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English title of the Thirty Seventh Volume of Al-Idah.
DisciplineIslamic Studies, Theology
Double blind
LanguageEnglish, Urdu, Arabic
Edited byRashad Ahmad Saljoq
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Zayed Islamic Center, the University of Peshawar (Pakistan)
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مصادر قانون بطور سند اسلامی اور مغربی اصول قانون كا تحقیقی اور تقابلی جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: الرحمن، حبیب، رشاد احمد سلجوق

Validity of the law depends on its derivation from legitimate sources. The term ‘source’ denotes the norm that validates a law. Western law is based on western legal tradition which is deeply rooted in Roman law and Bible. Statutes is one of the basic source of western law, however, constitution is superior source of western legal system. The sources of Islamic law, unlike to western legal system, are basically divided into primary and secondary sources. This study aims to compare the authority of sources of legal systems, Islam and western, and analyze the objections of orientalists on Islamic law and its sources.

امام خطابی کی غریب الحدیث تعارف، منہج واسلوب اور امتیازی خصوصیات

مصنف/مصنفین: Ayub، Shahzada Imran، Muhammad Ijaz

Imam Khattabi is considered as a glorious scholar of the fourth century. He has written several books in various scholarly traditions. One of them an important book is " Ghareeb ul Hadith;. In this, he has not only interpreted the difficult words but also referred to as Ayaat, Ahadith and verses etc. Then, he also described the jurisprudential commandments existed in these Ayaat and Ahadith. Furthermore, in many places, hadith terms, legal maxims and wisdom of law are also part of this book. This book also holds a significant correlation with knowledge of Imam Khattabi's teachers because he mentioned the ahadith and sayings of scholars with his own chain. Due to these qualities of this book, not only did the scholars of language use it, but also magnificent mohaddiseen, jurists, explainers and researchers have also quoted it in their own books. Of course, it will not be unwise to say that like previous scholars and mohaddiseen this book is also important and need for today's scholars.

تعلیل احادیث صحیحین:امام ابو حاتم وأبو زرعہ كی آراء كا تنقیدی جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: عمران، محمد، فرہاد اللہ

It is unique and high distinction of the Muslim Ummah that they have saved the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) . There have been high profile scholars who had dedicated their lives for the investigation of veracity and authenticity of Ḥadīths. They have been sifting the narrators of Ḥadīths through the myriad of resources to endorse or reject the authenticity of Ḥadīths. Amongst these eminent scholars, Imām Abū Ḥātim and Imām Abū Zur'ah, who made great contribution in the field of Elal Ḥadīth. Both criticized Aḥādīth some of which are quoted in Sahih Imām Bukhārī and Sahih Imām Muslim. Both books have always been taken as an authentic source for the veracity of Aḥādīth. However, they have pointed out a few such aspects which are vital for keeping the veracity and authenticity of Aḥādīth. This article is an attempt to study those Aḥādīth as quoted in the two above mentioned books and were criticized by Imām Abū Ḥātim and Abū Zur’ah in their book Elal Ḥadīths, by comprising with sayings of the concerned scholars. The most accurate aspect has been elaborated.

خاندانی نظام کے استحکام میں رزق حلال کا کردار

مصنف/مصنفین: Akhtar، Naseem، Zia ud Din

Mankind came at this earth with their needs. The basic needs of mankind are food for eating, water for drinking, and for the protection of selves; they need wearing clothes and shelter to safeguard themselves from rain, hot and cold. The responsibility of living is dependent on these essential requirements. Islam teaches mankind to earn lawful food. Many verses and hadiths are related to earning lawful food. Islam is a peaceful religion. Therefore, to earn lawful (Halal) food is appreciated. This is a fact that the economic stability has positive effects on human beings' faith, believe, ethics, character, thinking, thoughts, personality and the system of a family. Whereas the financial instability puts negative effects on people's faith, believe ethics, character, thinking, thoughts, personality and the system of a family. That is why Islam advises mankind for earning lawful (Halal) foodstuff. All those sources are considered unlawful (Haraam) to earn money, which directly affects society or people’s wealth, life, and faith. The lawful (Halah) money (food) motivates the people towards good works and unlawful (Haraam) simulates the mankind to do sinful deeds. Food affects the body, like same the unlawful (Haraam) money (food) affects the soul. Lawful foodstuff produces a spiritual power in people for doing good and righteous and to inculcate give values, respect and importance to every relationship and to the society at large. The aim of this draft to elucidate the importance of lawful money (foodstuff) and its role in the stability of the family system.

