. Shorrosh to come forward and read the Shahadah as Allah had delivered him the message in his own language in the verses of Holy Quran (2:23-24) that were recited in the start. Thereafter Deedat re-reads those verses.

In this debate Quran and the bible were analyzed by both the debaters from their respective point of view. Deedat further says during his speech that in any dispute it is a basic requirement that the witnesses identify themselves whether the dispute is criminal, civil or theological. And then according to the subject of debate he quotes the verse from the Holly Quran where Quran speaks about itself:

“[Allah] the Most Gracious!”

“It is He Who has taught the Qur'an.”[8]

“The revelation of the Book is from Allah the Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom.”[9]

After explaining the introduction through verses from Quran where Quran itself speaks that I am the Quran and the source is Allah. Deedat turns to bible and explains that the word bible is not in the bible, the word was actually concocted from the Greek word BIBLOS which means book. Deedat in an amazing manner presented the case and remains an evergreen victory on his side. The question answer session is also full of amazing argumentations.

Crucifixion Fact or Fiction VS Dr Robert Douglas:

christians believe that Jesus Christ was crucified and the blood of Jesus is the only way to salvation. The debate took place at the University of Kansas on 6th November 1986. the doctrine of crucifixion in Christianity was discussed in details. The Holy Quran rejects the dogma of crucifixion in an uncompromising and explicit manner:

“That they said [in boast], "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah";- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no [certain] knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-”[10]

There would have been no problem if the Christians accepted the Glorious Quran to be the word of God. Therefore Deedat by giving references from the Bible proves that neither was Jesus Christ crucified nor was he killed. Deedat declares that it is cruci-fiction not crucifixion. The debate is very interesting and is worth watching.

Is Jesus God? by VS Erik Bock:

This debate took place in Copenhagen, Denmark on 2nd November 1991. In this debate after the speech of Erik Bock, when Deedat comes for a rebuttal he appreciates Erik for his humility as a true Christian by not pushing Jesus Christ as God on our throats. He asks the audience to give a clap to Erik for such humility and as an honor he quotes the Quranic verse where good Christians have been discussed by Allah Almighty, he also explains what good Christians means through commentary of the this verse:

“… and nearest among them in love to the Believers wilt thou find those who say, "We are Christians": Because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant.”[11]

Is the Bible true word of God? VS Pastor Stanley Sjoberg:

The debate took place in Stockholm. In this debate Deedat beautifully explains the plagiarism that exists between the book of Isaiah and the book of Kings in the Bible. He refers to identification of witnesses in this debate also. Deedat gives an in-depth explanation about the various versions of the Bible and the differences and discrepancies therein. In this debate Deedat has given an explicit evaluation of the text of Bible. Sjoberg questions during debate and a person from the audience during question answer session raises question about various translations of the Holy Quran and argues that these are version to which Deedat replies that the translations are not infallible, every translation has Arabic text and only that is infallible and is the word of God.

At the end of Sjoberg’s turn when Deedat comes to the dais he says that “I must take off my hat to Pastor Stainlay for beautifully evading answering the questions. Sjoberg almost gave no response to the points that Deedat raised questioning the authenticity of the Bible. During the question answer session Deedat gives answers to burning and harsh questions in an intellectual manner. The debate remained very fruitful in defending the Islamic point of view regarding the authenticity of the Bible as is revealed in Chapter 2 Verse 79 of the Holy Quran.

Is Jesus God? VS Pastor Stanley Sjoberg:

This debate also took place in Stockholm one day after above mentioned debate. It deals the matter of Jesus Christ where Christian says that Jesus is God. Deedat eloquently clarifies the misconception that exists in the Christian doctrine. Deedat refers to the humility that Jesus Christ showed during his lifetime which has been recorded in the Bible and Deedat gave challenge to the Pastor to present a single sentence from anywhere in the Bible where Jesus Christ claimed divinity and he will become a Christian, the debate finished but no sentence came forth from the Pastor. During the question answer session Deedat again faces very harsh toned questions but he deals them very intelligently.

Was Christ Crucified? vs Dr. Floyd E. Clark:

This was a symposium between Ahmad Deedat and Dr. Floyd on Sunday 7th July 1985 in the the Royal Albert Hall, London[12]. Here Deedat explains the Islamic point of view about the supposed crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Dr. Floyd explains the Christian point of view about the matter.

