Terrorism and its Elimination an Islamic Perspective

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Bibliographic Information
Journal Al-Basirah
Title Terrorism and its Elimination an Islamic Perspective
Author(s) Madani, Abdul Hai al
Volume 3
Issue 2
Year 2014
Pages 59-80
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Keywords Peace; Terrorism; Islām; Jihād; Mischief
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امن و سلامتی کے بنیادی تقاضے اور قیام کی تدابیر
عہد رسالت سے قبل قیام امن کے اقدامات
تعلیمات اسلام قیام امن کی اساس سیرت طیبہ کی روشنی میں
قیام امن میں اصحاب صفہ کا کردار
قیام امن اور حیات نبوی: ایک مثالی دور
قیام امن کے لیے عہد رسالت ﷺکے مثالی اقدمات
قیام امن کے لئے حضرت عمر فاروق ؓکی خدمات
قیام امن میں حضرت عثمان کا کردار: تاریخی و تجزیاتی مطالعہ
قیام امن اور مذہبی ہم آہنگی
قیام امن میں مراکز تعلیم کا کردار تعلیمات نبویﷺ کی روشنی میں
امن کے علمی مراکز: رکاوٹیں اور حل: سیرت طیبہ کی روشنی میں
نقض امن میں ‘‘ف’’ سے شروع ہونے والے سات عوامل کا کردار
امن کے حوالہ سے اسلام پر کئے جانے والے اعتراضات و شبہات کا جائزہ
السلم الاجتماعي: ضرورته و مبادئه في ضوء الشريعة الاسلامية
السلام في القرآن الكريم
خصائص الاسلام في تامين الامن والسلام
الاسلام رسالة السلام و التسامح
السلم و السلام و تطبيقا تھا في ضوء السيرة النبوية
السلام اساس الاسلام
الارھاب: اسبابه و علاجه السلام اساس الاسلام
صفات الخطباء و مراعاة السامعين لتامين السلام في الجمتمعات الاسلامية
The Prophet Muḥammad (S. A. W) : A Universal Messenger of Peace (An Overview of the Prophet Muḥammad (SAW) ’s Relations With the Non-Muslims
World Peace in the Light of Sīrah of the Prophet Muḥammad SAW
Mīthāq Al-Madīnah: A Universal Charter of Peace an Analytical Study in the Modern Socio-Political Context
Terrorism and its Elimination an Islamic Perspective
Muslim Religious Militancy: Causes and Cure


Islām is a religion of peace and it gives great importance to peace. Islamic teachings and laws are meant to create and maintain peace in the human society. But, unfortunately, Islām has been targeted as a source of terrorism, today. In this article, the author tries to defend Islām and differentiate between Jihād and terrorism. The word terrorism needs to be seen in its historical perspective. Different definitions of terrorism have been presented, but still it is an ambiguous term. In this paper, the author tries to define terrorism in the Islamic perspective. This paper discusses the points given below: m The concept of terrorism, its manifestations and types. m Encountering and prevention of terrorism from Islamic perspective. m Islām and the global brotherhood. m The punishment of terrorism. m The religious viewpoint against a cruel government. m The peaceful struggle against cruelty and injustice. Also, the difference between terrorism and jihad has been clarified. The rules and regulations of Jihād make it clear that it has nothing to do with terrorism, which is an unruly activity. A Muslim is supposed to be a peaceful citizen, who can never indulge in any act of terrorism. The rebellion against the rulers has also been discussed to draw the conclusion that it is not allowed except against the blatant kufr. The objectives of the Islamic punishments indicate the Islamic approach to minimize terrorism in the human society.

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