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Al-Bahis Journal of Islamic Sciences 
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Title of Al-Bahis Journal of Islamic Sciences
DisciplineComparative Religion
Islamic Studies
Peer Review
Edited byTanveer Huma Ansari
Publication details
Dr.Tanveer Huma Ansari (Pakistani)
Open Access
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ISSN2790-0460 (print)
2790-9751 (web)
biannual weeks

The Al-Bahis Research Journal of Islamic Sciences & Humanities (BRJISR) is to provide a platform to the authors to share their efforts and spread their results. The focus of our journal is providing the chance to the scholar.

The journal also aims the intellectual consideration of scientific richness of global scale Islamic thought via an analytical method and to emerge the intellectual knowledge of Islamic thought, critically.

It will contribute to promoting Islamic thought among the learned circles of Pakistan and abroad. Academia & Intelligentsia of the universities and other spheres are always invited and welcomed for their innovative research findings.

We are glad to mention that “BRJISR” is will in the process of its Recognition in the “Y” Category by the HEC.

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Aims & Scope

The aim of the Journal of Al- Bahis ( Brjisr) is to provide a platform to the researchers to share their efforts and spread their results to upgrade research in the field of Islamic Studies, culture. The specific focus of our journal is to provide a chance to the scholars and researchers for the resolution to the newly emerged issues in the modern era related to the field of Islamic Sharia.

The “ Al- Bahis “ Research magazine of Islamic Studies takes regular submissions from researchers belonging to Islamic jurisprudence, Islam and Modern Issues, Comparative Study of religion, Hadith, Uloom e Quran, Islamic History, Culture Social Sciences and related disciplines to its Current Issues. It is staunch primarily to the publication of research in diverse fields of Islamic culture, literature, Islamic learning, and current controversy in Islamic discourse also in the history of the Muslim world. Research articles of Islam on the whole religion, based on the sources from multi culturist backgrounds will also be considered for publication. Solicitation the editors find the material apropos objectives of the journal.

The Al – Bahis research journal compensation in the scholarly magazine has been published in Jan - June 2020.

Contact Info

Editor Dr. Tanveer Huma Ansari

Phone: 03023090059

ansaritanweerhuma@gmail. com or dr. huma@brjisr. com

Dr. Tanveer Huma

About the Journal

Journal Name: Al – Bahis Journal of Islamic Sciences Research

“Al-Bahis” Bi-Annual

ISSN (Print) : 2790-0460

ISSN (online) : 2790 - 9751

HEC Pakistan Rank:

Frequency: (2 issues per year)

Nature: Print and Online

Submission E-mail: brjisreditor28@gmail. com

Languages of Publication: English, Arabic, Urdu

Government of Pakistan Intellectual Property Organisation Trade Marks Registry _642088


Corporation Unique Identification No. 0193108

H. no. c-6 Hyderabad town naseem nagar choak Qasimabad Hyderabad Imtiaz Ahmed Ansari