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Title of Al-Tafseer
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Blind Peer Review
Edited byMuhammad Sohail Shafiq
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Majlis e Tafseer, Karachi (Pakistani)
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شیخ سعید حوی اور ان کی تفسیر: ایک مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: الرؤف، عبد، جمیل احمد ننکانی

There are many schools of thoughts about coherence of The Holy Quran. The first school of thought is perceives as a collection of verses revealed in a peace where blocks of topics are randomly placed in surah without specific structure. The second view is that surah is perfectly linked to other coherence and content inside the surah with one another. Third view is that all surah of the Holy Quran is perfectly linked with the second surah of Quran which name is Al Baqarah and the Al Baqarah is linked with the Surah Al Fatihah and the surah Al Fatihah is the main theme of Quran. One of the important proponents of this view is Saeed Hawwa (1935-1989). They perpose the term as nazarya alwahdah almozoeyah alquranyah. This paper argues the principal of understanding the coherence of the Quran and it will not be correctly understand without it. In order to clarify the concept surah al-Baqarah will be used as example to exhibit the coherent model in the Quran. The paper purposed a general frame work for learning the Holy Quran as a model for performing the Alasas Fil Tafseer as a critically important activity related to coherent view of al-Quran.

علامہ اسید الحق قادری بدایونی کی کتاب ”قرآن کی سائنسی تفسیر“: ایک مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: بھدرو، مظہر حسین، محمد عابد ندیم

Allama Usaid-ul-Haq Badayuni (1975-2014) was a great Islamic thinker, researcher and religious scholar. He wrote 14 Islamic books were on academic and research works. 17 books were arranged and prefaced by him. 12 books were translated and reviewed by him. 22 books were completed under his supervision. The book “Quran ki Saainsi Tafseer” (Scientific exegesis of Quran) authored by Allama Usaid-ul-Haq Qadri Badayuni is an educational, scholarly and critically acclaimed masterpiece. A comprehensive explanation and meaning of scientific exegesis are given at the beginning of this book. After that, the opinions of the modem and contemporary scholars regarding the justification and non-justification of the scientific interpretation are presented lucidly. The differences between the Quran and Science and several misinterpretations of the scientific exegesis have also been recorded. The conditions set by Islamic scholars and researchers regarding the justification of scientific exegesis have been explained in the book. This book of Allama Badayuni is a wonderful addition to the chapter of scientific exegesis in terms of research and critics. And this book will be remembered as an academic reference in the history of Indo-Pak. KEYWORDS

ترجمۃ القرآن از عبد السلام بن محمد کے خصائص و ممیزات اور تفسیر القرآن کا تحقیقی مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: فاروق، یاسر

Since the revealing of holy quran, many scholars did lot of services to convey Allah almighty’s message regarding his teachings to human being. Many scholars wrote Quranic exegesis and interpretations, while the other hand hundreds of people translated it into other languages so that people may be able to learn its teaching according to their languages. In subcontinent, shah wali ullah and his sons got primary position by contributing in this regard. They translated holy quran first time in Urdu and Persian. This was the time of need to translate it. After them, a chain of translations and interpretation has been recognized. All of these had many features & characteristics but the translation and interpretation of Abdul Salam bin Muhammad, which we are presenting in this research are more valuable and much better then all. In his translation he secured a huge attention by scholars of Pakistan. Because his translation has many qualities and features i.e. accuracy of meaning, exact meaning of Arabic word, meaning of silent word from text, idiomatic translation, sequence of meaning etc. His interpretation of Quran also has many characteristics and features which highlights it among many other interpretations. In this paper, we’ve presented a research on the methodology of his great translation & interpretations along with their features and qualities

علماء اہلسنت (بریلوی) کی تفاسیر کا اسلوب بیان: ایک جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: شفیق، محمد مدثر، محمد عابد ندیم

The Holy Quran is the first and very important source of Islamic Law. This book was revealed in Arabic language. When Islam spread over the Subcontinent with the passage of time then It was needed to translate this book in the regional languages for the better understanding of Allah's message. The people of this era could not understand the real teaching of Quran without its translation. The Ulema e Ahlesunat (Barelvi) school of thought took participation in the field of Tafseer to convey this holy message to the people of Subcontinent. The intellectual efforts of the scholars of the Ahlesunat (Barelvi) thoughts can be found in every field of Islamic teaching. These Ulema extended their contributions in Islamic teaching through illustration of the Quran. They wrote translations of the Quran in different ages and tried to solve the problems which were raised in this era about Islamic teaching. In this research article the authors analyzed the style of selected Mofasereen of the Ahlesunat( Barelvi's )school of thought

