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Islamabad Islamicus 
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English title of Islamabad Islamicus.
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Double blind
LanguageEnglish, Urdu, Arabic
Edited byMuhammad Zafar Iqbal
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The University of Islamabad (Pakistan)
Frequency2 issues per year
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تعمیر شخصیت کے بنیادی اصول قرآن و سنت کی روشنی میں

مصنف/مصنفین: گوہر، محمد فرقان

Considering the context of this sermon one can see how Hazrat has adapted to the general tendencies of society. Where people are completely immersed in worldlinees. Today our situation is that every one is engaged in the pursuit of wealth and the worldliness has become the target of all. Hazrat Ali (RA) introduced the Quran as a guide in such a case. Calling Quran the book of life ,he called it a solution of all the problems of the human society.

فلاحی ریاست میں اقلیتوں کے حقوق کی پاسداری: ریاست مدینہ کے تناظر میں

مصنف/مصنفین: Allah، Irshad ul، Abdul Majeed

Islam is religion of humanity that wants us to behave good to others and has nothing to negate the rights of others.Minorities also have their legal rights in a welfare society,which makes itself an examplary society.Islam is a religion that negates violence.The rights of minorities can be traced in islamic society by many saying of Holy Prophet ﷺ.Holy Prophet ﷺ always advised muslims to treat the minorities kindly.Whatever the deligation of minorities came, Prophet ﷺ hosted himself.In the same way,when a deligation came from Najran, Prophet ﷺ not only hosted but allowed them to worship in Masjid al Nabi according to their own religion.In the light of ordinance of Prophet ﷺ,even fourteen centuries have passed but minorities are being given their rights.According to the law and order of a welfare state,minorities must be given their rights.In this article,the rights of minorities in a welfare state are tried to discuss.

عہد نبوی میں مذہبی تعلیم کے رجحانات کا تحقیقی مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: Ahmad، Nisar، Rehana Kanwal

Education is a very important aspect of human life. Muslims were strongly believed on Religious Education. It was considered mandatory for spiritually life here in this world and here after. This article “Research Study of Religious Education Trends in the Prophet (PBUH) Era” introduces the concept of “education” with its definition from Oxford Dictionary and by Muslims philosophers. The “Education System” is also defined with its main components and its objectives in the light of sayings by various Muslim intellectuals. Then, the education system in the Prophet (PBUH) Era is discussed in detail. The role of Prophet (PBUH) and his companions and their effects are also discussed. It also studies the main objectives of Religious Education, its curriculum, the role of Mosque and the relation between teacher and student. Lastly, the current education system of Pakistan is analyzed critically and a few suggestions are given to make it a better one.

تعلیم نسواں: اسلامی روایت اور عصری تحدیات

مصنف/مصنفین: اقبال، ظفر، حافظ محمد نوید

Religion Islam has given equal rights to men and women in the field of education. For men education was compulsory and women were encouraged to seek education. Both males and females have been referred to using polygamous section for education while women are often encouraged and especially emphasized. The Prophet(SAW)arranged special seats for the gender critical in order to highlight the importance of women education. That was way the passion for special education in women grew so much that women discussed global issues with men and solved to reject men’s judgement .It was the influence of this academic moment that many Muslim women not only made a name for themselves, but also wrote books on various research topic in the field of Hadith ,Commentary ,Iftaa and many other Sciences .Thanks for this global revolution Muslim rulers not only provided a learning environment for their children but also established large educational institutions for ordinary women. The astonishing thing is that despite this wonderful past today Muslims are unable to provide a safe and secure opportunity for education to women.

شہد کی اہمیت تاریخ، تہذیب اور طب کی روشنی میں تحقیقی مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: چنہ، فیاض احمد، منیر احمد خان

Honey is one of the oldest and best sweetening agents for foods over the centuries. It is made up of a vast amount of different compounds that can be of nutritional and health benefits. . Thus, the use of honey either as a food or an alternative medicine in the treatment of different disorders is safe, beneficial and free from side effects, honey as food or medicine is advantageous without any hazardous effect. This study has been carried out this subject in order to highlight the importance of honey and its benefits to humanity.

نفع کی شرعی حد

مصنف/مصنفین: اسلم، حافظ محمد، ماجد نواز ملک

Human have a natural instinct and tendency to seek profit. Being Prepared for any hard work without it is an afterthought .Offend a glimpse Islamic rules and its features to fulfill the aspiration of acquisition .Has advocated certain dimensions of oppression and deception.e.g,purchase commodities out of the city through stock picked commercial convince and the specialist citizen trader selling the goods to the villagers at cheap prices and the principles to supply and demand is explained and all the cases in which supply and demand are raised by artificial crises is described , while the Fatwa of Saudi Arabic permanent fatwa committee is also included in the international fatwa center.

دراسة الرتبة النحوية في الجملة القرآنية

مصنف/مصنفین: الأزهري، شفاقت علی

The Syntactical Study of the Quranic Phraseology Arabic language renders primal focus on syntactical placement of words in a sentence id est each constituent of the sentence contains some specific placement which connotes the propriety of the sentence and it plays a vital role in its structural unity. It ought to be kept in mind that ancient syntacticians had unanimously concluded the primal role of specific placement. They highlighted its various forms as in some conditions constituents of a sentence can be replaced from its specific structural placement, for instance, object is placed in place of subject as in “ jaa ni alqom”( جاءني القوم) the people came to me. While in some other cases and conditions such replacement is not admissible and if such re-structure is made, it will dilute the connotation, for instance, the positions of conjunctive pronoun before the principal clause, adjective with noun, possessive noun with the noun-possession and the conditional clause with the sub-ordinate clause are not admissible otherwise all these re-placement of the constituents in a sentence will cause the deformation of structure and implications.

CRM Capability to Model Firm Performance: Through Mediation of Supply Chain Integration and SCMC

Author: Tahir, Muhammad, Amer Rajput
Companies have reacted to the apparent opportunities and threats of globalization through various global production practices that have increased supply chain complexity and various risks. In this complex situation delighted customers are backbone of the firm. To fulfill customer expectation and to enhance market and financial performance firms seek competitive capabilities. How firm knows that our customers are delighted they have started CRM practices to in order to interact with current and future customers. In a situation, The impact of CRM capability on firm performance is required to be investigated with mediation of SCI and SCMC. Based on 132 respondents cross sectional primary data about SCI and SCMC the results shows that SCMC impact the firm performance more than SCI. The result shows the partial and perfect mediation among study variables. This study makes some important contributions in existing literature of customer relationship and supply chain, by empirically testing the mediating role of SCI and SCMC between the relationship of CRM capability and firm performance. Managerial implications along with future directions are offered.

Politics of Confession: A Political Reading of Coetzee’s Disgrace

Author: Ahmad, Naveed, Amtul Hadia
The use of religious models in political arena has been a vital tool in the hands of politicians in order to achieve secular objectives, unattainable otherwise. In current research several Confessional features are discussed, with particular emphasis on political confession where a religious practice (confession) is maneuvered to support political acrobats in South African post-apartheid politics. The research evaluates the authenticity of confessional model introduced in South African Truth and reconciliation commission (TRC); a post-apartheid political practice. Current research gauges the relationship of confession and forgiveness in South African context in the light of Coetzee’s Disgrace. The authenticity of contrition is discussed which is the pivotal element in this whole process. This paper evaluates TRC in reference to justice and the grant of amnesty to the violators of gross human rights, how justice is abrogated in order to bring reconciliation. The way TRC attached reconciliation to forgiveness was wrong in its very roots.