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Habibia Islamicus 
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Title page of first issue of Habibia Islamicus.
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Peer Review
LanguageEnglish, Urdu, Arabic
Edited byAziz-ur-Rehman Saifee
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Habibia Research Academy, Habibia Islamic Institute, Karachi (Pakistan)
Frequency2 issues per year
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16 Weeks
اللہ تعالیٰ کی نعمتوں کا حق ہے کہ ہم ان کا تذکرہ کریں۔ اس پروردگارکا شکرادا کرتے ہوئےہم مجلہ حبیبیہ اسلامیکس کا ایک اور شمارہ قارئین کی خدمت میں پیش کر رہے ہیں۔ ہمارے پہلے شمارے کو جو پذیرائی ملی وہ محض اللہ تعالیٰ کے فضل و توفیق سے ملی۔ ورنہ من آنم کہ من دانم والی بات ہے۔ اس شمارے میں بھی ہم نے کوشش کی ہے کہ صرف ان مقالہ جات کو شائع کیا جائے جو تحقیق کے اصولوں کے مطابق ہوں اور جدت کے حامل ہوں۔تحکیمی شوری کے فیصلے کے بعد ان مقالہ جات کو قارئین کے سامنے پیش کیا جارہا ہے۔ امید ہے آپ اسے پسند کریں گے نیز اپنی قیمتی آراء سے بھی ہمیں نوازیں گے۔

ڈاکٹر عزیز الرحمن سیفی


ششماہی تحقیقی مجلہ’’حبیبیہ اسلامیکس‘‘کراچی۔

ماحولیاتی آلودگی اور تعلیمات نبویﷺ

مصنف/مصنفین: Sindhi، Abdul Baqi Idrees، Aziz-ur-Rehman Saifee، Tabassum Malik

For the guidance of all human being and for resolving the problems Allah has told in Qur’an. The environmental pollution is a major issue of our life, Allah has also fully guided for this regard too. There is mentioned in The Holy Quran about that. There are seven types of pollution are:

Water pollution, Air pollution, Soil pollution, Thermal pollution, Radioactive pollution, Noise pollution, Light pollution. Environmental pollution has existed for centuries but only started to be significant in dub trial resolution. Pollution occurs when the natural environmental cannot destroy an element without creating harm or damage to itself. The elements involved are not produced by nature and the destroying process can vary from a few days to thousands of years. Though the first we should clean our self then our society will be cleaned and will not remain any kind of pollution. In this regard the Holly Quran is also telling us about the purification. There are two types of purification internal external. Internal purification to purity the soul form the effects of sins and act of disobedience though repenting sincerely form all sins and act of disobedience Purification of the heart from the fifth polytheism. External purification by removing of filth is by using pure water of the water for the removal of the for the worshiper's garment body and from the place of prayer. We must thin for this serious issue and have to reform our society from this important issue. In fort, we get rid from those absolutely in the right direction.

دور جدید میں بینک کے فرائض و وظائف: ایک تحقیقی جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: Mustafai، Arif Mahmood، Muhammad Ahsanuddin، Momin Fayaz Shaikh

In our contemporary world the role of bank has increased manifold. Banks whether it be traditional or Islamic play a pivotal role in the economic life of a nation. In fact, modern banks are instrumental in shaping destiny of nations and thus are responsible for the growth and development of societies. Banks perform multiple functions such as safeguard people’s wealth, create jobs, provide capital for new ventures, generate investment opportunities and enhance business environment. Modern banks are the main source of circulation of money leading to wealth multiplication in the national economy. Parallel to traditional banking there exists Islamic banking system which not only prohibits interest but lays emphasis on cent percent obedience to the laws and injunctions laid down by Islamic principles. Islamic bank forbids money earn through nefarious means and allows only permissible means according to the principles of shariah. The Islamic banking system is based on principles beneficial to the society as well guarantees stability and better prospects for the people of a country. In modern times the role of institutions like banks has grown to such an extent that their existence has become inevitable for socio-economic survival and progress.

