Muhammad Tahir Malik

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Muhammad Tahir Malik (Urdu: محمد طاہر ملک) is a Senior Researcher (MS, Islamic Law, Org. Leadership) in the National University of Modern Languages. He is also an Advocate in the Islamabad Bar Association, Pakistan.

Articles in Asian Research Index

Title Journal Volume Issue Year Pages
Islamic Work Ethics With Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Knowledge Sharing Behaviors and Organizational Commitment: A Study on AJK Colleges Islamabad Islamicus 1 1 2018 1-12
دینی مدارس اور مفکرین کی آراء Al-Idah 31 2 2015 77-92
Principles of Effective Management according to Quran and Sunnah Al-Idah 33 2 2016 102-110