Was Christ Crucified Deedat vs Wakefield:

This debate took place in Maple Leave Gardens, Toronto, Canada on 17th July 1994 between Ahmad Deedat and Bishop General Wakefield, Evangelist of Canada[13]. At this occasion also Deedat clarifies the misconceptions regarding the supposed crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the conception of salvation in Christianity with references from the Bible.

Islam and Christianity vs Dr. Garry Miller:

This was a symposium on the heated topic that took place between Deedat and Dr. Garry Miller. Dr. Garry Miller (an author, a broadcaster) belonged to Canda. In his talk Deedat quotes a verse of Quran (Al-Quran: 5:85), and then he gives examples of such good Christians who paid great tributes to our Prophet Muhammad PBUH, these people include: James Gavin (Rtd. US Lieutenant General), Michael H. Hart (an astronomer, a mathematician) and Bill Chalmers SABC TV. Then Deedat points out the differences between Christianity and Islam and gives examples of the statements of learned men of Christianity who are intellectually agreeing with the Islamic ideology. In his talk Miller, also speaks beautiful words and almost all his talk was in accordance to Islam. During his speech he seemed to be a Muslim by heart and fortunately later reverted to Islam and was named as Abdul Ahad Umar. At the end of symposium both the speakers answers illogical and mocking questions from the audience with non-understanding intentions.

Christian Missionaries at IPCI:

This discussion between the Christian missionaries and Deedat took place on 19th August 1991 at IPCI. In this talk the missionaries asks about the works of the center and the aggressive attitude of Deedat, to which he replies that aggressive is not a proper word, I would say I am militant and islam is a militant religion as and no apologies for that as Allah tells us to say to the Christians and Jews not to go to extremes in their religions and don’t say anything about God except the truth. He also explains to them as to how Quran directs the Muslims to tell the Christian not to say trinity. He also elaborates the textual style of Bible which is based on a once a upon a time system.

Is Israel set up for destruction VS Ex-Congressman Paul Findley:

This was a symposium where both the speakers talked about the brutalities of Israeli Army against the innocent Palestinians. Paul Findly takes a newspaper and starts his speak with quotation from the said newspaper “Ex-Congressman Paul Findley Defeated Who Described Himself I am Yasir Arafat’s only friend in the US Congress”. He was the only person in the US Congress who talked against the brutalities of Israel. He says that the Jews are extremely influential in the US Government and are using that influence against the poor Palestinians as the US is blindly supporting the Israel. He also says that the American congressmen are afraid of the power of Israeli lobby; they are convinced that if they challenged the lobby they will pay price in next election[14]. Then Deedat comes and explains the special favors that Allah bestowed upon the Bani Israel. During the speech Deedat explains to the Jews that you are the worst to the Palestinians than Nazis were to you, after an emotional speech Deedat warns the Jews either to get changed or be destined for destruction as the world is waking up and realizing the genocide of Palestinians by Israel.

Deedat on BBC:

This program was produced by BBC to discuss the concept and existence of God. In the beginning it includes interviews from the general public about the subject. Guests of the program were Bishop of Birmingham-Hugh Montefiore, Scientist and Humanist-Herman Bondi, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Newcastle University-Paul Davies, Philosopher-A.J. Ayer. The program also includes the views of audience (relating to Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism) about their concept of God. Ahmad Deedat (while sitting in the audience) explains the concept of God in Islam.

Deedat a Fundamentalist:

This recording was rediscovered by Deedat in 2004 while he was bedridden, paralyzed and unable to talk. He communicated his desire for everyone to watch this recording which he called “Deedat A Fundamentalist”. He used his communication board to express his desire to release this recording. It was recorded during March, 1996 shortly before Deedat became seriously ill. It is an interview of Deedat by a Christian television journalist about Islamic Fundamentalism. Here Deedat explains that the word “Fundamentalist” doesn’t exist in the vocabulary of Islam, he also explains that this word was invented by the americans for those Bible thumpers who say every word, comma, colon and full stop is the word of God. It is extremely fruitful in clarifying and responding to the misconceptions about Islam and Muslims even in current situation (after 9/11).

