Al-Iqaz Research Journal

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Al-Iqaz Research Journal 
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Title of Al-Iqaz Research Journal
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Arabic Language and Literature
Double Blind Peer Review
Edited byMuhammad Ismail
Publication details
Social Sciences Research Consultancy Services is a registered company under Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan. (Pakistani)
Open Access
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ISSN2790-2323 (print)
2790-2331 (web)
Quarterly (4 issues per year) weeks

ĀL-ĒEQĀẒ Research Journal (الإيقاظ) is an International, Quarterly, Tri-lingual (Urdu, Arabic, and English) , Open Access, Multidisciplinary and Double-Blind Peer-Review Journal in the discipline of Islamic Studies, Arabic Linguistics & Literature and Social Sciences has been launched by Social Sciences Research Consultancy (SSRC) Islamabad.

Published Issues


Aims & Scope

L EEQAZ aims is to deliver a platform to academic researchers, teachers and students to share their efforts and circulate their results to promote research in the field of Arabic Linguistics & Literature and Islamic Studies, through providing opportunities for print and online access to quality material for all those who are interested in research. The score and goal of journal is to awakening and highlight the Islamic concepts to answer the questions and to find solutions of different issues arising in modern era in the light of Shariah.


AL EEQAZ is an interdisciplinary Quarterly journal focuses on Islamic & Arabic Studies and Social Sciences that seek to publish arbitrated articles dealing with various aspects of life. It covers various branches of knowledge such as Quran Sciences, Hadith Sciences, Principles of Jurisprudence, Comparative Religions, Theology, Mysticism, Philosophy, History, Culture and Civilization, Law, Politics, Economics, Anthropology, Education, Human rights, contemporary issues in Islamic perspective as well as Arabic Language and Literature etc. So the Journal welcomes and provides a platform to post graduate students, scholars, professors to publish their valuable research on current issues. International perspective is also reflected by the Journal’s trilingual approach as it welcomes research papers in Urdu, Arabic and English.

Contact Info

Social Sciences Research Consultancy (SSRC) , SMC-Private Limited, Islamabad- Pakistan.

Principal Contact

Dr. Muhammad Ismail

Chief Editor AL-EEQAZ Research Journal

editor. aleeqaz@gmail. com

Support Contact

Dr. Hafiz Abdul Hayee

aleeqazresearchjournal@gmail. com