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English title of the Thirty Seventh Volume of Al-Idah.
DisciplineIslamic Studies, Theology
Double blind
LanguageEnglish, Urdu, Arabic
Edited byRashad Ahmad Saljoq
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Zayed Islamic Center, the University of Peshawar (Pakistan)
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LicenseCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. CC BY
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متعہ كی لغوی تحقیق اورشرعی حیثیت تاریخی تناظر میں

مصنف/مصنفین: خان، دوست محمد، رفیع اللہ

ABSTRACT: This article deals with the issue of temporary marriage or "Mut’a" as is euplicated and regulated by Islamic Shariah in the early days of Islam. Since those particular conditions did not prevail later, hence it became redundant. However, the term "Mut'a" has been used in the Holy Qur'an in multiple ways. Our scholarly interest focuses this particular dimension. Moreover a minor segment of Muslims still practice "Mut'a". However, the Sunni Scholars and followers have stopped practised on it. Iran e. g. still follows this temporary mode of marriage (they may opt to do so) . However, according to Sunni traditions, this practice has been abolished. Hereby a scholarly investigation is done on "Mut'a", its terminology, its history, its background and the particular conditionalities.

قرآن اور علم الجنین

مصنف/مصنفین: محمد، نثار، سلیم الرحمن

We, the Muslims claim that Quran is a miraculous book. Right from the first day of its revelation it has been challenging its opponents. All those who are in doubt about it to be the word of Allah. , have been challenged to produce even a single Surah (chapter) like this. But so far no body could accept this challenge. And it is the greatest miracle of Quran that it has over powered its opponents. With the passage of time new aspects of Quranic miracles were discovered and factuality and righteousness of Quran was proven. With the emergence of experimental and sensory sciences in 20 Century, Quran had to face a new challenge. But here too a new aspect of Quranic miracle was exposed, and that is "the scientific miracles of Quran" Different aspects of Quranic miracles exposed in different periods. This research article will help those researchers who want to understand the miracles of the Holy Quran with special reference b Embryology. Muslim scholars have been written. Different aspects of Quranic miracles exposed in different periods. This research article will help those researchers who want to understand the miracles of the Holy Quran with special reference to Embryology.

غیر مسلم كی شہادت كی شرعی حیثیت

مصنف/مصنفین: احمد، رشید

Abstract: Evidence of non-Musims in Islamic perspective. It is the responsibility of an Islamic state to ensure justice in all walks of life. Islamic law provides justice to all its citizens, irrespective of their race, colour and religion etc. There is a difference of opinion amongst the jurists as to whether a non-Muslim can be a witness for or against a Muslim or not? As for as the matters of giving evidence in favour of or against each other amongst themselves is concerned, so, majority of the jurists say that of is permissible. This research article deals with this issued opinions of the jurists have been presented with their arguments

اسلام اور شاعری

مصنف/مصنفین: فرمان، مرسل، یعقوب خان

Islam offers a complete code of life. It covers all aspects of human life. Literature, Art and Aesthetics are all a very crucial part of man's life. Quran and Hadith have had a revitalizing impact on literature. Besides being the core source of 'the guidance', they are nonetheless significant literary pieces. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself devoted special focus on the development and promotion of various genres of prose like letter-writing, oratory, proverbs, etc. However, poets have been condemned in the Quran. Our Holy Prophet himself has kept a distance from poetry. So interestingly poetry has become a rather controversial literary genre among Muslims. Therefore in this article we make an effort to see the real Islamic perspective regarding poetry and poei in light of its original and primary sources Quran and Hadith.

تہذیب اسلامی كی عالمگیریت

مصنف/مصنفین: کریم، آسیہ

ABSTRACT: Now a days while Globalization has become talk of the street and through the knowledge explosion and media coverage and access it apparently seems that the world has really squeezed into a globe in hand. Before the terminology of Globalization World Order was introduced after the Gulf War. From there onwards different interpretations were presented by the people aiming World Orders, Globalization off which the international hegemony of Super Power is the right one. To achieve the goal of dominating the world and controlling all the resources became the target of Globalization. By this way Globalization became a dangerous weapon for humankind. Therefore protests and demonstrations were seen against the unwanted designs of Globalization. In this article on one hand new meanings of Globalization are introduced and on the other hand the deep rooted constructive aspect of Islamic Globalization is introduced in comparison with Western Globalization. In this way this article presents an interesting study of two civilizations

الشورى في الاسلام

مصنف/مصنفین: اسلام، صاحب

Counseling is a vital pillar of Islamic Shariah by which teachings of Islam are interpreted to solve the modem day problems. It plays a crucial role in highlighting and resolving the collective issues of Muslim Ummah. The West has risen to this power and status because their thinktank body works actively. They have the current situation under their scrutiny and thus hold a guiding light for their nations. It is hightime for the Muslim Ummah to act proactively for the solution of multiple problems being faced by the Muslim Ummah. A think-tank body of the Muslim Ummah may not only unite the Muslim Ummah but it may pave the way for glorifying the Muslim Ummah. Such a think-tank shall give representation to the Muslim scholarly community.