Deedat’s Encounter with Christian Missionaries:

This is a discourse on various basic doctrines of Christianity between Ahmad Deedat and several Christian missionaries. Deedat alone deals all of them by clarifying the Islamic point of view regarding these donctrines, also Deedat gives references from the Bible to support his argument.

Freely Speaking-1

This is an interview of Ahmad Deedat by Mrs. Ginna Lewis (a journalist) that was recorded in Geneva on 16th March 1987. It discusses several topics like anti-racial philosophy of Islam, the commonness between the monotheistic religions, Christ in Islam, the birth of Jesus Christ, Humility of Jesus Christ that is recorded in the Bible etc.

Freely Speaking-2:

This interview was recorded by the same journalist as discussed above on 16th March 1990 in Durban. This gives an introduction of how Islam arrived to South Africa. It also discusses the role of IPCI, prophecy about arrival of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the Bible, Islam’s answer to the racial and other problems of the world etc.

Islam Christianity SABC Debate:

This is a (SABC) TV debate between FR. Bonaventure Hinwood, John Gilchrist and Ahmad Deedat, Maulana AR. Soofie to find out the commonalities on the topic. Both the groups present their ideas about the topic. Deedat explains the honor and respect for Jesus Christ in the house of Islam and at the end of debate the host Mr. Bill Chalmer said the following words: “well I think it can be said from this discussion that there is at present somewhat more accommodation on the Islamic side for the founder of Christianity then there is on the Christian side for the founder of Islam what the significance of that is we leave it to you the viewer to determine. But I do you will have agree with us the good thing that we are talking together. Good Bye”[15].


Besides several debates with Doctors, Pastors, Bishops and Ministers Deedat delivered good number of video lectures on various topics relating to Islam throughout the world. In most of his video lectures he comes to the microphone, recites Quranic verse and straight away starts talking on the topic. A brief introduction of his lectures is presented here to create an urge in the readers to watch them by themselves.

A Dire Warning:

The theme of this lecture is based on the Quranic verses 3:110 and 47:38. Deedat explains that if you don’t do your job you will be fired from your service and this law is eternal. In the religious history of man in the first instance he chose the Jews (Bani Israel), out of the four heavenly books three are Jewish, Allah sent them Prophets after Prophets. But the Jews didn’t fulfill their obligations so Hazrat Essa A.S says to them in the Bible “And the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation bringing the fruits thereof”. And we see that Allah Almighty sent his last and final Prophet Muhammad PBUH amongst the Arabs. Deedat further elaborates that there is another law at work that when you look down upon a group almost invariably you get displaced by them. He urges the Muslims to fulfill their duties of preaching the Islamic faith to others.

Al-Quran: A Miracle of Miracles (National Theatre, Abu Dhabi on 5th July1987):

At the first he defines a miracle as impossibility. Nations were sent Prophets and mankind had a tendency to demand proves by performing some supernatural acts. Allah gave miracles to his prophet according to the mentality and needs of the people. Egyptians boasted about their magical acts so Allah Almighty gave a miraculous stick that was akin to magic to Hazrat Mussa A.S. Hazrat Essa A.S came among the people who performed wonders in medicine so Allah Almighty gave miracles of healing powers to Hazrat Essa A.S. Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH came amongst the people who were boasting about their language: that we are eloquent people! We are Arabs, and the rest of the world is Dumb (Ajam). So Allah Almighty gave Quran to our Prophet Muhammad PBUH and when the Arabs listened to the Quran they said that this (Quran) is not poetry, not prose, this is something beyond our understanding and people accepted the faith. People demanded from our Prophet Muhammad PBUH to convert the mountain into Gold or make rivers to gush out into desert or put up a ladder into heaven and bring a book down then we will believe that You are a true Messenger of God as Allah says in the Quran 29:48, 29:50-51.

in these verses Allah testifies that Quran is a miracle as it is revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH (who didn’t know how to read or write) and He is rehearsing it to the people. Thereafter he explains the scientific facts discussed in the Holy Quran, which science established hundreds of years after revelation of the Holy Quran like the big bang theory, origination of life, facts about vegetable kingdom, embryology. Besides these, Deedat discusses various other aspects of the glorious Quran in this lecture.

