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Bayān al-Ḥikmah 
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English title of the Bayān al-Ḥikmah.
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Blind Peer Review
LanguageEnglish, Urdu
Edited bySajjad Ali
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Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Mirs, Sindh (Pakistan)
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12 months

The Importance of Emerging Sciences & Technology in the Light of Quran & Prophetic Teachings

Author: Wadho, Karam Hussain
Science and technology is on top position contemporary now it is need of our masses to compare these formulas with holy Quran because Quran is miracle and implementable till the day of Judge ment lot of scientists have benefited by Quran and they also agree up on the excellence of Quran. Hence in this research we have to prove dominancy of Quran over on the science and technology the hints of new inventions and discoveries are available in Quran if we study the Quran deeply we will find in it complete agreement with modern science however it was revealed in that time people were not aware from scientific inventions and they have not know-how of it. Comparatively this time is well advanced period and lot of things invented while concept of these things was present in this sky book I have drawn intention of readers on these points. In this research I would discussed that importance of science and technology specially the sub subjects of the modern science math and statistics geology, astronomy, space sciences, Embryology, Genetics and computer technology. It should be remember that the exposition of this book is also two types scientifically and logically because Quran invites us towards intelligence and wisdom. It is responsibility of scholars to interpret the Quran contemporary because this is not merely ancient book but it is for all times and not for Arabs but for guide line of whole humanity of entire universe. It is challenges itself that no any kind of error or mistake in it foes of Islam tried to find faults but they not succeeded to do so resulting they affirmed dignity of it over on all the books

Excellence of the Holy Qur’an in the Science of Human Behaviour, Psychology

Author: Khan, Saqib Muhammad
The Science of Human Behavior (Psychology) governs every facet of our lifespan. The scope of psychology is so vast that it touches all major disciplines of medical science, social science, cultural studies and humanities. It does not just connect with subjects ranging from mathematics and biology to sociology and philosophy, but its methods and discoveries help other disciplines as well. Psychology influences legal affairs and national policies, yet it primarily deals with the cognition of human nature and its relevance to the respective domain. The article is aimed to elaborate that the comprehension of human behaviour in the illumination of the Holy Qur’an is an essential need in every aspect of life such as; educational activities, social and political institutions, ethical reflection or societal choice and the method of preaching.

External and Internal Factors of Political-Religious Violence and Pakistan’s Role: Unravel Threats for the Security of Modern Islamic State

Author: Khan, Muhammad Kalimullah, Saeed Ahmed
Political scientists and Islamic philosophers have long been discussing the different phenomena of violence. This article analyzes external and internal factor of violence in Pakistan, interpreting the religious and political dimension of the violence. The presence of external and more specifically internal factors are the real threats for the security of the country. Building from theoretical approaches, I fielded two dimensions of the political-religious violence, violence inside the country and outside the country. It is found out, on the one hand, that the both dimensions can be met with the profound enforcement of the law. On the other hand, both dimensions of the violence can be the big contributory factors of violence due to the poor promulgation of the law. Unjust political-religious dispensation inside the country rise the frustration, and outside support make it fertile and leads it towards violence. It is proposed that on equity bases, political-religious deprivation and absolute deprivation of the minority elite class can be disposed of. I also come up with balanced educational system, which should be the blend of traditionalism and modernism for the fulfilment of our spiritual dimension and for the greater understanding of our political-religious outlook.

توہین رسالت، خدشات، اعتراضات اور اس کے جوابات

مصنف/مصنفین: آغا، سید باچا

Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Mein to protect the belief in the finality of prophet hood of Muhammad based on the universally accepted Islamic concept of Khatam an-Nabiyyin. “Khatm-e-Nabuwwat is the base and pillar of faith. No Muslim can compromise on a Khatm-e-Nabuwwat matter – it is a sin to even consider it,”. “There is a law in Pakistan which is a part of our beliefs. As Muslims, we love Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) more than our own parents. What will do if someone abuses anyone’s mother? This is a part of our belief. Every drop of our blood is filled with love for the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him)”. “The reason why we don’t want Pakistan’s blasphemy law to be abolished is because if someone, Allah forbid, insults our Prophet (Peace Be upon Him), we have the law to take care of them. Muslims want the UN to implement a similar law internationally.” Anyone who Insult the prophet, the Government will give the punishment to him, so it is clear that wajib-ul-qatl (liable to be murdered) fatwas and punishment shouldn’t be given by anyone and everyone.However In this paper discussed about the Prophetic Insulting, concerns, objections and answers.

