انواع کتب حدیث: لفظی و معنوی موزونیت

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مجلہ البصیرۃ
عنوان انواع کتب حدیث: لفظی و معنوی موزونیت
انگریزی عنوان
Types of Books of Hadith: Literal and Technical Compatibility
مصنف فاروق، صائمہ، محمد اسرائیل فاروقی
جلد 6
شمارہ 2
سال 2017
صفحات 99-121
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یو آر آیل
کلیدی الفاظ
Muhaddithīn, Ummah, disciplined, meaningful analysis
شکاگو 16 فاروق، صائمہ، محمد اسرائیل فاروقی۔ "انواع کتب حدیث: لفظی و معنوی موزونیت۔" البصیرۃ 6, شمارہ۔ 2 (2017)۔
ریاست مدینہ کی ترقی اور دفاع میں نوجوان صحابہ کا کردار
مولانا شبلی نعمانی کے چند تفردات اور ضعف استدلال سیرۃ النبی کی روشنی میں ایک ناقدانہ جائزہ
معاصر نظام ہائے معیشت میں تقسیم دولت کے تصورات کا تقابلی جائزہ
حضرت عائشہؓ کے اصول استنباط: ایک تحقیقی مطالعہ
موجودہ نظام تعلیم میں اسلامی اقدار کے سمونے کے مراحل و اقدامات
انواع کتب حدیث: لفظی و معنوی موزونیت
الشيخ حافظ محمد إدريس وأسلوبه في تفسيره كشاف القرآن
منهج المفتي عبد الله محدث في كتابه فتاوى أهل حديث
أهمية ثقافة الحوار في الإسلام وجهود المملكة العربية السعودية في نشرها
تاستدراكات الحافظ ابن حجر في فتح الباري على الإمام الكرماني في الكواكب الدراري في فهم الأقوال والإشارات
بلاغة القرآن الكريم وتحدت ترجمة المعاني القرآنية الثانية إلى اللغة الأردية
مقاصد الإسلام في تحقيق السلام
Study of Pragmatic Losses in the English Translation of Surah Al Ikhlas: A Comparative Pragma-Linguistic Analysis
Plagiarism As an Act of Academic Crime: A Critical Overview in an Islamic & Modern Perspective
Islamization under General Zia Al-Haq (1977-1988): An Analysis


The obeisance of Holy Prophet (S. A. W) is the path of forgiveness and essential component of faith. Therefore, the series of preservations of, (RA) Sahabah by continued is (صلى الله عليه وسلم) Prophet Holy of actions and sayings the followers of Ṣaḥābah and Scholars of the Ummah. For worldly and eternal saving, disciplined efforts were carried out in order to preserve this series. This methodology of preservation with extreme care and technique is exemplary. The process for collection of Hadith was initiated and shaped into books and volumes. It is due to the dignified status of Hadith that Allah created such individuals who preserved the sayings of Holy Prophet (ﷺ) with religious fervor, zeal, honesty and great care. In this article meaningful analysis has been given for such important terminologies which convey technically internal characteristics of the series of books and are a great source of literary beauty. In this connection, terminologies and their meanings represent reflection of each other. The basis of these terminologies is not only on estimated ideas but on the literary and intellectual facts. These are not only according to the time and age but also historical and geographical according to the need of hour and circumstances. From Muḥaddithīn’s point of view, these collections have certain benefits and purposes due to which they kept naming them. The brief, simple and understandable words of terminologies are common; however, their purpose is not common. It is distinguished and extra ordinary. The words used in terminologies are not special but purpose is not to express application. Their contextual meaning is taken under consideration instead of the literal one.

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