Challenge of Islam (Blackburn, UK 10th August 1988):

In this lecture Deedat refers to the historical debate between Maulana Abdul Aziz of Delhi and a Christian missionary when indo-pak was under the rule of Britain. Here he also asks the Muslims not to set back doing nothing, he asks the Muslims to fulfill their obligation of preaching Islam to the whole world. He also asks to take his booklets that are freely available and arm themselves intellectually and get started.

Challenge of the Missionaries (Sharjah, UAE 3rd June 1992):

Here Deedat refers to the verse 120 of chapter 2 of the Holy Quran and asks the Muslims to start sharing the Deen with people of other faiths. He also gives a warning on the missionary activities of Christians throughout the world.

Christ in Islam (Durban City Hall 23rd August 1983):

At the end of a live debate on SABC TV on 5th June 1983 (in which Deedat explained the place of Jesus Christ in the house of Islam) the Chairman, Mr. Bill Chalmers said: “I think it can be said from this discussion that there is at present somewhat more accommodation on the Islamic side for the founder of Christianity then on the Christian side for the founder of Islam, what the significance of that is we leave it to you the viewer to determine, but I do think you will agree that it is a good thing that we are talking together”.

Deedat after giving the above quotation explains the love, respect, and reverence that exist in the house of Islam for Jesus Christ. He also explains the miraculous birth and miracles of Jesus Christ.

Christian Missionaries in the World (Sheraton, Qatar 11th April 1989):

Deedat warns about the missionaries that are raising dust throughout the world and especially in the Muslim countries. He also explains about their innovative techniques.

Christianity and Islam (University of Geneva on 17th March 1987):

Deedat explains the sematic religions in a chronological order, and explains their laws and basic doctrines. He also explains that how the Jews became hard hearted and adhered to letter of the law forgetting the spirit. So to remove this hardness, Jesus Christ came as a remedy to heal them. Then people averted from the teachings of Jesus so Allah Almighty sent his last and final Messenger Muhammad PBUH for the whole of mankind with eternal laws responding to problems of the world till eternity.

Christianity Judaism or Islam? Which is the Solution to World’s Problems?:

Deedat explains the basic doctrines of Judaism and Christianity and says that Abraham was a Muslim, Moses was a Muslim, Jesus was a Muslim, his disciples were Muslims and each and every one of us if we are ready to submit our will to the will of God are Muslims. He elaborates that in the fundamentals of the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad Peace Be Upon Them All, there is not an iota of difference as Moses said (Shama): “Shama Israelu Aduna e Elokheno Aduna e Ekhad” which means that “hear o Israel the Lord our God the God is One”. And about 1300 years after Moses, Jesus repeated the same. Similarly about 600 years after Jesus when our Prophet Muhammad PBUH was asked about the concept of God in Islam, Allah revealed Sura Ikhlas to Him.

SURA 112. Ikhlas, or Purity (of Faith)

1. “Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;”

2. “Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;”

3. “He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;”

4. “And there is none like unto Him.”[16]

Then Deedat explains the laws of Moses and Jesus and explains that how that fitted for the people of that time. Then Deedat also give an overview of the predictions about Prophet Muhammad PBUH that Jesus Christ gave to his people. Then Deedat explains the eternal nature of Islamic laws and explains how it responds to the world’s problems.

Combat Kit Course Against Bible Thumpers (Action Town Hall, London):

To secure the Muslims of his time in specific and Muslims of the world in general from the Christian missionaries’ harassments, Deedat in a short time and comprehensive manner teaches how to learn the Bible and use it in salvaging the Islamic faith and propagation of Islam.

Concept of God in Hinduism and Islam (Abdul Aziz Auditorium, Durban on 26th July 1995):

It was supposed to be a symposium between Deedat and Swami Agnivesh (founder of Arya Sabha, India) as a result of letter received by Deedat from Arya Pratinidhi Sabha. It was planned that Muslims will listen to the Hindu concept of God and vice versa. But due to some reasons Swami Agnivesh didn’t come for the symposium so Deedat delivered a lecture on the advertised date to explains the concept of God in Islam then he explains that theology means study of God and Sura Ikhlas (Chapter Purity) is the touchstone for theology. If anybody comes with any concept of God you check it with this chapter and it will clarify to you whether his concept is right or wrong.