مذہبی اجارہ داری کے انسداد میں مفسرین کی خدمات کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: احمد، حافظ نصیر، محمد نعیم انور

Religious monopoly does exist among all the followers and adherents of various religions. These so-called religious authorities make their personal interpretation of divine scriptures following desires and assume divine authority and declare what is lawful unlawful and unlawful lawful. Owing to assuming all these powers, they have monopolized and hegemonized these religions. The present article that is titled: “The analytical study of the services of Quran interperets in regard of countering the religious monopoly” highlights the contribution of Quran interprets in establishing peaceful society.

تشبہ بالکفار اور قرآنی تعلیمات: ایک تحقیقی جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: دتہ، اللہ

The imitation of Infidels especially with western civilization is becoming a norm and trend of our society. Every Muslim looks like a follower of western civilization. It is quite difficult to differentiate between a Muslim and non-Muslim. There are many Hadiths which stated it ostracized but people object and arise questions about the validity of the Hadiths, and people could not refrain themselves from the imitation of Infidels. So, the standing of Imitation in the underlying article has been explained with the verses of Quran and it has been tried to know the position of the imitation of the infidels with the help of the Holy Quran. Consequently, through this writing, misunderstandings about the issue could be exterminated with the help of the Holy Quran. This will eliminate the bad traditions and customs of the society and Muslims will turn towards Qur'an and Sunnah.

عورت کی ازدواجی حیثیت اور تولیدی صحت سے متعلق تصورات کا تجزیہ

مصنف/مصنفین: ہاشمی، محمد طفیل، مصطفی احمد علوی

The research examines socio-cultural stereo-typed beliefs and customs of Pakistani society regarding women’s conjugal rights and reproductive health. Islamic teachings recognize and ensure both categories of women rights; general and specific. Islam has acknowledged man and woman as equal and equivalent partners of the family system. There mutual cooperation lays the foundation of a peaceful, prosperous and healthy society. According to Islamic injunctions, the socio-economic environment of the society must ensure mutual trust, matrimonial harmony, and respect of rights for both men and women. The social norms need consistent evolution to be conducive to a happy life of individuals. It goes without saying that population growth must go hand in hand with papulation planning while prosperity is directly proportional to proper management of both human and economic resources. The present article analyzes the social stereo-types about women, their conjugal rights, family planning and care for women’s reproductive health, in the light of guidance provided by Qur’an and Sunnah. Islam.

خلع میں شوہر کی رضامندی کے دلائل اور عدالت کا دائرہ اختیار: تجزیاتی مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: اسماعیل، محمد اویس

Islam is an impartial religion and demands justice in every aspect of life. The glimpse of justice of Islam can be seen in the family laws. Islam has prescribed clear guidelines for the unification of family structure and emphasized on it with utmost stress. But even though the conflict between husband and wife reaches to threshold, Islam also has recommended guidelines of separation between husband and wife in a very sensible manner i.e., husband can divorce the wife and similarly wife has the right to attain separation : . (خلع) If woman wants to get separation from her husband, she can exercise her right of (خلع) . Is it necessary to have consent of husband in this process or not? Sometimes husband does not get ready to divorce the wife on her demand and in that case wife approaches court and consequently court orders the separation between husband and wife when husband refuses to divorce. It is to be examined the applicability of the court decision of separation between husband and wife, and the Shari’ah legitimacy of that act. In this regard, scholars are of two opinions; according to the renowned four schools of thoughts, the consent of husband is inevitable in implementation of divorce. But few of the contemporary scholars opined that divorce is operational even without the consent of husband when woman asks for separation. In this research study a detailed analysis is carried out on the opinions of scholars who are of the view that consent of husband is compulsory in implementation of divorce.

قتل غیرت اور اسلامی تعلیمات: فیصل آباد ڈویژن کے تناظر میں: ایک تجزیاتی جائزہ 2016ء تا 2018

مصنف/مصنفین: رمضان، شازیہ، غلام حیدر

Honor killing is the killing of a woman on account of her alleged indulgence in immoral activities. The pretext is the fact that such act has brought disgrace to the honor and reputation of the family. The undercurrents of honor killings cannot be traced back to any religion. Rather, such acts are better justified by understanding social and cultural constructs and often portrayed under the garb of religion. The gender-power dynamics and associated ideologies prevalent in traditional and conservative societies better explain these acts. The salient features of such societies include lack of awareness, lack of access to basic facilities, patriarchy, ignorance, social traditions, absence of rule of law and economic backwardness. The reasons cited by the perpetrators include love marriages, extramarital affairs and alleged involvement in adultery. It is pertinent to mention here that honor killing is the characteristic phenomenon of underdeveloped regions. Such incidents are widespread in South Asia in general and Pakistan in particular even before the colonial times. Honor Killing has been raised internationally by the international agencies and organizations. The global community has been sensitized regarding such heinous activities. There is an increasing emphasis laid on the empowerment of women.

