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The International Research Journal Department of Usooluddin 
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Title Page of The International Research Journal Department of Usooluddin Volume 2 Issue 2
DisciplineIslamic Studies
Peer Review
LanguageUrdu, Arbic, English
Edited byAziz-ur-Rehman Saifee
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History2017-to present
Department of Usooluddin, University of Karachi (Pakistan)
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اللہ تعالیٰ کی نعمتوں کا حق ہےکہ ہم ان کا تذکرہ كريں ۔ اس پروردگار كا بہت بڑا شكر ہے کہ اس نے ہميں یہ توفيق دی کہ آج ہم اپنے شعبہ کی جانب سے تحقیقی مجلہ بنام’’مجلہ قسم اصول الدين العالمی‘‘کا ایک اور شمارہ شائع كر رہے ہیں۔ اس تحقیقی مجلہ كو شائع كرنے كا مقصد نہ صرف تحقیقی جستجو كو فروغ دينا ہے بلکہ شعبہ اصول الدين جامعہ كراچی كے طلبہ واساتذه ميں ايك جذبہ اور ولولہ بھی پيدا كرنا ہے۔ تاكہ تحقیق كے ميدان ميں وه اپنے اسلاف كے نقش قدم پر چلتے ہوئے كارہائے نماياں سر انجام دے سكيں۔

ميں اميد كرتا ہوں کہ ہمارے اساتذه اور طلباء وطالبات اس مجلہ کی كاميابی كے لئے نہ صرف دعا گوہونگے بلكہ آگے بڑھ كر اپنی نت نئی تحقيقات كو سامنے لاكر امت مسلمہ كو فائده پہنچائيں گے۔

مدیر اعلیٰ

پروفیسر ڈاکٹر عبید احمد خان

تابعین کرام کا مقام و مرتبہ اور ان کی علمی و ادبی خدمات

مصنف/مصنفین: حسن، الطاف، صفيہ آفتاب، فرح ناز آخوند میمن

After the Prophets of Allah Almighty, the most sacred class of mankind is the class of Prophet Muhammad's Companions. Those are the people who had seen the prophet of Islam with their naked eyes, remained in his companionship and got the heights of knowledge and actions and proved to be a great example of character by attaining the image of Prophet Muhammad's model of excellence. Another class which, like the companions of Prophet (pbuh), deserves such honor is the class of Tabe’en (The followers of the Companions). Tabe'en had contributed a matchless role in the history of Islam regarding religious knowledge and literature. They had also examplary performed in social, economical, political and military services. Due to these great services they are considered the most sacred class of the Ummah after the prophet’companions. There is a list of academic and literary services ahead of the name of each person in this class. And these services are the great testimony to the greatness of these people. The prophet's companions received the religious knowledge directly from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), while Tabe'en got it from the companions and then published it in the whole world. The sincere efforts performed by Tabe'en regarding Quran, Hadith, Tafseer and Islamic litrature are of so high level that no one had reached such level of sincerity in the entire history of Islam. The steps that occur after that period, regarding the development of Islamic culture are only the effects of their services. Actually ‘‘Tabe’en’’ is the only class that has spread the social, moral and spritual blessings of Islam throughout the world. That is why, it is not only the Quran that witnesses their greatness but the Prophet (peace be upon him) also praises them.

قرآن کریم میں مذکورہ انبیا ء کرام کے واقعات سراغ رسانی

مصنف/مصنفین: ملک، ناصر مجید، عزيز الرحمن سيفى، حافظ منیر احمد خان، عبید احمد خان

Intelligence system is considered to be one of the important tools used by military and civil secret agencies to defend and strengthen a nation. Intelligence system is thought to be one of the oldest studies of known history. Intelligence system consists of correct and accurate information, gathered after great struggle and facing difficulties. This department is related to both peace and war. Intelligence is a basis of formulating all military strategies and plans. The importance of Intelligence system both in day to day life and as a nation cannot be overemphasized. This article narrates the history of espionage, which is as old as the history of mankind itself. Five thousand years ago, the Egyptians has a well-organized secret service. In the ancient western country, it was called as ;hakim’, in Spain (Undles) as ‘Sahib al Madina’, in Tunis as ‘Ray’ and in Iran the as “Areef”. Nowadays it is known as ‘Muqadama-Tul-Haaraat’, Salaf-Us-Saliheen calls its “Shurtaa” and some calls it as ‘Sahib al-us-us’ as they use to move throughout the night to look for anti-state elements. The first ever victim of intelligence warfare was Hazrat Adam (A) where Satan revolt against him. Similarly, the incident of Hazrat Yousaf (A) is the indication of old age practice of espionage. Due to jealousy, his brothers sold him as slave and told their father that he has been eaten alive by a wolf. Hazrat Musa (A) had his network of espionage. Even birds had been used for spying, like in the case of Hazrat Suleman (A) where he was informed by the hopp bird about the Queen of Saba. The study of the Bible reveals that instead of Hazrat Eessa (A), Yehuda Skruti was crucified but still nobody knows for sure that whether he was a true follower of the Jesus or was an implanted agent of the Romans Intelligence Agency. Anyhow, Bible declared him as a Roman spy. The ongoing tribal wars in ancient Arabs further emphasized this activity. The rest of the world had already well developed intelligence system. But in Arab, it was in its development phase and it was the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who got it from his ancestors and developed it. In addition to the intelligence systems of the early prophets, the relevant events in the realm of Nijashi of Habsha and Alexander the Great, have been narrated in this article.