Crucifixion or Cruci Fiction (City Hall, Cape Town):

Deedat quotes the following verse of the Holly Quran:

“That they said [in boast], "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah";- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no [certain] knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-”[17]

Then he asks that could anyone have been more explicit, more dogmatic, more uncompromising in rejecting the doctrine of a faith then this? Then he explains that on Allah can do such things. Muslims without any questions believe this (Aamanna, Saddaqna) but the Christians retort that we don’t accept your book and argue that they have written records in their scriptures of eyewitnesses and ear witnesses to the happening.. To this effect Deedat by giving references from the Bible proves that Christ was neither killed nor crucified.

Daughters of Islam (Zuleikhabai Hall, Pakistan):

This lecture was delivered in Pakistan. He asks for learning the Holy Quran with translation. He says that Allah will reward us for reciting Quran but it is necessary to learn Quran by meaning, he says that the system we are using for recitation again and again without understanding of meaning is a good system for new converts to Islam, but we should learn it with meanings so that we can understand what Allah says to us.

Dawah in the UK (Regents Park Mosque, London on 21st May 1992):

Deedat here explains the new and newer techniques that the Christian missionaries are using for their missionary works and then teaches to Muslims the techniques for propagation of Islam. At the end he answers the questions of the audience.

Dawah in the USA (Atlanta on 2nd November 1986):

Deedat in this lecture explains that Allah places certain duties on everyone according to their status. And then he explains what duties Allah has placed upon Muslims. He also quotes the following Quranic verse:

“It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion: and enough is Allah for a Witness.”[18]

Deedat explains the above quoted verse and says that Allah has destined Islam to supersede every other Deen and way of like whether it be Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Communism. Deedat intellectually explains that Allah will make His Deen to prevail with us or without us, but Allah has given us the chance to propagate His Deen and earn great rewards.

Dawah or Destruction (New York 14th November 1986):

The lecture starts with recitation of the following verse of the Holey Quran

“Say: If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which ye fear a decline: or the dwellings in which ye delight - are dearer to you than Allah, or His Messenger, or the striving in His cause;- then wait until Allah brings about His decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious.”[19]

After recitation of this verse from the Holy Quran Deedat says that in this militant age I quoted to you one of the most militant verse of the Holy Quran. Much portion of the lecture is based on part of the above quoted verse “then wait until Allah brings about His decision”. He explains how the Muslims after ruling Spain for about 800 years were kicked out of Spain because they didn’t propagate the faith to other peoples. He explains that “wait” word in this verse is a warning to the Muslims but we are not taking as a warning instead we are waiting. He also points to the following verse of the Holy Quran:

“Behold, ye are those invited to spend [of your substance] in the Way of Allah: But among you are some that are niggardly. But any who are niggardly are so at the expense of their own souls. But Allah is free of all wants, and it is ye that are needy. If ye turn back [from the Path], He will substitute in your stead another people; then they would not be like you!”[20]

Deedat explains that if we didn’t fulfill our obligation of sharing the Din with the rest of world, that Allah has bestowed upon us then according to warning of Allah given in the above quoted verses we will be replaced by other people. To elaborate his point of view, Deedat gives various examples from history that befits the context. At the end Deedat requests the audience to get all his video cassettes and books that are freely available, they cover almost everything, get them and arm yourself by learning how to share Islam with people of other faiths.

Deedat’s Kenyan Tour:

In 1993 Deedat toured Kenya and delivered lecture in the Jamia Masjid Nairobi on 3rd May 1993 in which he warns about the works of Christian missionaries in Kenya and teaches the Kenyan Muslims how to save themselves from becoming Christianized. On 4th May 1993 he delivered another lecture at the Memon Villa Hall, Mombasa, Kenya. In this lecture Deedat asks the audience to share Islam with people of other faiths.

Deedats Message to Muslim Students:

In this lecture Deedat urges the students to find common grounds and start the propagation of Islam to the rest of the world. At the end of lecture Deedat answers questions posed by audience.