سیرت رسول ﷺ اور انسانیت کا احیاء تہذیبوں کے پیرائے میں

مصنف/مصنفین: طاسین، محمد عامر، محمد جمیل بندھانی

Nowadays, in our present-day interpretations, we call it the era of civilizations. Civilization is not just a system, a way of life and a rule, but it is also a great weapon by which we can conquer our opponents without any economic, social or financial loss. If this weapon is used positively, the conquerors can conquer the parts of the conquered nations as well as their hearts and minds. As is clear, the religion of Islam, which is the most advanced and universal religion, has been revealed by ALLAH for the guidance of the mankind, which has no bounds of any kind. Every person who enters into Islam becomes free from all kinds of discrimination and falsehoods irrespective of any nation, community or region. Therefore, if we try to understand the significance of this subject in the context of the golden age of the Muslims era and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him), then it would be clear that the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) are not only confined to the religious beliefs but in the revival of universal civilization, it also provides awareness to humanity as well as guidance. But first, it is important to know and understand what the prevailing civilization is and how scholars view the general concept of civilization.

عہد رسالت میں مملکت کا بنیادی تصور: ایک تحقیقی جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: باروی، مہربان

A nation is formed by society. A society is a group of individuals, families and tribes. These together form locality which are settled into cities. Combined cities form a Nation. Islam is a way of life revealed for every individual of every nation. Our last prophet ﷺis the role model for the whole humanity. His preaching was based upon the teachings of Holy Quran meant for the welfare of society and individuals. He lays the foundation of Islamic Welfare Estate after arriving to Madina. It helps Muslims to follow the teachings of Islam with freedom. Revolutionary steps were taken for the betterment of education and health issues. The foundation was based on Islamic Ethical Values of society. He developed new and modern strategies for the defense of newly developed estate. He himself rules the estate and society as a jurist and legislator. The pact of Madina shows the institutional, internal and external rules and regulations for the newly born Islamic estate. It is also known as the first ever written pact of all the time in known history.

سماج کے کمزور طبقات کے ساتھ رسول اللہﷺ کا طرز عمل

مصنف/مصنفین: عالم، افتخار

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) exercised an exemplary interaction with the deprived sections of the community. Allah sent him as the blessing for all communities of society. His remarkable behavior with lower class people honored them in Arabian Peninsula. Due to his behaviors, a social equality was developed in society. A good number of non-Muslims were converted into Islam due to his kind treatment. Now-a-days, as we observe our social behaviors, these are not in accordance with the seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). So due to this, a social disorder and many other problems have emerged in society. It is the need of time that we must extract guidance from Seerah of Prophet (SAW).This study is a historical review of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) treatment with poor people. In this aricle, Prophet’s interaction towards weak and lower class of community is described, so that by acting upon these values, we should be able to lessen the social problems which have been caused by our weak behaviors.

صوفیہ کے ملفوظاتی ادب میں معجزہ معراج النبی ﷺ: ایک مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: رحمان، عمارہ، شیر علی

Malfozati literature is significant asset in the cultural and intellectual history of Indo Pak Subcontinent. It not only throws light on the life experiences, thoughts and ideologies of great saints but also deals with intellectuality, economical situations, literary motivations and also the social trends of that era. Miracles appear to prove the authenticity of Prophets and Messengers of Allah. Their study not only strengthens our faith but also highlights different significant and glorious sides of the personality of our Holy Prophet (P. B. U. H) . The present article discusses the Miracles of Prophet (P. B. U. H) specifically the Miracle of Miraaj in the light of malfozati literature as it has much importance next to Quran and Sunnah for understanding the spirit of Islam. Furthermore the process of the Spiritual journeys of the great Saints began with Prophet Muhammad (SAW) spiritual journey i. e. Miraaj.

