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Islamabad Islamicus 
File:Islamabad Islamicus Title.jpg
English title of Islamabad Islamicus.
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Double blind
LanguageEnglish, Urdu, Arabic
Edited byMuhammad Zafar Iqbal
Publication details
The University of Islamabad (Pakistan)
Frequency2 issues per year
Open Access
ISO 4Find out here
ISSN2707-7225 (print)
2707-7233 (web)
24 Weeks

Islamabad Islamicus is a research journal publishing from the University of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Published Issues





The aim of Islamabad Islamicus is to deliver a platform to academic researchers, teachers and students to share their efforts and circulate their results to promote research in the field of Islamic Studies, through providing opportunities for print and online access to quality material for all those who are interested in research regarding religious sciences. The purpose and goal of journal is to highlight Islamic concepts to answer the questions and to find solutions of different issues arising in modern era in the light of Shariah.


Islamabad Islamicus is an interdisciplinary biannual journal focuses on religious studies that seek to publish arbitrated articles dealing with various aspects of life. It covers various branches of knowledge such as Uloom-ul-Quran, Uloom-ul-Hadith, Usool-e-Fiqh, Comparative Religions, Ilm-ul-Kalam, Sufiism, Philosophy, History, Culture and Civilization, Law, Politics, Economics, Anthropology, Education, Human rights, contemporary issues in Islamic perspective as well as Arabic language and Literature etc. The Journal accepts articles in three Languages (Urdu, Arabic & English). It seeks to establish a scholarly relationship between academic and intellectual communities of the world in the field of Religious Studies. Islamabad Islamicus is print and online research journal published by The University of Islamabad. The journal provides a platform to post graduate students, scholars, professors to publish their valuable research on current issues. It welcomes research papers in Urdu, English and Arabic.


Research Journal Islamabad Islamicus, was started in Jan-2018. It is a peer reviewed journal and is published biannually by the University of Islamabad under the patron in Peer Syed Naveed ul Hassan. Its mission is to appreciate brilliant scholarly research in Islamic thought. Islamabad Islamicus not only encourages authors to be creative, but also attempts to motivate and guide readers to be inquisitive, creative and critical in approach.

Review Policy

To ensure the excellence the publication of the article in Islamabad Islamicus is subjected to complete, thorough, comprehensive and confidential review. The review is made by independent and competent religious scholars who give their recommendations on the article being presented for publication.

Selection of Reviewers

A careful selection of national and international reviewers is made keeping in view their area of research. To get an unbiased review, the names of reviewers are kept confidential. All works submitted for publication are reviewed objectively without regard to authors’ race, gender, religious view, ethnicity, citizenship, political tendency, age and reputation.

Ethical Policy

Approval of an article to be published in Islamabad Islamicus will be subjected to the following conditions: Article must not contribute to hate literature, extremism, sectarianism and anti-state views. Author is agreed on the content of the article and on its submission to the journal. The article, partially or completely, has not been published before, in any language. An article submitted to Islamabad Islamicus for publication must not be submitted to another journal during the review process. If a draft submitted to Islamabad Islamicus includes figures, tables or long text blocks that have been published before, the author is responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright owners. All copyrighted elements should be specified appropriately in the draft submitted to Islamabad Islamicus.

Privacy Policy

The information and opinions given by the reviewers during the review process are all kept confidential and are never used for the advantage of someone. The submission of an article, as a special presentation, is kept confidential completely. Before the publication of an article, the reviewers and editor cannot utilize the data, ideas or subjects without permission of the author.

Letter of Acceptance

A letter of acceptance can be issued by the editor on request to the author after positive reviews from all the reviewers.