Nuqtah Journal of Theological Studies

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Nuqtah Journal of Theological Studies 
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Title of Nuqtah Journal of Theological Studies
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Islamic History
Interfaith Relations
Peer Review
Edited byShumaila Majeed
Publication details
Resurgence Academic and Research Institute Private Limited (Pakistani)
Open Access
ISO 4Find out here
ISSN2790-5330 (print)
2790-5349 (web)
Semi Anuallay weeks

Nuqtah Journal of Theological Studies is a double-blind peer-reviewed, multilingual (English, Urdu, and Arabic) research journal by Resurgence Academic and Research Institute (Pvt limited) . It is published bi-annually in both print and online modes with open access. The Journal comprises research areas related to Islamic Studies and associated disciplines i. e Quran and its Sciences, Hadith and its Sciences, Muslim Jurisprudence, Biography of Prophet PBUH, Muslim History, Interfaith relations as well as Islamic perspectives on social, political, economic, educational, and international matters. Thus the scope of the journal covers a wide range of areas that could be related to different disciplines of Islam, Muslim theology, Spirituality, Book review on recently published scholarly works (related to the domain of Islamic Studies) , Arabic literature, Contemporary challenges, and their solutions in the light of Islam. The journal has been launched to provide scholarly contributions for the benefit of researchers and readers alike. Given the prevailing situation across the globe, there is a dire need to bring to the fore the different areas of Islamic teachings together with their accurate context to dispel the widespread misapprehensions about Islam. To realize its objectives, the journal encourages scholars from both Pakistan and across the world to contribute with their valuable researches in the relevant fields. No effort is spared to ensure that only genuine and quality articles are published in the journal after going through a meticulous and bias-free process. Researchers are advised to refer to the guidelines before submitting their work.

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Aims & Scope

Nuqtah Journal of Theological Studies is devoted to the academic Articles of Islamic Sciences to endorse the exchange of views and healthy dialogue while deriving research findings. The scope and objective of the Journal are to deliver an enhanced understanding of Islamic thoughts through a reliable source of information. It aims to communicate original researches and current issues on the subject. The journal will be synergetic for the researchers to the contemporary developments in various fields of Islamic Studies. It is intended to publish quality academic papers and make them accessible to researchers worldwide. As a rich source of original research publications in the field of Islamic sciences, Nuqtahjts is invaluable for authors, readers, reviewers, teachers, students, and librarians simultaneously.

Contact Info

Editor: Dr. Shumaila Majeed

Resurgence Academic and Research Institute Private Limited,

18/12, Zafar Ali Road Sialkot Cant, Sialkot(51310) , Pakistan.

Email: editor@nuqtahjts. com

Ph: +92 306 471 9473