ماحولیات، جدید چیلنج اور تعلیمات نبوی ﷺ

مصنف/مصنفین: الرحمن، سید عزیز

Life in this world is a continuous test for human beings and man can make this world heaven or hell by his virtue or vice through limitations defined by God (Allah), and pros and cons of human actions and deeds are well narrated in divine teachings. Freedom of will and act has been given to human but the last verdict and destiny is preserved by God (Allah) in both conditions either negative or positive. The test or trial of humans is the purpose of creation of this universe and to understand the trial one needs to look into the relation between human beings & universe. Undoubtedly, human beings are the center of this universe and all creatures are made subservient to them so, clear instructions haven been given in Holy Quran in this regard. By using his unique supremacy over all creatures of this world, man can make them his subservient but by their destructive deeds and acts they are endangering the entire ecosystem. All creatures are it sun, moon or stars are primarily benefitting human beings though the other creatures like animals, plants and birds are also dependent on the viability of the eco system. Any slight change in the movements of stars, sun, and moon can badly effect the entire system like melting of "glaciers", disturbance in frequency of rain, temperatures etc. Unfortunately human beings are disturbing & damaging the entire system by mismanagement and ruthless exploitation of world resources necessary for the stability and existence of the entire system supporting the universe.

فقہی مسائل میں تطبیق: ” کتاب المیزان “ کا تعارف و جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: علی، حافظ ذوالفقار، ہمایوں عباس شمس

Islam teaches that when there is a scholarly disagreement on a certain issue, it is impermissible to condemn a person who follows a position that is different from one's own. Differences in Fiqhi opinions are means of enriching the intellectual landscape of Muslim scholarship. This difference among Islamic jurists and scholars is a source of mercy. The scholars of Fiqh had set several ways in order to control and manage differences among jurists, in hopes of rationalizing the debates and avoid the disadvantages of intolerance. In this regard, Imȃm Sharȃni’s “Kitab-Ul-Mizȃn” is a valuable and seminal work, which comprises and compares the rulings of all Sunni schools of Fiqh as if they were a single school. His concept of mizȃn is the most valuable concept among Tatbeeqi concepts. According to the mizȃn, view differences in Islamic Fiqh are not controversial but all viewpoints are follow able in different circumstances

امام غزالی کے فکری اسفار کا مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: عزیز، خالد

Al-Ghazali has been referred to, by some historians, as the single most influential Muslim after Prophet Muhammad .His work was so highly acclaimed by his contemporaries that he was awarded the honorific title "proof of Islam" (Hujjat al-Islam).Al-Ghazali argued that some fundamen- talists, who perceive philosophy to incompatible with religion, tend to categorically reject all views adopted by 'philosophers' including scientific facts like lunar and solar eclipses, but when later persuaded of a certain view, they tend to blindly accept all other views held by the philosophers. He encouraged people to gain knowledge and was not against modern science, rather he was against the idea of viewing religious faith through the principles of modern science, also brought the orthodox Islam of his time to close contact with Sufism making it increasing possible for individuals to combine the two.

مولانا ابو یوسف محمد شریف محدث کوٹلوی کی خدمات حدیث شریف

مصنف/مصنفین: احمد، مجیب

In this paper, based on the primary sources, an attempt has been made to discuss the contribution and services of Mawlānā Abū Yūsuf Muḥammad Sharīf (d. January 1951) commonly known as Faqīh-i-Ā‘ẓam and Muḥaddith-i-Koṯalwī in the field of Ḥadīth, the second most important source of Islamic Law. Mawlānā Muḥaddith-i-Koṯalwī having a deep insight in the Science of Ḥadīth has written extensively on this facet of Islamic learning. Mawlānā Abū Yūsuf Muḥammad Sharīf Muḥaddith-i-Koṯalwī through his fatāwā, articles, sermons and books done a great service for the Science of Ḥadīth. He has explained the five pillars of Islam and other rituals in the light of different āḥādīth. Being a Ḥanafī ‘ālim, Mawlānā Muḥaddith-i-Koṯalwī also proved that the Fiqh-i-Ḥanafī, the most popular fiqh among the South Asian Muslims, is in accordance with the authentic āḥādīth. He has also discussed the difference between a Ḥadīth and Sunnah.