تحریف قرآن پر عقلی و نقلی دلائل کا تنقیدی جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: رئیسی، سجاد علی

The Holy Quran is the last divine book. The entire Muslim world has consensus that Quran is the divine book with no possibility of Tahreef (distortion) in it. Tahreef (Short comings) stands for missing of any part or textual variation etc. None of the sects of Islam accepts the concept of Tahrif in Quran. However, some individuals in every period do appear who propagate and advocate the concept of Tahreef in the Holy Quran. Their standing is based on weak narration such narrations and traditions are very weak and without any proper legacy. Relying on them is against the accepted norms of Hadith and traditions. Some orientlists in the historic perspective , But the Muslim Ummah stand united with total consensus  since the era of Caliphate till today that there is no variation, shortcomings change (Tehreef) in the Holy Quran and all such concepts are misguiding and worthless.

”غض بصر“ کا اطلاقی پہلو قرآن و حدیث کی روشنی میں

مصنف/مصنفین: گلال، نثار احمد

God has sent many messengers time to time for the guidance of human beings in leading the life and life related affairs. God revealed Holy Book (Quran Majeed) upon our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). In Quran Majeed, many rules and principles for leading human beings life are mentioned. Amongst these rules and principles, one important principle (Gaze Baser) is to protect sights. If we act upon this mentioned principle of protecting the sights (eyes) there our society will be protected from various evils.  It is important for a member to observe a cleaner society. This is clear from the Qur'an and Hadith. The bad theory is a great sin.

ظہرین کے اوقات میں اشتراکات: اسلام کے پانچ بڑے فقہی مکاتب فکر کے تناظر میں

مصنف/مصنفین: حسین، جابر

Islam came up with unity, peace, progress and prosperity. After the demise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), due to the political situation, social trends and sectarianism, the basic teachings were not fully followed and there came changes in the implementation of Islamic universal principle of unity. Minor differences among the Islamic sects were given more importance day by day rather than the Islamic universal principles. As a result Muslims could not remain united at least about the mutual common points to keep Muslim society united, consequently Muslims failed to protect their gratitude and dignity.

This article is a humble effort to bring forth the existing commonalities in the timings of Zohr and Asr prayers according to the Islamic major school of thoughts. It may play an important role to bring a kind of unity, peace and patience among the Muslims.

دعوت الی اللہ کے اصول قرآن کی نظر میں

مصنف/مصنفین: شر، اسرار احمد

The basic purpose of the creation of man is attainment the recognition of Allah. But when man starts his material life, he forgets the original and real purpose of his creation and this chain is continue from the history of humanity. The Satan (Devil) has carried the task to mislead the man so that’s why Allah Almighty has not left man alone and support less, but He appointed His special and selective servants for the guidance of human beings.

The duty and responsibility of those selective servants of Allah, is to show the right and straight path to human beings. All humans have different natures and moods, so Allah Almighty has taught His Prophets to guide the people according to their nature. Allah Almighty has taught them different ways to call the people towards Him. The prophets acted upon the method which they learnt from their real teacher (Allah) and kept preaching and calling the human beings towards their real purpose of life and the right path.

آداب معاشرت، سورة حجرات کی گیارهویں اور بارهویں آیات کے تناظر میں

مصنف/مصنفین: ہاشمی، جواد حیدر

Human being is a social animal which cannot live an isolated life. However, to lead a collectivistic life observation of few etiquettes and rules is mandatory upon him. If these rules are not respected, then many complications and sufferings arise in the society; therefore, Allah Almighty teaches the etiquettes of social life to human being. Following these protocols will not only prevent mutual clashes amongst each other but by honoring mutual respect one can also serve the community well. A model society can be formed in this way, where alongside life and property, esteem and dignity of each individual is also safe.

In this paper, analysis on Allah Almighty’s rulings over protection of individual’s honor and dignity in a society in the light of verse number 11 and 12 of Surah Al-Hujrat has been presented. These rulings pertain to mockery, denunciation, abuse, disaffection, suspicion and backbite.

ایسر التفاسیر اور اضواء البیان فی تفسیر القرآن کا تقابلی مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: آریجو، زین العابدین

This study is based on comparative analyses of two exegesis of the Quran at the present time. The purpose of the study is to provide an insight with critical reviews on both the exegesis in order to befittingly use them in practical teaching and learning about the religion of Islam. Comparative analyses are followed by the set of suggestions constructed on the findings of the analyses. The approach of the study is qualitative. The findings showed the major distinctions between both the books. It is evaluated that the exegeses by Abu Bakar al jazairi is most appropriate for the students at the basic level in order to provide them a complete structure of divine laws and their understanding. The other exegeses by Muhammad Ameen Shanqeetiis best recommended for the scholarly understanding of the interested religious learners as it is full of complicated conceptual discussion.

