Kashmir: Occupation and Resistance

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Bibliographic Information
Journal Al-Idah
Title Kashmir: Occupation and Resistance
Author(s) Gilani, Sayyid Muhammad Yunus
Volume 24
Issue 1
Year 2012
Pages 01-17
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ABSTRACT: Kashmir became a part of the Muslim World in the 14th century C E. Under the local Sultans (1325-1585) , the Mughals (1586-1752) and the Pathans (1752-1819) , it developed into a state and society with its own peculiar Islamic culture. Kashmir was colonised by the Sikhs (1819-46) from the Punjab and the Hindu Dogra Maharajas (1846-1947) . The Muslim Kashmir stood for Islam through the freedom movement during this period. When the movement under the banner of Islam was at its apex and it seemed that the mahkutn (colonised / enslaved) Kashmir was about to achieve the goal, India ( Bharat) , a newly born nation (Aug 15, 1947) , invaded it on Oct. 27, almost 3 months after her own birth. Since then this newly emerging occupying -power through its policies of political deceit, cultural aggression, economic onslaught and delslamizing educational schemes has given rise to the problem of the IOK (Indian Occupied Kashmir) . The paper narrates the story of the past up to 1988-uprising & throws light on the oppression, persecution and discrimination that the Muslim Kashmir has been witnessing. The form offreedom-movement that followed from 1947 to 1989 is also outlined. In 1989 Jihad Kashmir, a new phase of the movement that invited the attention of the world begins. The paper helps to understand the background ofthe genesis ofthis new phase

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