الاقتتال بین المسلمین: اسبابہ و حکمہ و مفاسدہ

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مجلہ الایضاح
عنوان الاقتتال بین المسلمین: اسبابہ و حکمہ و مفاسدہ
انگریزی عنوان
The Killing of Muslims by Muslims in the Light of Shariah
مصنف الدین، بدر
جلد 24
شمارہ 1
سال 2012
صفحات 167-185
مکمل مقالہ Crystal Clear mimetype pdf.png
یو آر آیل
شکاگو 16 الدین، بدر۔ "الاقتتال بین المسلمین: اسبابہ و حکمہ و مفاسدہ۔" الایضاح 24, شمارہ۔ 1 (2012)۔


ABSTRACT: Right from inception, man faces temptations from Satan and therefore wefind an evil -edge (a sinning tendency in mankind) . Islam with its vitalizing energy curbs this evil influence successfully. Hereby a review of killing/murder of Muslims is given with necessary background. A layout ofthis article is asfollow: 1. The literal and idiomatical definition of Murder in view ofthe sayings of Religious scholars. 2. Five kinds ofMurder in the light ofstatements of religious scholars. 3 Religious Orderfor the murder under the commandment ofQuran and Sunnah. 4. Faraai and Zaili orders regarding to murder. 5. Sources and reasons of murder. 6. Losses of murder. IAJ'IJT

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