اردو میں عربی الفاظ کا املا: اختلافی مباحث کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: خان، ابرار

Arabic language and literature has influenced Urdu language and literature in terms of fonts, grammar as well as orthography. linguists have different opinions about orthography of Arabic words in Urdu. Some of them hold favorable opinion, some have opined against it, while some of the linguists have maintained a balance point of view in terms of orthography. The holy Qur’an is Arabic and perhaps that is the reason Muslims have spiritual affinity with Arabic. But language also sacred the way religion is? Can we relate languages with religion? Moreover, sociolinguistics cannot be ignored and that linguists provides concrete notions based on based on scientific study of languages. in this article, the author has analyzed and discussed the contradictory debates of different academic and applied in Urdu orthography of Arabic words in Urdu. & nbsp;

تحریک قیام پاکستان: سید ابو الاعلی مودودی اور مولانا اشرف علی تھانوی کی فکری مماثلت

مصنف/مصنفین: انور، حافظ ساجد

Syed Abul Ala Moudoodi and Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi were the genii of their time. They influenced political and religious trends of their time. They observed the period of Pakistan movement and struggle for freedom. Though Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi had passed away in 1943 whereas Syed Moudoodi died later in 1979. They belong to a different school of thought but they were coincident in their views about Pakistan movement.

Syed Moudoodi having different political theology had a distinct political agenda. Because Syed Moudoodi was abandoned from Mysticism intentionally and started his political movement on his intellectual and theological thinking. On the other side Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi owing Mystic ideology; abandon from livelihood; though having deep insight in political affairs. This is very authentic that both having the same intellectual ideology; were against Congress and consider her like a poisonous killer. They had envisioned and desire to optimise the weaknesses of the Muslim League.

آیات مجیئت و رحمت کی تشریح میں امام الدلجی کے فنون علمیہ کا جائزہ: مخطوطہ الاصطفاء لبیان معانی الشفاء کی روشنی میں

مصنف/مصنفین: اقبال، وحید، مرسل فرمان

Communication development has made the world a global village. The modern and art education is lasting in this era. Due to this interacting atmosphere of epistemic collaboration takes place. Hence, only international seminars and interfaith dialogues are considered to be the meaningful. Quran as the root source of seerah explained by various interpreters according to their knowledge taste. Imam addalji (died& nbsp; 947 A. H) also interpreted verses of seerah& nbsp; & nbsp; as well as “al-Shifa̅” text in his famous manuscript (“al-Istif a̅’ libaya̅n Ma ̒ a̅ni̅ al-Shifa̅”) in pure cognitive contents. The following research paper reviews the discussions of cognitive contents described under the interpretation of ayat al majeah and rahmat in his Manuscript. The main objective is to focus the reality that Quran is not against the art education in Fact Quran in itself has a very deep educational and artistic values. They can please the research keenness of& nbsp; human intellectual capacity in best way.

الأسس والقرائن المنهجية الحديثية لتحقق العلم بالخبر:دراسة استقرائية في مصادر المصطلح وأقوال النقّاد

مصنف/مصنفین: شاہ، میر اکبر

        The research methodology represents a scientific feature that highlights its manifestations and its fruits according to the nature and results of the methodology; this shows the intellectual contribution and impact on the advancement of human civilization in the scientific field.