اسلام اور مغرب میں خاندانی نظام کا تقابلی جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: جبین، بشری، سمیہ رفیق

Family constitutes the foundation of a society and on its strength or weakness lays the strength or weakness of its society. If the family institution is weak nothing else can make up for this weakness. This article is aimed at a comparative review of Islamic and Western concepts of family. The concept of family in Islam, its organization and significance is discussed and compared with diverse family frameworks in West. The Family is a part of the Islamic social order. The society that Islam wants to establish is not a sensate, sex-ridden society. It sets up an ideological society, with a high level of moral awareness. Islam gave the highest moral values to the most astounding position in all its caste and life activities. This research article reveals that despite its present greatness, the entire West is heading towards a disastrous end. The breakdown of Western families is continuing at an alarming speed. Rising divorce rates, without marriage and same sex relationships, physical and sexual diseases, show that the West tops the world.

فیملی بزنس میں زکوۃ کے مسائل اور ان کا حل

مصنف/مصنفین: فاروق، محمد عمر، محمد حسین

There is a high human value to benefit the people, especially by a business person or an organization that contributes to society with his income. This is called "Corporate Social Responsibility" in the business term. On the other hand, considering the teachings of religion Islam, it is clear that Islam is the name of well-wishing for others. Allah Almighty motivates his believers to spend a part of their wealth for the welfare of society , and Zakat is the most prominent one these orders. This research article mentions the zakat issues related to family business. It consists of nine Zakat issues that a family business faces them. During my ongoing research on family businesses, I looked at the problems faced by family businesses and then presented their solutions. During giving solutions to these problems, strong arguments are added to prove That Islam has provided the strongest and best foundation for CSR in the shape of Zakat.

تجارت میں جعل سازی کا بڑھتا ہوا رحجان اور حکومتی ذمے داریاں

مصنف/مصنفین: اللہ، سمیع

Allah Almighty has blessed us with Islam, which contains comprehensive teachings for all the fields of life. It also guides its followers about business & trade. The Islamic Sharia has urged the followers to always speak the truth _ particularly in financial transactions _ and to avoid falsehood, misrepresentation, fraud, deceitfulness etc. The present-day industrial and technological developments have introduced new products and that too on a very large scale. International trade as well as local trade has flourished multifold. But along with all this, many types of fraud have also become rampant. In such circumstances, it is the responsibility of the government to eradicate such evil practices so that the public and consumers are protected . In this article, we will discuss different forms of fraud in trade and the government responsibilities to control them.

لسان العرب کا تعارفی و تحقیقی مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: الدین، عمیر رئیس، سنبل انصار

The dictionaries have played a vital role in understating and preserving any language. Arabic is a Semitic language; it has a large, deep and rich history. The Arabs have always tried to keep the Arabic language safe, but all these efforts were verbal, they did not have a tradition of writing in pre Islamic era. After the Islam they focused on writing and began the writing activities such as: exegesis of Quranic verses, Hadith and explanation of some difficult words used in Quranic verses. In the 2nd century, the first initial stage of Arabic dictionary writing began with the efforts of Al-Khalil, who is considered as a founder of Arabic dictionary writing. After that, language scholars created a great work in promotion of Arabic dictionary. Of these scholars Ibn Manzoor who sacrificed his life for the preserving Arabic language through his writing and research. And his valuable and great benefit book (Lisan-al-Arab) which is considered one of the most important source on said subject. In this Paper, we have presented an introductory and detailed study of his said book, So that Urdu readers can benefit from this scholarly investment.

Evolution of Arabic Literature in Nigeria: Case Study of Tafa’sir

Author: Azeez, Muhammad Ismail Abdul
The article opines about the resemblance of Arabic language in Nigerian society. Since the expansion of Islam to Africa, Arabic language has become the second major spoken language in Muslim African countries. Thus, whenever we talk about Arabic language in Nigeria, it was a major language of Muslim kingdoms in Nigeria mainly in the north-east regions, where Muslims are in majority. The article clearly highlights how in the recent times there have been growing reservations on Arabic as one of Nigeria‟s major language. Moreover, the assailants are also raising questions on the Arabic language written on the Nigerian currency and they frequently debate about its resemblance to Nigerian history. On the other hand, the fact cannot be denied that Nigeria is a secular country mainly encompassing Christians and Muslims living in the country for centuries. The Muslims are mostly Arab influence and regards the Arabic language as sacred while the Christians are mainly Roman Catholics, which are solely inspired from the western traditions. The article clearly indicates that how the individual reservations on mainstreaming of Arabic language is further emboldening the social strata of Nigerian society. In contrast, the article clearly elucidates that Arabic language cannot be dispatched from the history of West Africa especially in case of Nigeria; it is socially and politically deep-rooted in its history.