سیدحسن غزنویؒ کی دینی و علمی خدمات کا جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: آفتاب، صفیہ، نوشين بانو، مہرینہ

Syed Hassan of Ghaznain was an ancient Persian poet from 1078. We knew very little about his life and poetry until Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan (1912-2005), a renowned scholar did his extensive Ph.D. thesis on him from Nagpur University in 1946. During his research, he visited several libraries of the subcontinent as well as brought together Hassan's poetry collection from London and Paris. Hassan Ghaznavi was a court poet of Bahram Shah Ghaznavi and also spent some time which Sultan Sanjar of Khorasan. The references of his life and beautiful poetry are mentioned in this article.

روایتی بینکاری نظام کے ارتقائی مراحل کا تحقیقی جائزہ

مصنف/مصنفین: مصطفائی، عارف محمود، محمد احسن الدین، مومن فياض شيخ

The concept of keeping wealth in a safe place dates to centuries. Ancient civilizations had diverse means of storing wealth in the form of crops, cattle, precious metals etc. The evolution of modern banking practice began with the introduction of receipts which were exchanged against precious metals and coins deposited to goldsmiths for safe keeping. Whenever the need for payments and transactions arose the holder of the receipts used to utilize the receipts as guarantee. The society used to honor these receipts as they carried the same weight as other precious metals. Receipts were swapped in place of precious metals and thus for all practical purposes paper was introduced as currency in the society. With the advent of currency notes the system of traditional banking came into being. Since then the banking system has gone through continuous change. The present banking system is geared up to meet the present and the future requirements of modern age. In the contemporary world money is now being steadily replaced by banknotes, cheques, pay orders, bank draft, ATM cards, debit cards, credit cards, ebanking.

بیسویں صدی عیسوی میں تحریک اسلامی کے اہداف و نتائج: ایک تجزیاتی مطالعہ

مصنف/مصنفین: عارف، عطاء الرحمن، محمد افتخار احمد

After new Government in July 2018 in Pakistan term Riyasat e Madina has been surrounded without knowing its spirit. However, it is required to know that this slogan in not new and this dream is much old by revolutionists. Five different revolutionary parties work being examined and depicted that different path is being used by different parties with same slogan. But two parties in sub content chosen path of Muhammad SAW. One of them is already successful named MUJADDAD ALF SANI and another one is still on the way to choose Path of Muhammad SAW, named Dr. ISRAR AHMED. Main target for success is to choose Self-purification, contact with ancestors, target is eternal life and always give importance to internal purification instead of provocation.

Islamic Perspective of Governance and Judiciary: A Literature Review

Author: Hyder, Mustafa, Khalid M. Iraqi
The aim of this research is to accumulate the literature related to an Islamic ideology for two of the basic components of a State, Governance and Judiciary; both have a strong impact on society. Pakistan is an Islamic ideological state, the only Islamic rule created on the name of religion after the state established by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) in Medina. Its constitution and the style of governance should have its foundation based upon the principles of Islam; this is the main concept behind the creation of “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. The paper will review some of the basic requirements for an administrative system to be qualified as Islamic way of governance and the judicial system in Islam includes the formulation of a comprehensive ideology of human equality and justice; the creation of a powerful incentive to adopt this ideology; and to establish a living example of equality and justice at all levels of life by defining the Islamic Judicial System & Its Legal Basis. Different Quranic verses, sayings and acts of Muslim jurists in this perspective are also studied. The paper has literature review in two major parts, first we will cover governance and Islam along with some basic terminologies from Islamic point of view and in the later part Judiciary, the concept of Justice and Judicial system in Islam will be discussed.