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This research paper primarily aims to analyze rights of handicapped, disabled and sick persons in light of Seerah of the Prophet (SAW) . He always treated such people with great respect and care. & nbsp; Many steps were taken by him to eliminate sense of deprivation of such people in order to uplift their status as dignified citizen. The Holy Prophet (SAW) used to give preference and extra protocol while interacting with these special persons in comparison with physically normal human beings. He also used to visit sick persons to inquire about their health and to console them and also instructed his followers to do the same. He used to pray for them and taught them supplications to overcome their depression and stress.

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التبىىن كا دوسرا شمارہ حاضر خدمت ہے۔ ملك مىں اس وقت چونكہ كرپشن كى مذمت اور رىاست مدىنہ كے تصور كى حماىت پر بحث جارى ہے اس لىے ہم بھى اس مىں اپنا علمى حصہ ڈالنے كے لىے التبىىن كے تازہ شمارے مىں دو مضامىن شائع كررہے ہىں۔اسى طرح حدىث و سنت، تعليم و تربىت اور تقابل ادىان كے علاوہ اسلام اور عصر حاضر كے عنوان سے تىن عصرى مسائل پر مقالات بھى شامل اشاعت ہىں۔ امىد ہے قارئىن كو ہمارى ىہ كاوش پسند آئے گى۔ ہمىں ان كے تبصرے اور آراء كا انتظار رہے گا۔

مدیرِ اعلیٰ

Islam considers marriage as one of the most virtuous and approved institution. Keeping in view importance of Nikah, Islam has tried to make marriage simple and easy. But in Pakistani society materialistic thinking, lavish expenses on marriage, unwanted customs and idealism has made marriage a herculean task. Due to unemployment, caste clergy, wrong interpretation of “Kufv”, women economic independence, completion of higher education, look after of old parents, responsibilities of young brothers and sisters, dislike for second marriage of widow and divorced, to avoid property distribution or presence of any medical complications late and delayed marriages have become practice of the day. Even some persons avoid marriage and prefer to live an isolated life. This paper is a study of the solution of these hurdles in the light of Seerah.

Islam is a perfect religion and provides solution to all problems. Establishment of old age homes for unattended elders is a contemporary issue. Parents are the backbone part of the family system and they are the major source of the child birth and his/her training for the daily life routine matters. The part which feeds and uplifts the children may also be cared when they are in need of the care.

This research paper is a discussion about the introduction, need, social role and justification of the old age homes. Islam imposes some family social and ethical obligations on the children with respect to the parents in their old lives when they feel the need of some caring persons. Some prohibited and permissible aspects of the old ages have been mentioned in this research paper which will provide the guideline for the positive use of the old age homes as well as the children responsibilities towards the parents in Islamic perspective.

The personality of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SWA) is best role model for the whole humanity as it povides guidance to solve all sorts of problems. One of the issues which is commonly discussed these days among the masses is the marriage between the close relatives, such as cousins, and its effect on the children.

One group of Muslims considers it valid while other holds that it is invalid and harmful. The Arab and non-Arab media as well as social media is active in highlighting these issues and rather disturbing and confusing the innocent people. Similarly, some Islamic scholars argue for the validity and benefits of such type of marriage while some others oppose it and argue that it is harmful for the children of the couple and for the society at large. They also draw support from certain Ahadith. When a dispute arise between various factions of the Muslim society, the only viable solution is to return to the teachings of Quran and authentic narrations of the Prophet (SAW) and his Sunnah. In this article we will analyze both the view points and would try to ascertain the better and preferred option.

Islam is religion of peace and it teaches to be moderate. Islam offers detailed golden rules for leading a life which enables mankind to establish its individual and collective life on moderate and stable bases. Extremism has no connection with any religion; it is a behavior which may develop in any person regardless of cast, creed and color. Islam condemns every ideology that nurtures extremist thoughts against any political or religious group. Extremism paves the way of violence, anarchy and terrorism.  This world would never be an ideal place for mankind until and unless extremism is rooted out completely. There are many reasons behind extremism which include injustice, malice, poverty and unemployment, ego, western tyranny, desecration of Islamic values and ignorance. For exterminating extremism, it is mandatory to establish a society by following the life of Prophet (SAW) as a model. An exemplary society which broadens the individual way of thinking, propagates moderation, teaches to love each other and gives a kinesthetic approach for the respect of humanity. A practical demonstration of inter-sectarian and inter- religious harmony is ardently required. Differences like religious and sectarian, political and social, financial and civic have to be resolved through an enduring and moderate way. A culture of patience, forgiveness, brotherhood, and equality has to be adopted that may help eradicating violence, animosity, inequality, extremism, and terrorism from our society.

It is a critical study of Western Civilization’s interest in the Pax Judaica using the Biblical Eschatology. The Protestant Europe had keen interest in the Holy Land during the crusade wars. In the colonial period Palestine was handed over to the Zionists. Now Israel is a well-established regional power due to the continuous support of USA. The Zionist determinations of expansions lead Israel to become a ruling state of the world having the capital of Jerusalem. Comparing it to the teachings of Islam it will be the New World Order of the False Messiah at the end of times.

Pakistan is an Islamic country. The ideological basis of a Pakistan plays the vital role in the protection and progress of the country which has some particular needs for which the government manage all of the sources and resources and it also train the new generation to enable them to protect the ideological basis of the Pakistan where the curriculum can play the vital role.

It is very important to analyses that what are the particular needs of the ideological basis of the Pakistan and how the educational curriculum can protect and develop the ideological basis of Pakistan? The objective of the study is to analyses the curriculum of Pakistan whether it meets the needs of the ideological basis of the Pakistan or not? This study will be very helpful for the whole community but especially for the curriculum development committees, students and teacher who can understand the important role of the curriculum development to meet the needs of the ideological basis of the Pakistan.

Imam Abu Hanifa was a great jurist. He not only vested his talent, time and energy for the development of Fiqh but he headed a team of scholars for compilation of Fiqh and trained his disciplines for the job. Among his renowned pupils are Imam Abu Yousaf and Imam Muhammad. One of his qualities as a teacher and mentor is that he encouraged dialogue, inter-action and difference of opinions. As a result we see that Imam Abu Yousaf and Imam Muhammad differ from his juristic opinions on many occasions. In this article we would try to analyze the reasons of difference between Imam Abu Hanifa and his disciples Imam Abu Yousaf and Imam Muhammad.