قاسم أمين و دعوته الي تحرير المرأة من خلال ما كتبه

مصنف/مصنفین: حامدہ، بی بی

Qasim Amin was a lawyer as well as great Egyptian personality who promoted his progressive approach towards women’s liberation. He is known as the founder of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Egypt. As he practically initiated the Women Liberation Movement that is why he is regarded as founder-leader of the movement. For this purpose* he wrote and published his three most popular books which are: >. Tahrir-ul-Mara’h (The Liberation of Women) Al-Mara’h — Al-Jadidah (The New Women) r. Al-Misriuoon - Difa-anil-Islam-wal-Muslimeen i. Al-Misriuoon (The Egyptians) Defense from Islam and Muslims) In this article I have tried to highlight his thoughts that are presented in his books

Tales Told by God: Stylistic Peculiarities of Qrua’nic Narratives.

Author: Salam, Abdus
Abstract The religious seminaries (Madaris) 1 of Pakistan have been a hot topic of discussion in the national and international media. These Madaris are reminiscent of the ancient education system of Islam. They attracted people’s attention during the last two decades and especially after the 11th September 2001 incident of New York. Another aspect of interest was their role in the Islamic insurgence (Jihad) waged in various parts of the world particularly in Afghanistan and Kashmir. These institutions impart orthodox education based on centuries old syllabus called Dars-iNizami. The administrators are disinclined to any slight change in the contents of the syllabus thus bringing them to an open conflict with the modem education system and western culture. The Madaris have been divided on the basis of religious sects i. e. Shia, Sunni and Ahl-i-Hadith. Of them Sunnis are further splintered into many sub-sects such as Deobandis, Brelvis, etc. But their adherence to the primitive education, Jihad and abhorrence for the western civilization is almost the same. Despite repeated reference to these Madaris, there are many misconceptions or disinformation about them In the present paper, an attempt has been made to remove these misconceptions and present a true picture. Besides, historical perspective, vital statistics, curricula and problems and prospects have discussed in the paper in hand

Religious Seminiries in Pakistan

Author: Islam, Fakhr ul

Image of Islam Western Media: An Overview of Studies About Portrayal of Islam and Islamic World 1971-2001

Author: Ali, Shahzad, Muhammad Idrees Lodhi
ABSTRACT: This article presents an over view of studies conducted by the various scholars about portrayal of Islam and Islamic world during the time period (1971-2001) . It is claimed that mainstream media of west and US have been disseminating false information about Islamic world since the several decades. Due to the distorted images, developed and manipulated by the media, Islam is the name of negativity in the west. It is generally believed that western and United States mainstream media often misrepresents and inaccurately interprets/portrays Islam, Islamic world and its manifestation. After conducting in depth analysis of various studies regarding portrayal of Islamic world prior the incident of 9/11, it was found that elite media in the United States including the newspapers: Like New York Times and Washington post; the magazines: like Time and News Week, electronic media including: like ABC, CBS, NBS & CNN have been highlighting Islamic world in negative and unfavorable manner. It is said this anti Islamic campaign has reached to enormous proportion with the demise of communism. The that negative image of Islamic country is primarily a conspiracy of American foreign office to invent a new bogy and enemy to fill vacuum created by the collapse of soviet Union and world wide desperation of communism, particularly demise of communism in former USSR

Integration of Madrassh Islamic Seminary Education With Formal Education System in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities

Author: Razaullah
ABSTRACT: Extremism remains the main concern for global security after 9/11 event. Western countries consider the religious intolerance in Muslim countries as a source of prevailing extremism. Pakistani Madaris (seminaries) are considered as a place for indoctrination of extremism and intolerance. The questions need to be addressed that why and how religious students tended towards extremism. The evidence shows that in Pukhtoon Society; the traditional social institutions of Hujra (Community center) and Jumaat (Mosque) relationship is also affected in post Afghan Soviet war. Hujra (Pukhtoon Community centre) which is traditionally the main supporter and financer of Jumaat (Mosquereligious institution) ; now seems to be overpowered by the religious institutions after getting trained and motivated organized Taliban (students of Indigenous Islamic Education System) and financial freedom after Afghan Soviet war. In this paper the question of legal status given to Taliban and their education status by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is discussed. For exploring to answer this question both primary and secondary sources of data are used. The study concluded that no properly defined legal status exists for the millions of Taliban graduates in the state; and the aspired streamlining efforts of Madaris with formal education are non productive and ineffective. Even the supreme court of Pakistan is unanswered about the legal status of these graduates. Legislators elected in 2002 National Election faced cases in Supreme Court of Pakistan of their ineligibility based on the in¬ equivalency of their Madaris Sanad (Degree) to the formal University Degree of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan tried to mainstream Madaris education with formal education system of Pakistan, through changing their curricula which is all time resisted by Madaris. It is concluded at the end of the study of integrating Madaris education with formal education system in vertical arrangement rather than in horizontal or lateral arrangement (change of curriculum and amalgamation of courses etc.) . The approach of Vertical arrangement acknowledge the importance and value of both systems and provide benefits to the stakeholders in large. Different modalities are discussed in this paper.