 The methodology of Muhaddithin provided an innovative and practical approach about the certainty of narations which they had devised and applied.           The question is: what is the way to document the narrations? To answer this question needs to refer to the books of sciences of Hadith, and when looking at these books shows that they are addressing this issue under different topics.           But the knowledge of narrations in terms of the factors pertaining to certainty is not covered in special sub title, but there are hints scattered in different places in the books of sciences of Hadith. There is still a need to address the issue comprehensively in all aspects relating the factors of certainty, Hence the goal of the research from the next two points 1- Exploration the foundations and factors pertaining to the certainty about the narrations. 2- Highlight the methodological innovation according to Muhaddithin in this regard. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of Methodological Bases and warranting Circumstances for Sunnah Authentication.

نظام التعليم المسجدي في الصين

مصنف/مصنفین: He، Ma

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the leader of all the Prophets, upon his descendants, his disciples, and the ones who follow him to the Day of Judgment. & nbsp; & nbsp; Islam entered China as early as in the first century Hijrah corresponding to the seventh century AD, in the reign of Caliph Othman. From the beginning until current time, ten national minority groups accepted Islam. & nbsp; Chinese Muslim Community is the second biggest Muslim minority group in the world, but tops the chart when it comes to bearing the hardships for Islam. The Mosque in china not used only for prayer, but also a place for Muslims to learn Islamic knowledge, which has played a significant role in consolidation of faith and alleviating hardships. But unluckily most of foreigner Muslim brothers do not know about Mosque education system in china, that’s why I have chosen this topic to provide basic concept about Mosque education (Madrasa) in china. & nbsp; Lastly, I hope this small article would be useful and wish the readers might get the most benefits from it. Inshallah!

أثر السياق في الجمع بين الروايات الحديثية للموضوع الواحد

مصنف/مصنفین: نازش، صائمہ

The Sunnah is a revelation from Allaah, and the Holy Prophet ( peace be upon Him) addressed through it, His companions transferred it to narrators. The Hadith is narrated through many ways, so there is a difference between the words of the HadIth narrated by different narrators. It can not be construed to prove judgment. To understand meanings of different narrations of& nbsp; same Hadith, the correct way is to collect& nbsp; of these narrations, study the words of each narration, contemplation in all ways of speech and the difference of words, weighting among them, and then build a judgment on the most likely narrations through contextual study. This research reveals how Context plays an important role in reaching to correct meaning of the issue, the balance between words, the weightiness of the issue, and the removal of Suspicions.

أساليب المجاز الاستعاري في سورة الأنفال وتوبة ويونس

مصنف/مصنفین: شعیب، محمد، محمد ظاہر شاہ

Rhetoric is a branch of Arabic sciences through which the literal figuration of the Holy Quran can be defined and understood Many scholar have paid close attention to the literal figuration and emphasized on it in every era to discover and find out the literal and eloquent beauties of the meaning of & nbsp; the words of the holy Quran. & nbsp; In this article we have tried to study and find out the literal & nbsp; figuration: its beauties and impacts on readers of the holy Quran especially in suratul- & nbsp; Anfal& nbsp; surah- altaubah and surah younas & nbsp;

نظرات في تعامل الإمام الطبراني مع التفرد في الحديث من خلال كتابه المعجم الأوسط

مصنف/مصنفین: الحق، نور، فتح الرحمن قریشی

The essence of the Hadith of the Holy Prophet (S.AW) is its fame. When there is Tafarud in a Hadith, the scholars scrutinize it with great concern to detect whether Tafarud is incidental or the Ravi has committed some mistake. The status of the Hadith is established on the basis of Tafarud. There is no specific rule or formula for it, rather every Tafarud is decided permanently on the basis of circumstances. In this paper I have mentioned Imam Tabrani way of Tafarud. I have explained different forms of Tafarud in his book Al Mujam-ul- Awsat. I have also explained with example that Tafarud is accepted sometimes wile rejected at others.