Easter - A Muslim Viewpoint (Sydney Town Hall, Australia 5th April, 1995):

Easter is believed to be a holy day in Christianity and is referred to as the Good Friday supposing that Christ died for their sins. In this lecture Deedat has tried to educate the Muslims and Christians in clarifying the misconceptions regarding the concept of Good Friday. The timing of this lecture was highly criticized by several Christians like Rev. Gordon Moyes of the Wesley Mission Rev. Peter Hollingworth-Anglican Archbishop and many others to whom Deedat responded through his television interviews and clarified about the love and respect for Jesus Christ in the house of Islam and said that “if you had ignored me in the newspapers, your radios and your TVs, people would have never knew that Deedat has come and gone”.

First series Short Talks:

These talks were produced and telecasted by Mid-East TV. It includes a series of short talks on various topics relating to Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Foses 23rd Annual Gathering Christmas:

In this lecture Deedat speaks about the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ as is stated in the Holy Quran (3:47). He also speaks about the discrepancies that exists in Christianity about the birth of Jesus Christ. Deedat in this lecture urges the Muslims to know about the Bible to be able to save themselves from the missionaries and use it in the propagation of Islam.

Free Bible Course (28th May 1994):

Deedat delivered this lecture to Muslim and Non-Muslim students. He first introduces book and an article (where Deedat is referred to as the defender of Islam) written against Deedat by Non-Muslims. In this class he teaches about the discrepancies in the Bible.

Hinduism and Islam OR From Hinduism to Islam:

This lecture encompasses the chronology of world’s religions. Deedat explains that Islam is the youngest and Hinduism is one of the oldest religions. He elaborates about the word Hinduism and its basic doctrines and the differences between Hinduism and Islam.

How not to do Dawah (Taif, Saudi Arabia):

Deedat visited KSA through a special invitation from Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahad. In this lecture he teaches how to do and how not to do preaching of Islam.

If the Label Shows Your Intent Wear It (Jum’ah Masjid, Mitchells Plain 30th June 1989):

this lecture teaches Muslims to be proud on Islamic attire and identity instead of felling into inferiority complex; it explains how it differentiates Muslims from others. It also teaches how to deal with courtesy with other human beings.

Is Jesus God?:

This lecture encompasses the doctrine of Christianity regarding the divinity of Jesus Christ. Deedat gives references from the Bible and proves that Jesus Christ never claimed divinity and he was not God incarnation. At the end he answers several answers posed by Christian missionaries.

Is the Bible Gods Word Preview of USA Debate in UAE:

This lecture gives a preview to the debate between Ahmad Deedat and Jimmy Swaggart that took place at the University of Louisiana on the headed topic. Deedat again explains here the discrepancies that exist in the Bible with reference to the referred debate.

Is the Bible God’s Word? (Copenhagen, Denmark 3rd November 1991):

Deedat highlights the discrepancies and plagiarism in the Bible. Also he explains about various versions of the Bible. Further he also points to hundreds of expressions in the Bible which are written in the third person but are credited to the persons who didn’t write those books e.g. “and there Moses died” “and Moses was 120 years old when he died” though Moses didn’t uttered these words but these are referred to be the words of Prophet Moses (Hazrat Musa A.S).

Islam and Christianity (Taj Mahal Hotel, Pakistan):

This is an explanation of three monotheistic Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). He explains how the words Judaism and Christianity derived; he says that these two words are nonexistent in the Bible. The word Judaism was derived from the word Juda or Huda who was the eldest son of Hazrat Yaqub A.S. The word Christianity came into being when the followers of Jesus Christ were called by the opposition as Christian. Deedat further argues the religion of Moses and Jesus was the religion of total submission to God’s will, and the short word for that is Islam. He also states that there is not an iota of difference between the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (Peace be upon them all).

Islam and other Religions:

In this lecture Deedat categorizes the world’s religions into two main groups: Aryan Religions (Hinduism, Buddhism etc.) and Sematic Religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). Deedat argues that from the Muslim point of view the sematic religions have a common origin. according to Islamic believe there is no such thing as Judaism and Christianity. What Moses brought was Islam, what Jesus brought was Islam and what Hazrat Muhammad PBUH brought was Islam (as all of them taught total submission to the will of God and one word in Arabic language for that is “Islam”). He further elaborates how the words Judaism and Christianity came into being.