Stealing, Usury, Wine and Divorce in the Sami Religions of the World

Author: Azam, Muhammad, Muhammad Imran
Haram is an Arabic term meaning unlawful and prohibited. We can use another word forbidden by God for this it tells us what is sinful and prohibited. The three big one religion likes Islam, Christian and Judaism has code of life. So there has been a complete system of Haram. In Judaism it is called Kosher(legal) and nonkosher(Illegal).Islam gives us clear directions about Haram. Christianity and Judaism have also directions about Harm but their followers don not act upon these directions completely. In this article we have proved this with full proof that all those things which prohibited or forbidden in Islam, Many things are also prohibited or forbidden in Christianity and Judaism. Many things are similarly. Haram in these Religious. This article also describes about stealing usury, wine and divorce as Haram in those Religious.

Haq Bakhshish (Marriage to Quran) : A Custom Confused With Religion: A Case Study of Qaisra Sharaz’S Protogonist ‘Zari Bano’ from the Novel Holy Woman

Author: Fatima, Shadab, Tarique
Pakistan is a country whose constitution and legal system is enshrined in the doctrines of Islam while the socio cultural practices are confused. The present study is a case of the protagonist Zari Bano, from the novel Holy Woman. The girl is married to Quran as per a feudal custom Haq Bakshish, and entered in to the life of sterility and celibacy. The course of events have been critically analysed against different Pakistani feminists views which unsnarls the traumatic experience of such custom prevailing in Pakistan specifically in rural Sindh. The study excavates and puts forth the detrimental coalescence of custom and religion, where Zari Bano is made her father‟s legal heiress but robbed off her matrimonial rights. The study highlights how religion is used as a handy tool to persecute woman and authenticate and legitimize feudal and patriarchal oppression. The study discloses Islamic inheritance system and its customary manipulation, psychological dilemma and misogynist attitude of the feudal lords. The study brings forth Shahraz‟s challenge to the feudal and patriarchal order and opens up a way to understand the violence ritualized in such customs and displays that

Religious Education and Community Services: Importance of Islamic Studies Education As Tool for Social Services and Community Welfare

Author: Nisar, Farhat, Aasia Rashid
Throughout the world especially in west the stories concerning the occupation and subsequent siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, around the time of Easter 2001, presented some of the most compelling reasons why religious education needs to make a constructive contribution to community services. Majority of Pakistani culture, communal service is slightly non catalogued as different from daily occasions of life. Here, communal service may take the form in other countries especially in America Europe in the form of guide at church, raising extended blood and non-blood kin, when friends and neighbors are sick sitting in shifts at the hospital, before or after school looking after neighborhood children, bringing cooked meals to community events and funerals, and in the municipal governing processes organizing the community for activism and participation. This paper has highlighted the importance of religious education especially Islamic studies at school, colleges and universities to educate students regarding the need of social services and community welfare. The first part of the paper is about the importance of social services in educational system.

Role of Media in Building an Islamic Society

Author: Wachani, Juliyana Usman, Samina Saeed
Media is regarded as an advanced blessed technology of the era of science and development. However, many Muslims deem it a devilish technology that has diminished the image of Islam before international community. The purpose of this research study is to highlight the positive aspects of media that by the virtue of this technology, religion of Islam is fostering throughout the world in the short span of time. Furthermore the study highlights the tremendous effects of media that are being helpful in building an Islamic society. Finally this study stresses upon Muslims to utilize each expect of this modern technology for making better image of Islam throughout the world.

Soft Power: An Invasion to Pakistani Culture

Author: Bari, Samreen, Rizwana Jabeen
It is easy to count number of cruise missiles, tanks, jet planes, naval war heads and troops but it is difficult to measure the cultural, ideological and Institutional impact of one state on another. The art of using the soft image would help the state to shape the world as per its own desire, consequently help the state to achieve its political, cultural and economic goals. The agenda of disassociating people from their own culture, by promoting and artificially injecting the cultural, political and economic traits or values of one nation, on another can be termed as Soft Power. The bombardment of foreign cultures is not only disturbing, it is also been destroying the homogeneity of the society, leading them towards a state of confusion and chaos, resulting in the disruption of unity and bond amongst them. This kind of ‗Structural Cultural Globalization‘ is actually a ‗Soft Power‘, which is extremely alluring, attracts the negative vibes like a magnet, brainwashes the minds of the masses. The magic formed through Soft Power, is far more appalling, than the intervention of military forces or economic sanctions. This technique has been found to be very effective, as it functions using the divide and rule formula. Key