سد الذرائع حقيقته ونماذج من تطبيقاته المعاصرة

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مجلہ البصیرۃ
عنوان سد الذرائع حقيقته ونماذج من تطبيقاته المعاصرة
انگریزی عنوان
Prevention: its Meaning and Examples from the Contemporary Applications
مصنف Rahman، Ata ur، جانس خان
جلد 4
شمارہ 2
سال 2015
صفحات 227-249
مکمل مقالہ Crystal Clear mimetype pdf.png
یو آر آیل
کلیدی الفاظ
Sadd al-Dharā’i‘, Modern Challenges, Solution, Sharī‘ah, Objectives of Sharī‘ah, Application
شکاگو 16 Rahman، Ata ur، جانس خان۔ "سد الذرائع حقيقته ونماذج من تطبيقاته المعاصرة۔" البصیرۃ 4, شمارہ۔ 2 (2015)۔


Today’s world is a global village. Societies affect each other far deeper and faster than ever. New problems are sprouting with every coming day. We feel that the cultural issues are the most significant ones in this context. The question is how we should deal with these problems. To us, the solution lies in the concept of Sadd al-Dharā’i‘(prevention) , one of the instruments of Sharī‘ah (Islamic Law) . Such is its importance as all the four schools of thought are of the same opinion about its scope. A cultural change if drives Muslims away from the objectives of Sharī‘ah, it will have to be stopped or altered to suit the objectives, but if it leads to something good without damaging the objectives of Sharī‘ah, it will be accepted. New problems are multifarious. We need to bring ijtihād into practice and solve such problems. This research article discusses the concept of Sadd al-Dharā’i‘(prevention.) , its meaning, definition, and scope. It also discusses different opinions of scholars. The author of this paper, then, deliberates its use for its applications to solve the new problems being faced by the Muslims across the world.

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