Islam’s Answers to The New World Order (at Wittebome Civic Centre Rosmead Ave, Wynberg Cape Town on 27th October 1993):

With reference to the verse of Holly Quran (2:251) Deedat explains how Allah maintains balance of power on earth by checking one group of people by another. As an example he discusses the fall of Russia which rushed into Afghanistan and was defeated. After defeat of Russia, America is trying to throw her weight around. All resolutions brought in the United Nations against the illegitimate child of America (Israel), America vetoed them all. Even now if we see around the same attitude of America is in action but Allah has his plans for establishing balance on earth.

Islam the Message of Peace/Truth (Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 21st February 1992):

He discusses what Islam actually means, the prophecy about Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the Bible and how the name of Prophet Muhammad PBUH has been translated/changed. He gives an in-depth explanation of these prophecies. He also explains how Islam answers to the social problems of mankind.

Jesus PBUH and Muhammad PBUH – A comparative study (Bradford, UK 11th August 1988):

During the lecture he gives a description of how the Jesus and Christ were derived from the original Hebrew words Essau and Messiah. Then he gives a detailed comparison of the both the mighty Messengers of God.

Jesus Beloved Prophet of Islam (Tucson, Arizona on 5th November 1986):

In this lectures Deedat says about the status of Jesus Christ (Hazrat Essa A.S) in Islam. He quotes various verses of the Holy Quran which speaks about Jesus Christ (Hazrat Essa A.S.) with love, respect, courtesy and reverence.

Jesus Christ in Christianity and Islam (Wichita State University on 7th November 1986):

In this lecture he provides a comparison of how Jesus Christ (Hazrat Essa A.S.) and his mother Marry (Hazrat Maryam) has been discussed in the Bible and in the Holy Quran.

Jesus Man, Myth or God? (Islamic Cultural Centre, Regents Park Mosque, London on 9th August 1988)

This lecture provides a comprehensive overview of the reality of Jesus Christ (Hazrat Essa A.S.) through references from the Bible and the Holy Quran.

Justice and Equality (Rylands Estate Mosque, Cape Town 2nd July 1989)

Here he teaches about justice in Islam. He urges the Muslims to do justice to Wife, Children, Sisters, Business Partners, and Brothers and so on. He explains how our Prophet Muhammad PBUH did justice throughout his life and got the titles of Al-Sadiq and Al-Amin.

Message of Quran (Islamic Cultural Centre, Regent’s Park Mosque, London in 1988)

In this lecture Deedat stresses on the Quranic Message regarding preaching of Islam. He asks the Muslims to share the Message of Quran with other people and not sit and rest.

Missionary Inroad (Republic of Maldievs on 8th December 1987)

In this lecture Deedat warns the Muslims about the Christian Missionaries who are trying to convert the Muslims to Christianity. He teaches how to get saved from these missionaries.

Muhammad PBUH The Greatest 1 (Al-Khoi Center, New York: Dec 1993)

Muhammad PBUH The Greatest 2 (Karachi, Pakistan)

Muhammad PBUH the Greatest 3:

In these three lectures Deedat discusses the greatness of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH and he gives an overview of the greatness of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and then presents testimonies from the mouths and pens of non-Muslims regarding the greatness of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. He quotes the following: Michael H. Hart (an astronomer and a mathematician) who wrote a book “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History”, James Gavin , US Lt. General (Rt.), Jules Masserman a US Psychoanalyst (Professor of the Chicago University), Thomas Carlyle (one of the greatest thinkers of the 19th Century), Lamartine (French Historian) wrote a book on the decline and fall of roman empire.

Muhammad PBUH the Prophet of Islam and the Bible (University of Geneva 19th March 1987:

Deedat explains the mentioning of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the Bible by name. He also refers to several other verses of the Bible which contains the prophecies regarding our Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Muhammad PBUH the Natural Successor to Christ PBUH:

Deedat explains the relation between Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Jesus Christ was only sent for Bani Israel only as is mentioned in the Bible and the Glorious Quran. Whereas Prophet Muhammad PBUH was sent for all the worlds. He also gives references from the Bible which Jesus Christ himself prophesied about coming of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

New Deceit in Christian Evangelism (Cape Town):

Here Deedat explains about the new techniques that the Christian evangelism has adopted for converting people to Christianity.