تابوت سکینہ کی تلاش کا سبب

مصنف/مصنفین: رضوی، سیدہ شمائلہ رباب

It is description/discussion of an enigmatic miraculous covenant. It is 4000 years old and still important. Owing to Day of Judgment it has been found with zeal zest. From Hazrat Adam (A.S) to Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) it was part and parcel of every prophet. Allah also describe in the Holy Quran If was present with every Prophet that’s why it contained with/teemed with symbols of Prophets. For placing this covenant Haikal Sulaimani was established. This covenant not only important for Christian and Jews but also significant for Muslims. It is a miraculous covenant which is made of wood and gold but it is symbol of victory and success for the people of Bani Israel. Because whenever this covenant was present in the war with Bani Israel they attained victory. For that content in this present era Bani Israel has given it a religious status. Because they want to achieve their spiritual power after attaining this miraculous covenant. It was revealed that people of Bani Israel got comfort from it. It is the sole reason to call it “Taboot-e-Sakina”. It was used to take important decision but due to disrespect and disobedience it was snatched from them. For getting it back they are still in struggle. Those who acquired it forcefully they became ill in malignant diseases. Now a day’s all countries of the world try to find, but according to a saying of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W), “It is present in a cave at Turkey”. And it will be extracted by Imam Mehdi (A.S) and He will enforce rule of justice.

جنگ، جہاد اور قتل

مصنف/مصنفین: پروین، راشدہ

Keeping in view the wave of terrorism especially in the Muslim world during the past couple of decades, the most debated topic, particularly by western media, has been the concept of Jihad in Islam. The topic has largely been misinterpreted probably to malign grand sprit and concept of Jihad in Islam. The word “Jihad” in contemporary world is translated as ‘Holy War’ which does not exist in Islamic believes. Despite the fact that Jihad literally means ‘struggle’ or ‘striving’ and a very broad concept in Islam, it is generally misunderstood in western world and confined to a warfare and armed struggle against non-believers (non-Muslim). In Holy Qur’an it is a word that is distinct from ‘qitaal’, which means armed conflict. But, unfortunately ‘Jihad’ despite of being a generalized word, is being taken more like ‘qitaal’ a very distinct and specific term in nature

فتنہ انکار حدیث کا ایک جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: میمن، فرحانہ پروین

In our society there is particular group of people, who spread fallacies propagandas and misunderstandings about Hadith in different ways though, Hadith of Holy prophet (PBUH) has second most important place in Islamic law, after Holy Quran, and this belief is firm and undisputed from beginning of Islam But in every era, there were and are such groups of people in Muslim ummah, who neglected the authenticity of Hadith and they always tried to create such doubts in minds of Muslims about Hadith, sometimes for political purposes and sometimes for materialistic advantages and benefits.

   Muhadseen-e-Ikram, Mufasreen and other great scholars of Muslim world played an important role to defend Hadith and eliminate this affliction and sedition It is undoubtful fact that the religion Islam depends on both Holy Quran and Hadith, so it is duty of every Muslim to believe in truthfulness and authenticity of Hadith, and do not give any place to doubts in mind about Hadith

قرآنی طرز زندگی کے مطابق قیادت و رہبریت کی شرائط

مصنف/مصنفین: زاہدی، زاہد علی

The Quran is the last Holy Book of Almighty Allah which is proper guidance in which all the orders of God are mentioned to solve the socio-economic problems and others. The proper guidance and leadership is a basic need of society therefore clear guidance has been mentioned in the Holy Quran. The aim of this article is to find out the proper factors for proper guidance and proper leadership in the light of Holy Book (Quran). When we recite the Holy Quran and go through it, we easily find out so many verses in regard of guidance and leadership. If we summarize it, then we reach at five attributes of it. The first attribute is Faith which is necessary for every responsibility. Second is knowledge, as mentioned in the Holy Quran that without knowledge men is blind. Third factor is bravery which is also necessary for guidance and proper leadership and fourth attribute is good ethics and proper remedy, it means proper ability and proper quality which is also essential to fulfill the responsibilities. Fifth attribute is essence of all attributes that is Taqwa /righteousness. It means all attribute are essential for proper guidance and leadership which is basic need of taqwa/righteousness and based on humbleness, broadness, judicial mind, obedience of law, patience and on religious character. To whom the Quran gives guidance and shows straight path, such person posses all the skills, like pious persons must have.