المصادر في القراءات القرآنية بين النصب والرفع

مصنف/مصنفین: اکرم، عالیہ

& nbsp; In Arabic language the source from which all nouns and verbs are derived is called & nbsp; (المصدر) . Verbal noun (Al-Masdar: & nbsp; (المصدر& nbsp; is a very important derivative in Arabic. It is a noun derived from the verb to refer to the action or activity implied in the verb, e. g. & nbsp; ((كتابة & nbsp; & nbsp; “writing” as a process- derived from the verb (كتب) to & nbsp; “write”. A verbal noun represents a change in the form of a verb which allows it to be used as a noun in a sentence. Verbal noun is a type of noun which can bear the article (ال) or tanwin & nbsp; & nbsp; (تنوين) and can be declined according to the sentence i. e. nominative, accusative and genitive case. This article deals with the verbal nouns in the Holy Quran that appeared once in the nominative case and in other Qiraat it was read as accusative case. For e. g. (Al-Hamd) is read as nominative and accusative form. الرفع على قراءة حفص: ( الحمدُ لله رب العالمين) و فى قراءة أخرى: ( الحمدَ لله رب العالمين) Likewise other examples are: (سورةٌ أنزلناها) - (سورةً أنزلناها) (سلامٌ عليك) - (سلامًا عليك) Similarly: النصب على قراءة حفص: ( و بالوالدين إحسانًا) و فى قراءة أخرى: ( و بالوالدين إحسانٌ) Thus, the article highlights the semantic treasures embedded in the Qiraat of the Holy-Quran.

Incongruity in Contemporary and Shariah Compliant Current Accounts and Ijarah Operated by Islamic Banking

Author: Ali, Malik Saqib, Abdul Wahab Jan al Azhari
Current accounts and Ijarah has been foremost and important tools operated by the Islamic Financial Institutions. This study attempts to explore a few misgivings in the handling of current accounts by the Islamic banks in Pakistan. Financial management of Islamic banks is not under consideration which leads to the violation of Shariah’s fundamentals. Also in case of Ijarah, a bank’s client suffers from financial losses which must be borne in Islamic Banking system. Islamic Banks transfer the burden of some charges emerging form ownership of leased asset on their clientele which does not have any justification according to Shariah. This research has been carried out by taking unstructured interviews from some of the concerned staff of Islamic Banks. The results depict that current accounts and Ijarah is in operation and need to be revised and refined and must comply with Shariah.

Honour Killing in the Light of Islamic Law and Prevailed Customs in Pakistan

Author: Bilal, Qaisar, Hussain Muhammad
& nbsp; Islamic law consists hundreds of rulings that encourages the trends and cultural norms of a society in one or other. Similarly, it also strongly confine such mannerisms and social traits, though considers righteous and good, which affect the order of society and may the cause of rights exploitation of any gender. & nbsp; Sharia’s Teachings counts it illegitimate & amp; unlawful. “Honour Killing” is one of the prevailed custom across the nation with different local names, extremely brutal act, violating not only sharia’s law but also the reflection of mercilessness and inhumanity. Regrettably, in Pakistan this awful deed is measured as an act of appreciation and is not only regarded likeable and acceptable but also considered a thing to be proud of. & nbsp; This study mainly focus on highlighting the sharia’s rulings about the nature of Honour killings along with disclosing distractions extent of prevailed custom from the main stream of Islamic law coupled with emphasis on administrative loopholes of the conventional justice system of Government of Pakistan in this regard.

Islamic Perspective on Social Welfare

Author: Bangash, Arshad Khan, Jehanzeb
The study was carried out with the core objective about Islamic principles and teachings regarding welfare and its observance in ‘Pakhtun’ society under interpretative methodology of social sciences in ‘Gadhar-Hamza Khan, Shankar and Jamal Garhi’ of District Mardan. For collection of the relevant primary data 30 participants were purposely selected through convenient sampling method and then thoroughly interviewed while using interview guide as tool of data collection. After collection of the data, different themes were derived which were properly analyzed and presented in sequential orders. The study concluded that the most of the participant were lacking enough knowledge about calculation and distribution Zkwāt and ‘Ashr as they used and considered both term terms interchangeably. The study further concluded that priority was given to ‘Ashr rather Zkwāt. Awareness and observance about teachings of Islam in true spirit, inclusion of reading materials in curriculum of schools, colleges and universities, and deliverance of religious sermons by clerics about promotion of welfare activities were presented some of the recommendations.