Islam’s Answer to the Pope’s Pious Pronouncement (Abdul Aziz Auditorium, Durban, 25th August 1996):

The lecture revolves around the book “crossing the threshold of hope” where pope urged for a dialogue with the Muslims. But pope didn’t respond even after being contacted several times for a dialogue by Deedat.

Pre-Khutbah Talk at the University of Natal (19th March 1993):

Deedat here demonstrates to the students how to do Dawah. He quotes several verses in this lecture regarding the duties that Allah Almighty obligated on this Ummah. He teaches the techniques of preaching of Islam.

The Quran or the Bible which is God’s Word? Preview of Deedat/Shorrosh Debate (Athlone Civil Centre 12th April 1988):

It is a preview to the debate that took place between Deedat and Dr. Shorrosh that took place in UK. He gives detailed information about the referred debate.

The Quran or The Bible Which is God's Word:

This lecture encompasses the authenticity of the scriptures in details by giving references both from Bible and the Glorious Quran. He also explains what actually (in the house of Islam) Torah and Injeel are.

What is Wisdom? (Moola’s Memorial Hall, Durban 25th February 1996):

The lecture is based on the Quranic verse 16:125. Usually the Muslim scholars and other common Muslims quoted this verse to Deedat for criticizing him as if he is not using wisdom in propagation of Islam. He gives a response to such critiques and explains them what wisdom is. The lecture is very informative for those who want to get involved in the Dawah.

What the Bible says about Muhammad:

In this lecture Deedat explains the prophecies pertaining to our Prophet Muhammad PBUH. in this lecture Deedat also gives a detailed overview of Judaism and Christianity.

Deedat On Pakistan Television (Interview):

This is an interview of Ahmad Deedat by PTV. After religious discussion Deedat expresses his deep grievances on the situation of Pakistan at that time. He says that due to the spirit of Islamic State I migrated to Pakistan and settled down in Karachi. But later I got disappointed and went back seven days before Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated. He also showed his reservations regarding ethnicity n Pakistan.

Deedat’s Debate with 11 American Soldiers (19th June 1993):

This is a discussion between Deedat and eleven American soldiers pertaining to the Christianity and the authenticity of Bible.

Should rushdie Die? The Islamic Verdict

This is a thought provoking lecture in which Deedat discloses the reality of rushdie and that where he picked title of his book from. Deedat first gives verdict of the death of rushdie in light of the Verses of the Holy Quran and thereafter explains what filth and dirt rushdie said about west in his book. At the end of lecture he says that rushdie should be spelled as rush die.

Muslim Divorce:

This is a discussion between Christian missionaries and Deedat on the topic of Divorce in Islam. Deedat clarifies that the Muslim in general are not following the rulings of Quran regarding divorce. Allah has revealed the whole Sura in the Quran for guidance of Muslims in the matter but they are not trying to learn it.


though several people reverted to Islam due to debates and lectures of Ahmad Deedat but his main success remains the salvage of Muslims from becoming Christianized in the apartheid South Africa of his time in specific and throughout the world in general and boasting morals of Muslims through enlightening them about the purity and strength of Islam and the weaknesses of other religions.

On 3rd of May 1996 this dynamic bible scholar was struck by stroke that left him completely paralyzed from the neck down. This stroke left him unable to move, speak and eat. however he was able to see and communicate with his ever sharp mind and eye movements identifying abc. During his illness many famous people throughout the world ranging from Government Ministers, TV crews, people from major international networks, leaders of all religious groups, academics, scholars and ordinary people visited him to pay tributes that perhaps no other sick person would have received. amongst them was the most memorable visitor Mr. Attorney Dawood Ngwane (the then head of a catholic church body) who reverted to Islam at the age of 63 after reading the booklet of Deedat “Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction”, but he was never able to have another conversation. Ahmad Deedat the legend of Islamic world after about 9 years of illness passed away on 8th August 2005 leaving tears in the eyes of thousands behind. Though he is not amongst us but his works are still with us in the form of his books/booklets, video lectures and debates enlightening us to the path of inter religious dialogue and propagation of Islam. May Allah Almighty bless his soul with peace and reward him Jannah. Ameen.


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