علم قراءات اور دیگر دینی علوم کا باہمی تعلق

مصنف/مصنفین: Khan، Qismatullah، Muhammad Ishaq، Nosheen Bano

It is clear from the fact that Allah has revealed the Quran in seven letters. And there are many things hidden in it. These are important to make Quranic readiness easier for people who read, and translate translation of Quranic words, in the contemporary interpretation of the meaning of Wafa'am and Ahmah Mussel, to smooth the path of extravagance and ease for the Umrah period. There are many such sciences that stand on the basis of different types of trees. These verses are explaining the meaningful meaning of Quranic interpretation in the Qur'aan, based on the verses of the Qur'aan, a faqha is a knowledge of a profession in the verses of the Quran, that is, in fact, the interpretation of Salaf is mentioned in the verses, On the basis of them, the Koran receives discrimination and Ejaz, which is mentioned in Koran in case of Kaafir's challenge.

وَإنْ کُنْتُمْ فِیْ رَیْبٍ مِّمَّا نَزَّلْنَا عَلٰی عَبْدِنَا فَأتُوْا بِسُوْرَۃٍ مِّنْ مِّثْلِہِ وَادْعُوْا شُھَدَاء کُمْ مِّنْ دُوْنِ اﷲِ إنْ کُنْتُمْ صٰدِقِیْنَ فَاِنْ لَّمْ تَفْعَلُوْا ولن تفعلوا۔

"And if you suspect that this book which we ascend to our servant, it is not ours, so make one Surah like it, call our new ones, except for Allah Take the help you want, if you are truthful then do this work, but you did not do this and could never believe. " In relation to knowledge, other scholars and scholars (interpretation, jurisprudence, problems, beliefs, knowledge, knowledge and virtue of Muslim tradition) will be cleared.

سائنس اور تہذیب و تمدن کے فروغ میں اسلام کا کردار

مصنف/مصنفین: Hassan، Altaf، Mushtaqullah Hashmi، Bakhtiyar Bano

Islam is a complete code of life. It has complete instructions regarding all aspects of life. There is no moment in human life when the wisdom of Islam has not benefited humanity. Likewise there is no such area in the world where Islam has not put the light of guidance. Allah Almighty has systematically administered this world system. Allah created the universe and set it disciplined, then created man and gave him every kind of physical, rational, logical and argumintive ability, so that humans can know the secrets of the universe by thinking and understanding it. The journey of research and discovery, which started long ago, is still continues today after passing through different stages of research. This journey of research resulted in evolution of philosophy, civilization, promotion of new scientific innovations and discoveries. The research and discovery resulted in the secrets of heaven and earth. Today, man stands at the stage of science and technology, about which the human being in the older days even could not imagine of it. In this entire evolutionary journey, the religion of Islam is the only religion that not only stood firmly with humans, but guided him at every step during this evolutionary journey. In this context, the Quranic teachings are comprehensive matter. Allamah Sayyuti says "There is no knowledge and problem that is not discussed in the Qur'an. So Islam invites human to research in the system of the universe and presents the system of universe for its authenticity.

جامعات كے طلبہ کے عقائد و نظریات کی اصلاح کیلئے مکی دور کے اسلوب دعوت کو اپنانے کی ضرورت و اہمیت: منہج اور متوقع نتائج

مصنف/مصنفین: Barbari، Muhammad Bilal Ibrahim

Lecturer, Islamabad Model College, Islamabad.

ABSTRACT There is gape in students of Islamic Institutes and Institutes of higher education in the world. The students of Islamic Universities well aware about Islam and its teachings. They have strong beliefs in it. While the students of higher educational institutes other than Islamic have no idea and have no enough knowledge about Islam and its beliefs. There is dire need for reconciliation in this regard. This research paper tries to explore Importance and need to adopt the way of Da’wa of the Holy Prophet in Makki era in order to improve the beliefs of University students. Way and expectative results.

Lexical Interpretation of Quranic Modes of Preaching

Author: Ishtiaq, Sheikh Muhammad, Safia Aftab
Dawah is scenario-based and it varies with respect to time, place and person. Owing to this fact dawah and daee are given different names in the Holy Quran that could be regarded as their scenario-specific synonyms and substitutes. In this article lexical interpretation and dimensions of dawah and daee are taken into account in context of the holy Quran.